Complete Guide to Avalon Online RPG

This is the full, comprehensive Avalon manual. If you are new to Avalon, we recommend you tackle the Beginner's Guide first. The manual here contains everything a player needs to know about Avalon.

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1 - Introduction to Avalon.

About life inside the game and basic character development.

2 - Novicehood - The first steps.

How to complete your novicehood and benefit greatly from the experience.

3 - The Avalon Game World.

An overview of the different areas of the world.

4 - The Basic Command Set.

Moving around, basic actions and learning skills within Avalon.

5 - Communication.

Talking to others in the game, through the bulletin board, and through the written word.

6 - Your Avalon Character - Overview.

Information on other parts of a character, from questing for gold to changing your alignment.

7 - Your Avalon Character - Combat and Exploration.

How to guide your character through basic combat maneuvers.

8 - Your Avalon Character - State of Health.

Ensuring your character's physical and mental well-being as you progress.

9 - Specifics of the Avalon Worldsystem.

Information you should learn as to occurences unique within the Avalon system.

10 - Items, Creatures and CCCs.

Dealing with inanimate objects and sentient mobiles throughout the world.

11 - The Guild and The Guildmaster.

Learning about the importance of Guilds and duties within the land.

12 - Geography - Overview, Cities and Curiosities.

Discover a wealth of information on the various parts of the mainland continent.

13 - Avalon game world: Towns and Villages.

Information about some of the major towns and villages scattered throughout the land.

14 - Character Class - the Avalon Professions.

One day you must choose a binding and specialist profession, that will steer the rest of your mortal life.

15 - The Avalon Guilds.

Information about many of the guilds around the land. Much of your guild choice will be based on what is written herein.

16 - Skills: by Profession and by Important Commands.

Along with your basic skillset, you will be given the ability to further your development in several more specialist fields.

17 - The Avalon Skills System.

The individual skillsets and the relative abilities of each.

18 - The City-State.

Information about cities and the various posts your character may hold, from Justice to the sole city Prince.

19 - Government and Governmental Commands.

General command lists specific to Government officials and their aides.

20 - Events, Quests, Contest and Organised Competition.

Commands specific to each individual government post.

21 - War, Conquest, Tribute and Geopolitics.

War inside of the game, between guilds, cities and allied forces - all related information about the strain on resources is here.

22 - The Battlefield Guide: Legion Command and Waging War.

The Gods of Avalon, what they stand for and why you should consider joining an order.

23 - Patronage and the Gods of Avalon.

Important events in the land, from times past.

24 - The Pantheon: about individual Gods and Goddesses.

Recent times in the land, and events that have occurred over the last few months.

25 - History and Legend.

Non-character related information is here, from the Mentor system to various important quests that occur every few months.

26 - Articles on Avalon Game Theory and Combat Fundamentals.

Various lists such as those characters who hold various important posts, nutritional information, and the divine gems available.

27 - Miscellaneous Avalon Game Documentation.

The various command lists concerning almost every general situation.

28 - Information - Tables and Lists.

The various situations specific to Avalon, from quizzes to modem access.

29 - The Avalon Game Environment (Non-Role).

Other information not covered in the general help.

30 - Appendices and Extras: in Avalon.

31 - Miscellaneous Help and Info: Out-of-Avalon.

32 - Avalon Player Memoirs.

33 - Avalon Archive.

34 - Cellar Door.