Section 3 - The Avalon Game World.

3.1CityThe City-State - Concept, Form and Hierarchy.
3.2CitysumSummary of Avalon's Great City-States.
3.3GuildsmanGuilds: your Character Career and Profession Class.
3.4NewbornNewly Created Characters: the Birth City.
3.5ProtectionDivine Protection: Total Safety from Deadly Attack.
3.6HordingHording Possessions, Special Items, Artifacts.
3.7LevelThe One Hundred Experience Levels: Newborn to Ordainable.
3.8OutfittingInitial outfitting and marketplace location.
3.9QuitPausing your Avalon game; store your character; leave Avalon.
3.10OverviewOverview of the Avalon Skills System.
3.11SkillImproving proficiency in skills.
3.12WealthAvalon currency - the gold piece.
3.13LocationLocations: brief and verbose descriptions.
3.14DoorDoors, gates and other barriers.
3.15LockLocks and their mechanisms.
3.16WagonWagons and similar unenclosed/smaller carts.
3.17FurnaceFurnaces and forges.
3.18HousesThe Houses of Healing.
3.19RelicsSpecial relics used to crown one's skill learning.
3.20LibrariesThe great Libraries of Avalon and how to use them.
3.21LibrarianThe currently appointed librarians.
3.22CherubCherubs: Safekeepers of Quest and Puzzle Items.
3.23LocaleThe location divided for construction/warfare.
3.24SkiesThe Skies, Heavens and Stars over Avalon.
3.25HolyHoly Locations: the Mark of Divine Presence.
3.26TempleTemples of the Gods and Territory of the Priesthood.
3.27PriesthoodPriests and religious orders in Avalon.
3.28ElevationThe concept of height, above and below sea-level.
3.29UnderdeepBeneath the surface of the continent.
3.30PetitionThe Court: petitioning the divine Judge.
3.31GossipWonders to be heard on the gossip grapevine.
3.32ChestGifted to all juniors: novice equipment chest.
3.33TimelineTimeline of Avalon History from 800 to Present.
3.34ForceThe Eight Fundamental Forces.