Section 2 - Novicehood - The first steps.

2.1BasicskillsThe basic set of newborn skills.
2.2NoviceAbout the first stage of Avalon life: novicehood.
2.3IntroIntro - Some Commands, Some Info, Some Suggestions.
2.4AutoguideThe automated guide for all novices.
2.5AcademiesIntroduction to the City Academies.
2.6AcademyThe role and purpose of the Academies.
2.7SchoolThe city schools and their purpose.
2.8CourseCourses available at the city schools.
2.9SchoolcomCommand list with syntax for the School.
2.10BadgeBadges for guild apprentices.
2.11AccoladeThe accolade quests for all novices.
2.12SelectSelect Command - Sampling the Guild Skills.
2.13EnrollmentEnrolling yourself in a guild.
2.14ApprenticeApprenticeship in a guild.
2.15TeacherThe role of the teacher in early Avalon.
2.16MapThe MAP command and Automatic Region Map on Movement.
2.17FindingFinding Specific Targets using FIND and ZOOM commands.
2.18LightIlluminating your surroundings when it is dark.
2.19JuniorThe little and middling ranks; junior status.
2.20MilestoneMarble milestones; junior effect on armies.
2.21SageThe mortal and divine sage specialists.
2.22StandingStandings in Avalon: from Novice to Nobility.
2.23ExperienceExperiences building a pattern picture of Avalon life.
2.24CommandSummary Command List - Syntax Only.
2.25GraduationGraduation Day - first red-letter date - Coming of Age.
2.26ChildhoodChildhood - the Avalon Character Creation Process.