Section 4 - The Basic Command Set.

4.1MovingMoving yourself about the land.
4.2ObstaclesOvercoming obstacles to your free movement.
4.3InventoryLooking at your inventory of possessions.
4.4ItembasicsBasics for dealing with items in Avalon.
4.5ObjectsManipulating items about you.
4.6InfoThe INFO command for quick item listing.
4.7LookingLooking about you, to see where you are.
4.8ScoreThe SCORE command and explanation.
4.9StatusThe STATUS command and explanation.
4.10WhoHow to find who is playing Avalon with you.
4.11LearningLearning your skills.
4.12TeachingTeaching skills to others.
4.13LessonLessons and learning.
4.14LessontextAn example of an Avalon lesson.
4.15GainGaining lessons and maximising learning benefit.
4.16DefencesThe DEFENCES command and explanation.
4.17MovementMoving about the land.
4.18CompassUsing the java applet compass to move about.
4.19HoldingKeeping your inventory more safe and less burdensome.