Avalon - online RPG world

Growth & Experience

Progression within Avalon can most notably be measured by your character's experience and skills. These form the basis of your character's stature in the land through capability, durability and renown.

Experience & Levels

Experience determines your character's level of which there are a hundred, ranging from Newborn all the way up to Ordainable. Gaining a level increases your maximum health and mana by 20 and conversely, losing a level decreases your maximum health and mana by 20. Gaining a new level for the first time carries with it a lesson bonus of 5 lessons for a maximum possible total of 500 lessons gained through obtaining new experience levels. Your current level is shown when you type SCORE in Avalon.

Experience can be obtained in numerous ways: completing quests, solving puzzles, exploration, discovery, the achievement of deeds or feats, slaying powerful CCCs or slaying another player in PVP combat to name a handful of examples.

Many players take pride in their large health pools or high maximum levels, and there is a certain degree of competition and rivalry between individuals over whose level is highest. Players reaching the highest levels of Avalonian and Ordainable are figures of particular renown; the latter are - while they remain at Ordainable level - able to intone their voices across the land and be heard by all.

The Different Skills

Skills can be divided into three types: General, Professional and Specialist. Each contains around thirty to fifty unique abilities. Skills form the fundamentals of your character's capabilities; the powers he or she may bring to bear whether in battle or in day to day life.

General skills are those available to all - no limits on progression - and cover all of the basic, essential abilities required for day to day life and survival as an Avalonian:

  • Fisticuffs: Skill of hand to hand combat and physical bodily endeavours
  • Perception: Skill of sight; awareness of your surroundings and perceiving that which is hidden
  • Scholarship: Scholarly pursuits and various utility; skill of general knowledge
  • Survival: Skill of staying alive; outdoor pursuits and navigation
  • Riding: Manipulation of dumb animals; use of mounts and steeds
  • Itemlore: Skill of object manipulation and discovery
  • Defence: Innate defence ability versus damaging strikes
  • Constitution: Innate defence against strikes from magical sources

Class skills are those developed by a specific profession. Each profession has between three and five skills containing numerous abilities; most professional skills are exclusive to that profession, though there are some (such as stealth) that are shared between many professions. See the section on character building for some details about each profession.

Specialist skills are those bestowed on individuals that have reached the pinnacle of their professional development; at the highest point of their abilities and often successful in a quest or endeavour that proves them worthy of becoming a specialist. All professions have some specialisation or advanced ability, though little is written of these for the professions guard their secrets closely..

Arcana is the term given to ancient lore, arcane teachings and knowledge lost to the annals of time; faded from the memory of most living Avalonians. Mere remnants of fragments exist to this day though the potency of such lost knowledge is without question and - it is said - the libraries of the ancients contain the key to unearthing these long-forgotten ways...

"In Avalon, all are born equal and all professions are balanced."

Syntaxes Related To Skills

Syntax: SKILLS and AB < skill > < ability >

SKILLS lists all of the skills you have acquired so far with their corresponding skill-ranks . General skills are first, followed by professional skills.

2002h, 2002m aex --- skills
Type HELP SKILLRANKS for a list of Skill Ranks.
Fisticuffs: Crowned Ultimate                     
Defence: Crowned Ultimate                       
Perception: Crowned Ultimate                     
Scholarship: Crowned Ultimate                   
Constitution: Crowned Ultimate                  
Itemlore: Crowned Ultimate                       
Riding: Crowned Ultimate                         
Swordplay: Crowned Ultimate [Respected]    
Survival: Crowned Ultimate                      
Charming: Crowned Ultimate                       
Rituals: Crowned Ultimate                      
Candescence: Crowned Ultimate                   
Music: Crowned Ultimate                         
Elementalism: Master                             
Farming: Crowned Ultimate                       
Labours: Crowned Ultimate    

AB < skill> lists all of the abilities you have obtained in the specified skill , with the last one listed the most recently obtained.

