Section 6 - Your Avalon Character - Overview.

6.1RoleplayThe importance of roleplaying for your character.
6.2SelectionsSampling Professional Classes by Selection.
6.3BadgesThe Twenty Badges of the Guild Apprentice.
6.4QuestQuests for your character to perform.
6.5StandingYour Standing in Avalon: from Novice to Legend.
6.6DeedsThe deeds of your character worthy of renown.
6.7FeatsFeats of Great Import: Character Experiences.
6.8LegendBuilding the Legend: Your Character and Eternity.
6.9NobilityCitizenship Ranks: Commoner to Noble Aristocracy.
6.10StatureStature - Reputation in City and Profession.
6.11TitleCity Government, Nobile Titles, Aristocratic Favour.
6.12EarningEarning gold for your character.
6.13AvalonianThe target for all mortals - Avalonian level.
6.14DivinitiesFavour and disfavour from the Gods.
6.15AlignmentYour character's propensity toward good or evil.
6.16DescriptionDescriptions of your character and history.
6.17DemeanourCharacter demeanour: hostile/friendly outlook.
6.18PacifismPlaying Avalon without conflict.
6.19NeutralityThe choice of neutrality in Avalon.
6.20WeddingsAvalon weddings and pregnancies.