Section 12 - Geography - Overview, Cities and Curiosities.

12.1LayoutRough layout of the Avalon game world (mainland).
12.2SettingThe geographical setting of Avalon.
12.3SettlementsTowns and Villages all over Avalon.
12.4ParriusThe eastern city of Parrius.
12.5MercinaeThe ancient southern city-port of Mercinae.
12.6HealersObtaining companion healers.
12.7ThakriaBlack-walled Thakria, city of miracles.
12.8SilverfallsThe city of Silverfalls.
12.9TavernTaverns to visit and sup in.
12.10GoblinThe Goblin Town and its brotherhood.
12.11ThaumacieThe dwarven fortress of Thaumacie.
12.12RiversRivers about the continent.
12.13ForestThe forests and woods of Avalon.
12.14GreenwoodThe expansive Greenwood forest.
12.15SpringdaleThe ruined city of Springdale.
12.16WildlandsThe wildlands of Avalon.
12.17ThrullmereLake Thrullmere on the Callieton.
12.18NorthlandsThe Northlands of Avalon.
12.19OrestesThe forest halls of Orestes, the Astrologer.
12.20PangyronThe dark hill of Pangyron, Star-Sorcerer.
12.21GantGant, legend of the Northern Mountains.
12.22AzriliThe Azrilite Vale.
12.23SilverlightThe River Silverlight.
12.24MarketMarketplaces in the various villages.
12.25WeatherWeather in the land; some of its effects.
12.26ArenaThe Battlearena and the Chetwood.
12.27FishingFishing: techniques, locations, advice.
12.28CentresCentral locations of guild, city and village.