Section 9 - Specifics of the Avalon Worldsystem.

9.1ChallengeThe formal and honourable challenge.
9.2NamingNaming your possessions, steeds and pets.
9.3FriendsDeclaring your friends and enemies.
9.4PrefixPrefixes and suffixes for your character.
9.5VotingCasting your vote in an election.
9.6TradingTrading between villages, towns and cities.
9.7BankingMaking use of city and village banks.
9.8CommerceBuying and selling at merchant establishments.
9.9ElectionsElections in cities and guilds.
9.10PollsPolls to gauge public opinion in Avalon.
9.11ShopkeepingObtaining and running a shop.
9.12ShopInteracting with shops about Avalon.
9.13BarterBartering and interacting with shops.
9.14EstateObtaining real estate (houses, towers, taverns).
9.15ReadingReading letters, notes, scrolls and books.
9.16WritingWriting your contribution to a scroll or tome.
9.17WerewolfThe werewolf form, perils and benefits.
9.18PetObtaining a pet for yourself and keeping it safe.
9.19FishingThe three types of fishing: fly, pot and sea.
9.20RepairsRepairing damaged weapons and armour.
9.21DuelsDuel between one or more opponents.
9.22XpquestQuests initiated and controlled by players.
9.23IconoclasmIconoclasm: pious aggression against holy targets.
9.24NpcNPC: the Non-Player Character in Avalon.
9.25SoulmateThe soulmates of the ancient forests.
9.26MetalMetals and ores in the land.
9.27CharityCharity donations and helping the missions.
9.28BearformThe legendary form of the Bear.