Fantasy World Without Equal

a fantasy world of fantasy so real it has no peer

A Fantasy World

The fantasy world of Avalon has no equal for a simple reason: it is plausible and realistic. You can be waging war at a command post of 30,000 legions with catapults and battering rams at the ready or raking a pile of dung over fields ready for next harvest. The trees grow, the birds sing and hatch, and it is all beautifully written in a hand sympathetic to the imagination.

Fantasy with or without You

The world fantastic in Avalon is alive whether you are there or not. Everything around your life continues to pursue its destiny, altered only by the toil of mortals and the divine inspiration of the gods, both of whom have a great effect on the fantasy's history. Unlike other worlds, there is a continuous history that shapes the world and it continues because of, not in spite of, those who are part of it.

Fantasy World with Real History

The fantastic history of this unique world stretches back before the Internet, to 1988 when it was called Lands of the Crown, and formally a modem-based game in England. Back then, even with only 32 kilobytes of space for the game, there were spells and PVP combat for those with fire in their bellies. It has come a long way since, with decades to expand its domain to include a long history that are no less legendary than the Ancient Greeks and Romans are to us today.

Fantasy is not complete with its legends, heroes, villains and gods. The world of Avalon has these in plenty. Those who are ready, join its chorus and begin their fantasy life fresh with plenty of opportunity, as all have, to carve out their own history. The realism of Avalon is without parrallel though not simply because of its age. Oh no!

It is because of the passion of its players and the beauty of the fantasy world around them, that engages them so deeply as it were not a fantasy life but real, with its obsidian swords, mineheads of gold ore, cattle raising, fields of soybeans and manure, forests chirping with birds and growing trees becoming living ents, the skies parting with the power of Skymasters, great Seers controlling the invisible influence of their palantir over the world, and so much more.

There is only one way to know, though, and that is to write your own in this fantasy world.