Avalon - online RPG world

How do I connect to Avalon?

The easiest way to connect to Avalon is through our Play Now page. Here, you can select which of our browser-based MUD clients to use and log in directly.

What is a client?

Alternatively, it is possible to use your own "MUD client" to connect to Avalon. A MUD client is a program designed specifically for playing text based games like Avalon. There are many to choose from and each one has different tools and features.

Umbra is our in-house MUD client and is recommended for phone, tablet and mobile device users.

To configure your client to connect to Avalon, the following setup is most commonly used:

  • Host: avalon-rpg.com
  • Port: 23
Sponsorship renders Avalon free to play. Forever.

Subscription and sponsorship - do I have to pay?

There are two ways to play Avalon long term, either via subscription or, more commonly, by sponsorship. In short: sponsorship renders Avalon free to play, forever.

A subscription to Avalon incurs a monthly charge. The subscription is commonly used by those who don't wish to rely on their association with a city or guild; wandering druids or anarchist assassins to name two examples.

Sponsorship is identical in every way to an active subscription minus the costs; it is bestowed by city, guild or divine order officials and once given, automatically renews as long as your character remains active in Avalon.

There are no limits on character progression as a sponsored player. Subscription offers no additional advantages and there is no way of using real money to purchase an edge over any other player.

"Avalon is the wrecking ground of automation and bought success" - Legolas, 10th Leaflost 1310 aDW

Trouble connecting?

If you find you cannot connect to Avalon via the normal means, there are several things you can do to try and get yourself back online:

  1. You should check your internet connection to ensure it is active and functional
  2. Can you connect to Avalon using one of our web based MUD clients? If so, it could be your client preventing you from connecting.
  3. Try another hub.
  4. Check our official blog at The Rising Vale of Avalon for any announcements of maintenance downtime (rare).