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Quests & Events

Quests range from simple tasks, violent score-settling, puzzles requiring wit and intelligence to unravel and tremendous feats - great world-changing occurences - rarely completed and invariably difficult and dangerous . Some Avalonians devote their lives to unearthing long lost knowledge that can lead to great renown and reward. In addition to Avalon's quests, the gods are often known to host great and grand events. These differ in structure and format and almost always include all of mortalkind puzzling, exploring or battling over some great reward...

Gold Quests For Cash Rewards

Gold quests reward cold, hard cash, or an object of worth that can be sold to your city merchant. As a young Avalonian, you will need gold in order to buy the potions, weapons, armour, herbs, and other equipment that you will need to survive and thrive. It would behoove you to learn some of these basic gold quests. Each city has its own CHELP library, and all of them have information about gold quests. Each city also has a shop, which you can get to via FIND MERCHANT while on home soil, and which will purchase the items that you receive via gold questing.

Experience Quests

Most quests in Avalon have nothing to do with gold, but instead award significant amounts of experience when completed. Almost all of these award lessons when completed for the first time, so learning these quests affords a double benefit to those new to Avalon. The simplest way to find quests is to GREET various CCCs as you meet them. Listen carefully to what they have to say - some will have straightforward instructions for you, others will pose you puzzles to be solved. There is no central repository of quest knowledge in Avalon, and while some cities have populated their CHELP libraries with some basic quest information, these are usually rudimentary guidelines. The majority of the time you will need to explore and investigate on your own, or seek the knowledge from other Avalonians - something many prefer to keep close to their chests and will require persuasion or bribery to surrender.

"The Long Night renders the god of light himself powerless."

Epic Questlines

In addition to the standard, everyday quests, there are a number of wide-ranging "grand quests" in Avalon. These are rarely attempted, let alone completed, and some, despite Avalon's twenty five year history, have never been solved despite the greatest of efforts by the Avalonian scholars.

These quests have a wide-reaching effect on all of Avalon and are - as one might expect - invariably difficult to complete. Details are often vague. The steps required are without exception elaborate and detailed. Many choose to give up their attempt in frustration yet those who continue - if successful - are certain to earn not only masses of experience but a place in the Avalon history books as determined figures of renown and great fame for their achievement.

The Long Night is an example of one such quest. It is one of the most powerful rituals in all of Avalon, which, if successfully enacted, banishes the sun from the heavens, renders the god of light himself powerless and plunges the land into eternal darkness with all that that entails. It is the unspoken mission of the forces of good and justice to never allow this ritual to occur; guaranteeing hostility to all who would seek to bring about this darkest of ceremonies...

Organised Events

Avalon hosts regularly scheduled events, most of which are competitive in nature and have great prizes to be won by the fortunate or skillful few. See HELP EVENTS for the current event calendar, as well as a farther-reaching calendar of upcoming events at The Rising Vale of Avalon. Events can range from quizzes, which are non-combative tests of knowledge, to the immortal combat, in which participants inhabit the soul of an immortal warrior and fight on a completely even playing field using only the simplest skills.

It is the aim of virtually every Avalon player to, one day, become a God. All consider it, many attempt it, but precious few attain it.

Gem Quests & Ordination

The most significant events in all of Avalon are the gem quests. There are fifteen divine gems, each bestowing great power on its wielder and earning the right to contend for ordination and fight for Avalon's greatest prize: The Divine Amethyst, which bestows upon its successful winner the right to ascend to Olympus as a High-God of the Avalonian pantheon for all eternity...

The gem quests are held regularly every 1-2 months and differ widely in format. Some are combative, some explorative, some purely peaceful and some silly and fun; the format depending on the presiding deity whose word and rules are final. All of Avalon may compete in the gem quests, and none should be underestimated for their stature of size. Throughout history, the results are inevitably unpredictable with surprise occurences and heartbreaking turnarounds peppering the journals of ordination seasons since November 1989...