Section 26 - Articles on Avalon Game Theory and Combat Fundamentals.

26.1TheoryAn introduction to the theory of personal combat.
26.2ClientA brief review of MUD client settings.
26.3FirefliesDancing fireflies: triggers made manifest.
26.4AutomationUsing client automation to improve your fighting.
26.5UsingmacrosUsing macros and aliases effectively.
26.6BasicsThe basics of PvP combat theory.
26.7LevellersThe great levellers: balance and equilibrium (cooldowns).
26.8BecomegreatHow to become a peerless fighter.
26.9PrioritiesThe priorities of one-on-one PvP combat.
26.10ArticlesTerms used in the Articles of PvP Combat section.
26.11FaqFrequently Asked Questions about Warfare.
26.12WhoagainstPlaying To Win - But Against Which Opposition?.
26.13AimsAims of the Avalon Game System - Big Picture Raison d'Etre .
26.14MetaAvalon - the Five Meta-Games - Concept and Contribution.
26.15TriggerTriggers in the Avalon Settings - Highlight, Alert, React.