Section 20 - Events, Quests, Contest and Organised Competition.

20.1EventsForthcoming Events in Avalon of Any Kind.
20.2ScheduleThe Schedule for Ordination: Forthcoming Quests/Contents.
20.3WinnersWinners listed from recent Contests and Events.
20.4GemThe Fifteen Divine Gems and the Gem Powers.
20.5GemquestFifteen Quest Events for the Gems and Contendership.
20.6ContenderContenders for the Next Ordination.
20.7RulesRules - Current Quest/Contest or Forthcoming Event.
20.8TournamentThe Tournament System.
20.9LeagueThe Tournament League.
20.10YearquestThe annual pacifist questing tournament.
20.11GuildtournThe Sceptre of the Night guild tournament.
20.12SceptreThe powers of the Sceptre of the Night.
20.13FlagquestThe Flag Quest - Competition of Team Conflict.
20.14ImmortalThe Immortal Combat - Contest of Equals.
20.15EggspoonEgg and Spoon Race Games.
20.16RedeemRedeeming lodged artifacts acquired in Quests.
20.17SandsThe sands-quest: elimination contests for Ordination.
20.18OlympicsThe Avalon Olympics: details and rules.
20.19TorchquestThe Torch Quest: how it works, how to compete.