Section 31 - Miscellaneous Help and Info: Out-of-Avalon.

31.1ApotheosisRight of Apotheosis - Divine Appointment Earned.
31.2HelpersHelpful players and permanent guides (Avalon staff).
31.3TermsAvalon Terms and Conditions.
31.4PrivacyPrivacy Policy (Avalon Online RPG).
31.5IssuesIssues (bugs or otherwise) global significance.
31.6AuraThe "aura" state - inviolate but inactive.
31.7LagLag - the Internet Beast of Inexcusable Intrusion.
31.8TimeTime in and out of Avalon/the real world.
31.9FormatFormat of contributions to Avalon.
31.10QuestwritingHow to develop quests for Avalon.
31.11ChargesSubscription Charges for Novices.
31.12ContactContact Details for Avalon.
31.13CountryList of all countries we can send messages to.
31.14ContactingContacting Avalon Game Support - Out Of Character/Game.
31.15AdministrationAdministrative and Accounting Support Matters.
31.16PaymentPayments to Avalon (subscription, procurement, etc).
31.17SpecialofferSpecial offers and deals occasionally available.
31.18DocsGeneral HELP content files not necessary for index.
31.19RestoreRestoration of the First Profession/Class Skills.