30.1SubindexIndex of HELP Files - Non-Section or Apocryphal.
30.2RecentLatest Royal Court, Guild and Election Politics.
30.3ReturningFor the long-slumbered returnee: useful info/commands.
30.4TransitionReturning from dormancy, transition to modern Avalon.
30.5YossarianYossarian, the soul of the Knight profession.
30.6AzraelAzrael - The Black Priest.
30.7BuildingsBuildings available to the Cities and Guilds.
30.8CookCooking specific, ingredients, tools, possibilities.
30.9RaceThe Wolfhound races of Thakria.
30.10MarriageList of the land's most illustrious wedded couples.
30.11EggquestThe egg quest, commands and details.
30.12AuctionsAuctions for artifacts and treasure.
30.13DragonThe sage words concerning the dragon of Sapience.
30.14DragonactSapience commands for Prince or Princess alone.
30.15BattleisleThe battle-isle - independent warfare land.
30.16GlobeidealThose events a citizen can bias a globe towards.
30.17GlobeactionActions available to the gigantic holy city globes.
30.18GlobestaveInformation on globe-staves, creation and empowering.
30.19PowerDetailed list of powers available through globe-staves.
30.20ScrumpingScrumping, the art of the druid poacher.
30.21SeedSeeds for crops, trees, and general flora.