Section 8 - Your Avalon Character - State of Health.

8.1HealthThe health of your character.
8.2BreathingBreathlessness and its avoidance.
8.3ManaThe mana (mental strength) of your character.
8.4RecoveryNatural recovery of health and mana.
8.5UnconsciousUnconsciousness due to low health.
8.6DeathThe consequences of death.
8.7DeatheffectThe cost to your character of death.
8.8DeathshipThe ship of the dead.
8.9ResurrectionResurrection after an untimely death.
8.10TrainerUsing the NPC tutors to train your fighting skills.
8.11LifepoolThe Pool of Life and its purpose.
8.12FoodFood, snacks and meals and well-being.
8.13WellbeingYour character's desire for food.
8.14SustenanceSustenance potions and their side-effects.
8.15FlaskHip Flasks - Herb and Poison Distilled Infusions.
8.16WurtfoilThe Wurtfoil herb and its benefits.
8.17DarsurionThe herb Darsurion and its benefits.
8.18PipeUsing pipes, smoking herbs or poisons.
8.19WoundWounds of permanent nature, beyond death.
8.20WashCleansing yourself by bathing/washing.