Section 19 - Government and Governmental Commands.

19.1ActionsActions, Battleactions, Stallactions and Lockactions.
19.2CaravansUtilising trading caravans.
19.3CitizenReviewing and altering the citizenry.
19.4GatesControlling the gates of the city.
19.5CitykeysFashioning and distributing keys.
19.6CityshopControlling the shops in a city.
19.7StallsManaging the all-important city stalls.
19.8TaxTaxes and city taxation.
19.9EconomyReviewing and managing the overall economy.
19.10ExpensesReviewing the expenses of a city.
19.11CityhelpThe CITYHELP command and its sub-info files.
19.12FeelingsReviewing and altering a city's foreign relations.
19.13LocksmithUtilising the city locksmiths.
19.14OutlawsDeclaring an outlaw or removing enemy status.
19.15PrivilegeRoyal Privilege: Powers of the Prince/Princess.
19.16GeneralGeneral City Government Commands and Powers.
19.17SendSending Mail - Reaching Out Beyond the Realm.
19.18CityhelpCITYHELP the central government command listings.
19.19MilitaryOverview of Field Marshall (General/Colonel) Commands.
19.20MinjusticeMinister of Justice: Commands and Usage Syntax.
19.21MinstateThe State Ministerial Core Commands and Syntax.
19.22DutyList of the Duty Choices.