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Introduction To Civics In Avalon

Each of Avalon's four cities has its own, fully autonomous player-run government, comprising a Prince or a Princess, five barons (of which one is chosen as Prince / Princess), a number of ministers and ministry aides. The role of the government is to conduct the affairs of the city; to safeguard the wellbeing of the citizens and direct policies, laws and wars.

While all of Avalon's cities are democracies, politics can be a dangerous game; the words and machinations of a silver-tongued politician as deadly and fatal as an arrow to the heart...

Ministries and Aideships

A ministry is the name given to a specific area of government. Each ministry has special powers relevant to its area of responsibility and is overseen by a minister, a deputy minister, and his or her assistants (known as ministry aides).

  • The Ministry of State is the largest ministry and is responsible for most of the everyday city affairs; construction of buildings, operation of civic services, management of personal shops, overall responsibility for the city market stalls and working with the trade ministry to budget and plan accordingly.
  • The Ministry of Trade focuses on the city's commodities; overseeing stocks, setting par levels and handling sales and purchases between villages and other citizens.
  • The Ministry of Public Relations is concerned with the recruitment, support and ongoing development of young Avalonians.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for negotiating foreign policy and inter-city relations; it is the only ministry with the power to declare war.
  • The Ministry of the Chancellory is in charge of the city economy; overseeing and controlling all city funds.
  • The Ministry of Justice is responsible for protecting the homeland; safeguarding city security and training the militia.
  • The Ministry of War recruits, trains and leads the city armies.

All citizens are free to seek aideship in all ministries once they have passed beyond a certain age in the land (generally after the first Avalon year has passed). Aides gain numerous ministry-relevant powers and there are a number of ways that juniors can become involved in goverment in all areas.

"A city is nothing without its people."

Syntax: TITLES

Lists any titles bestowed upon you, including any ministry aideships you may have been entrusted with.

2002h, 2002m aex ---titles
You have the title of Field Marshall of the Armies of Parrius.
You are a Colonel in the armies of Parrius.
You have been elected as a Baron of Parrius.
You are Chancellor for the City of Parrius.
You hold the title Aide to the Minister of Justice and Homeland Security.
You are the Aide to the Minister of State for the City of Parrius.
You are an aide to the Minister for Trade in Parrius.
You are an aide to the Minister for Public Relations in Parrius.
You are the rightful Leader of the Enchanters Guild.

Duties Entrusted By The Leadership

A city is nothing without its people. Glory, power and stature can only be achieved through the care and attention given by the citizens. Leaders are often known to entrust their youngsters with civic duties which can serve as an introduction to aideships, ministries and becoming involved with management of city affairs. The duties comprise numerous (usually daily) tasks which are essential to the protection and ongoing growth of the city; encompassing all areas of city-life from the combative to the economic.

An example of one such duty would be the harvesting of crops from the city-fields. Fields in Avalon are numerous and crops are planted in the spring, and harvested in the autumn (fall) - a seemingly innocuous task with significant ramifications. The yield of a yearly harvest is essential; hemp is turned into rope to enable fortification construction, potatoes are turned into rations to feed the city armies, cotton is spun into fabrics for clothing and wheat and sugar are made into meals to feed the citizens. Thievery attempts are frequent. Murder is commonplace. Greedy rivals are inevitable as temptation grows to wrest from your hands the hard-earned fruit of your labours. The Dragon of Sapience is often seen in the skies during harvest time; equally happy to bless or burn scores of crops at the whim of the highest bidder...

"The measure of a man is what he does with power."

How do I become a leader?

Joining the barony of your city, or assuming mastery of your guild is something many Avalonians aspire to. Leaders in Avalon are - in almost all cases - elected democratically by the people. Questioning a baron or challenging a guildmaster is a significant event; consider your reasoning carefully before doing so for you shall certainly be expected to campaign if you expect to be succesful.

Syntax: QUESTION followed by the name of the baron

Publicly questions a baron of your city before all of Avalon. An election lasts around five real-life days and can only begin once four citizens have questioned. It is common for would-be barons to post a campaign message on the Bulletin Board of your proposed manifesto.

NOTE: Questioning for the purposes of starting an election you have no intention of winning is highly frowned upon by the gods; all electoral candidates should ensure they have the mettle to preside as a baron of their city before questioning.

Syntax: CHALLENGE followed by the name of the incumbent guildmaster

Challenging your guildmaster will immediately begin an election with yourself and your opponent as the two candidates. Guild elections last for three real-life days and all guild members are eligible to vote.

Gaining power in government comes with great responsibility. Only those with a strong personality, fierce resolve and passionate will can rise to the top as a great Prince or Guildmaster.

Do you have what it takes to be a leader in this land of ruthless politicians?