Vision-Impaired / Blind Accessible Online Text-Based RPG

Free your imagination; soar with dragons, battle alongside wizards and barbarian armies, rescue beautiful sirens and make history in the longest running online RPG in the world

Avalon is fully accessible to blind or visually impaired players and the administration is committed to making a game environment where everyone can compete on an even footing. There are many options available to such a player within the game and it is our hope that this page will act as a resource to streamline your Avalon experience wherever possible.

Connecting & Clients:

If this is your first foray into Avalon, we recommend you connect using our accessible web client, Umbra. Umbra is compatible with desktop, mobile or tablet devices and innately shortens much text to make for easier reading. There will be an input field at the bottom of your screen where you can input text; read above that line to watch new content as it arrives.

There also exist many local clients which offer some features not yet present in Umbra. The most popular setup is using MUSHClient on Windows. This can be downloaded here.

The player Agarwain has created a plugin with some sounds, substitutions and captured patterns to improve the Avalon play. It is developed at AvSound, which permits forking and pull requests. The plugin can be downloaded in zip format here.

Other clients known to work well with screenreaders are VIPMud for Windows and TinyFugue for Mac and Linux.

Avalon has an extremely friendly new player atmosphere and all new characters should always feel free to ask for any help they need. CCN is the global novice channel where anyone in need of assistance can ask for it - responses are almost always immediate! The official blog can be found at The Rising Vale of Avalon - often the first port of call for players seeking help from others outside of the game.

Options Available Within Avalon:

In Avalon there are a number of options to streamline the amount of text received - particularly combat text - with brief and concentrated modes available:

Syntax: BRIEF

All movement will display brief descriptions only, outbound communications will return only notifications they have been sent and not contents.


Allows you to concentrate on your own combat - removing many distractions from your current location.


Shortens a large proportion of combat text to more manageable output.

Syntax: ANSI OFF

Turns off all ansi colour output from Avalon which will significantly reduce screenreader output.


Combined with BRIEF output this will ensure movement around the land is done in the most text-efficient way possible, with no map or long room descriptions.

Syntax: ZOOM

ZOOM is a fast travel option available to all, providing a speedy, automated journey to your chosen destination. HELP ZOOM has further details.

Avalon's support team can be contacted by email at or by speaking with one of the Gods inside the game itself. Do feel free to get in touch if you have problems.