The Life Fantastic: Avalon is a fantasy life simulation game Better Than Life

a fantasy life in Avalon with more emotion than life itself

A fantasy life simulation game like no other

A fantasy life brings you to a world where you define how you grow up, who you are and what you do -- and there is no place better than Avalon which is a simulation of fantasy life based on merit and realism with a clean and fair start, near-infinite possibilities and a grandiose spectrum of ambitions where you contend with others. You cannot buy success, but you can accelerate it. You cannot buy safety, but you can swear off PVP combat or hide from harm in many ways. Everyone competes with the same odds, whether they subscribe or with sponsorship they play for free.

How you begin your life in this realistic simulated environment, as a youth finding their niche

Your fantasy life starts in Avalon's unique fantasy world as a novice needing to journey through the academy and the schools before you begin your adult life interacting with other players and meeting your ambitions. You are born in one of the major cities of Avalon's fantasy world and for a short time your fantasy life begins with some simple training in how to interact, communicate, perform quests and, in the schools, use abilities from professional skills. Then the fantasy life simulation beyond real life starts...

When you graduate, you can seek out the city of your true beliefs and the guild of greatest interest; each city means something real and potent for which players fight, die and serve in its name, while each guild (usually associated to a city) brings together other lives to teach one of the unique professions: life as a juggernaut Knight, life as a shadow-dwelling Thief, life as the forest-protector Ranger, life as an demon-summoning vampire-lord Sorcerer, life as an all-seeing cursing Seer in the shadows of the world, life as the Mage with a fortress of rituals and all-consuming elemental power, life as the ultra-manipulative Bard or life as the peace-loving forest-tending Druid. Your fantasy life is for you to live.

Most professions have more than one guild teaching their skills, but your city is a unique choice of alignment and political views: dark Thakria, valorous Mercinae, Parrius the freedom-avenger and Silverfalls the twilight seekers of Avalon's fantasy world. Politics, faith and power are strong forces in Avalon's simulation of a fantasy life.

How Avalon makes game into a simulated life-like experience, real and consequential

Fantasy life in Avalon is a simulation of realism - what is most realistic, credible and as immensely varied in its activities as real life itself. Out of 1000s of abilities in dozens of skills, specialisations in each profession, personal PVP combat that is simple to learn yet incredibly difficult to master in each profession, 1000s of quests and locations beautifully written to explore, legions with their own special abilities and skills for each city and guild for engaging in warfare in realistic Medieval battles across a life-like simulation of terrain and tactics with permanent consequences including pillaging, razing, destruction of guilds and whole cities, through battering down great fortifications or slaying defending armies.

Avalon's fantasy life simulation exceeds expectation with realistic economies, ecosystems, weather, skies, tunnels, and far more. You can devote your fantasy life to the vast economical trade between all villages/towns/cities/players, use troop occupations to grow the city-state empire or your own personal wealth, even become a farmer or smithy with the vast and realistic Farming and Labours which includes anything from planting and harvesting many types of foodstuffs, to curing animal skins for leather, drilling for oil, mining for metals and panning for gold and gems.

But this is only a very small list of the fantasy life of Avalon, but what makes it better than life?

The role in playing the fantasy and where Avalon goes beyond reality merely simulated, and becomes a real fantasy in your life

The fantasy life you live is not just roleplaying but a projection of yourself and real ability, ambitions and interests. There are few things that do not exist in this fantasy world that do not exist -- and each is unique, gripping and beautiful. It has professionally, eloquent text written by actual novelists and poets, that evoke this fantastic life which no computer could render graphically. Your imagination makes it beyond real life. But what truly goes beyond real in Avalon is that your fantasy life has opportunities you can never do in reality -- become a prince, control a city state, be the greatest PVP fighter in the realm, even ascend to divinity through Ordination. There is no limit, truly, to the breadth of emotions you can feel, as the fantasy life becomes reality in your mind and its dangers, beauties and fears sink into your soul.

Avalon's fantasy world has even been the result of bettering people in real life -- finding their life vocations or future life partners, giving them confidence or therapy in hard times when they needed to know they are important, able, capable and praiseworthy, venting their angers and frustrations from reality in this fantasy life governed by merit and whimsical Greco-Romanesque deities each with their own agenda in the realm. To feel the shaking adrenalin rush of PVP combat, the exhileration of becoming Prince or Princess of a city, the awesome effect of divine inspiration and service, the fantasy life is made real as your real and fantasy personality blend together into an image of who you can and want to really be.

Since 1989, Avalon has been an idealistic vision of the fantasy life, simulating reality in a world of beauty and grandeur. It holds up a mirror to yourself, challenging you constantly to be better. Real life beats you down -- Avalon raises you up with a life fantastic!