Bulletin Boards

The Avalon bulletin board is a method for all Avalonians to maintain contact with each other. It should be used for notices and messages relating to world-wide issues and as a convenient method for Cities, Guilds and Orders to speak to the assembled masses.

Public BB

Public Bulletin Board for everything about Avalon for everyone to see.

News BB

Important news and updates about the realm.

Pacifists BB

The public board for those who don't partake in combat.

Merchants BB

A section for shop-keepers and folks willing to sell things.

Fighters BB

A section for combatants and discussion of the art of combat.

Treaties BB

A section for treaties deemed of sufficient importance.

Duellists BB

A BB section devoted entirely to those who hold DDW or duellist status.

Alumni BB

A section for older Avalonians, people who're either a hundred years or older, or have played over a thousand hours in-game time.

Warfare BB

A central forum for giving over information about changes in the warfare system.