10.1BoatUsing boats to navigate rivers and lakes.
10.2BookInteracting with large books and tomes.
10.3BrewingBrewing herbs and poisons for maximum effect.
10.4CommoditiesCommodities of Avalon and their use.
10.5GoldSimple in-game wealth in the land - gold coins.
10.6EquippingEqupping with artifacts and special items.
10.7SteedThe benefit and use of steeds.
10.8StableStablehands and specialist care for steeds.
10.9ArtifactMagical items imbedded with charms.
10.10KeyUse of Keys.
10.11LoyaltyLoyalty of creatures and CCCs.
10.12CreaturesInteracting with creatures of Avalon.
10.13CccInteracting with the CCCs.
10.14OfferingOffering items to the deities in their temples.
10.15HookUse of the hook-rune for equipment protection.
10.16KitLockpicking kits; creation and evolution.
10.17CraftsmenSpecialist craftsmen and artifacts.
10.18CraftingCrafting items, clothing, fashions etc.
10.19LivestockLivestock, meadows and pastoral care.
10.20FishFish: river and sea fishing, fish trading.
10.21ForagerThe young forager and his function.
10.22TaskForager tasks to benefit you, the mentor.
10.23CurioGoods and Services in the Old Curiosity Shop.
10.24BirdBirds of Avalon; from egg, reared to adulthood.
10.25BreedingBreeding and birthing livestock/animals.
10.26FeedingDetails on feeding of livestock, birds, etc.
10.27CritterThe land's little creatures and their effect.
10.28PreyBirds of prey, uses and impact on the land.
10.29DryadDryads: wood-spirits renowne for guiding the lost.
10.30ContainerContainers: hold and transport liquids or substances.
10.31FireFires - making and dousing them.
10.32SmithyThe smithy of Iorlas Morbeth: template purchasing.
10.33LoadingLoading/unloading containers, vehicles and wagons.
10.34BarrelAlchemical barrels and essence distillation vats.
10.35GlobeThe Divine Globe - Temple of the City Patron.
10.36MirrorMirrors of Cenedril - Seeing the Action from Afar.