2002h, 2002m aex --- ab fisticuffs
Your current proficiency in Fisticuffs is Crowned-Ultimate.
"Kicking"    Kicking out at your enemies < Beginner> 
"Throwing"   Throwing items to friends or at enemies < Poor> 
"Punch"      Ability to punch accurately < Apprentice> 
"Handblock"  To deflect the next incoming blow < Practitioner> 
"Vault"      Vault up and knock an enemy from their ste < Competent> 
"Snapkick"   Fast snap-kick to unbalance your opponent < Competent+50%> 
"Hurling"    Hurling alchemical potions at player targe < Competent+75%> 
"Trip"       To trip a player over, disarming them < Respected> 
"Fullparry"  Raise your hands to fully parry a blow < Respected+25%> 
"Suicide"    The ability to commit suicide < Respected+75%> 
"Inhale"     Regains lost breath from running < Renowned> 
"Speed"      Preparing to run with much reduced loss of < Renowned+33%> 
"Thrustkick" Thrust kick to push away your opponent < Renowned+66%> 
"Stun"       Quick, stunning punch < Renowned+83%> 
"Spinning"   Spinning yourself rapidly on a single defi < Master> 
"Ratting"    Rat-a-tat punching and kicking to shatter  < Master+12%> 
"Tackle"     Darting in and tackling a fast-moving oppo < Master+25%> 
"Fastpunch"  Fast, continuous punch at your enemy < Master+50%> 
"Poke"       Sharp poke in the eye causing blindness < Master+62%> 
"Eye"        Alertness to perceive with both normal and < Master+75%> 
"Muscles"    Flexing your muscles to increase your stre < Master+87%> 
"Strike"     Knife-edge chop causing reflex action < Grand-Master> 
"Reverse"    Reversing oneself into rope/lightrope cata < Grand-Master+6%> 
"Lynching"   Efficiently strangling certain less sizeab < Grand-Master+13%> 
"Clapping"   Clapping your hands over your opponent's e < Grand-Master+20%> 
"Hammerfist" Slow but extremely potent strike to an opp < Grand-Master+33%> 
"Leaping"    Leaping over blockages and escaping your f < Grand-Master+53%> 
"Pushing"    Pushing your opponent bodily out of the wa < Grand-Master+66%> 
"Holding"    Holding tightly a weapon in one of your ha < Grand-Master+86%> 
"Armsmash"   Smashing the bones in your opponent's arms < Legendary> 
"Windpipe"   Brutal chop to the windpipe of your enemy < Legendary+6%> 
"Power"      Powering out of traps and physical afflict < Legendary+33%> 
"Legsmash"   Smashing the bones in your opponent's legs < Legendary+50%> 
"Blocking"   Allows you to block specific directions < Legendary+66%> 
"Conscious"  Maintains consciousness when on low health < Ultimate> 
"Roundhouse" Extreme muscular control to spin roundhous < Ultimate> 
"Palming"    Manipulating items without being seen to d < Ultimate+90%> 
"Immobilise" Grapples a target to complete immobilisati < Crowned-Ultimate> 

AB < skill> < ability> gives detailed information on a specific ability within a certain skill. This always includes syntax and a few words on how the ability works. It would be wise to remember that almost all abilities have idiosyncracies which are undocumented; these are for the intuitive and inquisitive to discover for themselves.

2002h, 2002m aex --- ab fisticuffs hammerfist
You are Crowned-Ultimate in Fisticuffs.
The "hammerfist" ability at Grand-Master+33% level in FISTICUFFS:
Syntax: HAMMERFIST < target player> .

The hammerfist is a powerful strike which takes a few seconds to prepare, but if successful, will batter your opponent of one half of their current health in a single blow. It works against players and NPCs only; not CCCS. The power of the smash is augmented by transhuman forms like Werewolf and Bear.

NOTE: the hammer-fist will not be a fatal blow unless it is used to strike a target whose health is exhausted.
"SKILLS are just the beginning, SKILL is the path to becoming a legend"

How do I develop my skills?

Skill development in Avalon is primarily through lessons and learning. Lessons are gained over time (around four per hour) or through procurement.


Displays how many lessons you have available before becoming saturated with learning, whether you have any procured-potential lessons available and whether your character's current state of well-being, and location are suitable for lesson gain. Lesson gain is restricted in holy locations of four or more deity marks, and in all locations of total safety such as barracks, commodity stores or shop stockrooms.

2002h, 2002m aex --- lessons
You can learn 760 lessons before reaching saturation point.
Current location "Path entrance" is OK for lesson gain.
Lesson gain is not possible in locations of holy marking 4 or more.
Your character is in a state to accumulate lessons.

Syntax: LEARN < skill> FROM < teacher>

Once you have found yourself a willing teacher (or your guild tutor) this command requests from them a lesson in the skill you have specified. Assuming your teacher agrees, the lesson will begin and proceed through a lesson-script unique to the skill you are learning.

Lessons generally take around a minute to complete and reduces your available lessons by one (unless the darsurion herb is used - see below).

Example lesson

2002h, 2002m aex --- learn demonology from gauthnamaur
"Come! I will train you," says Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer begins by assuring you that Demonology is the mightiest of Arts.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer informs you that a special cauldron is necessary to perform the summoning ritual.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer explains that a Demon must be summoned from the Planes beyond by the creation of a magical Gate.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer details the creation of a Gate to you, the addition of gold to the bubbling cauldron.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer reminds you that the different mists will bring forth different Demons.
2002h, 2002m aex 
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer cautions you on summoning Demons beyond your might to control.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer explains that as you rise in Demonology, the number of Demons you can summon also increases.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer reminds you that the Demon will be loyal, and should be ordered around.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer tells you that the summoning of a Demon results in considerable loss of mental energy.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer cautions you against summoning a Demon without sufficient mental reserves.
2002h, 2002m aex
Gauthnamaur the Sorcerer nods, satisfied that your lesson is complete.
Your demonology skill has risen to Legendary.


The LEARNING command gives you up to date information on the effects of lessons as they pertain to your individual character; including up to date specifics on crowned skill progression (see HELP ULTIMATE) and lesson gain.

Darsurion, rellick and furglewort

The darsurion herb enhances your ability to absorb lessons. When it is consumed, you will typically have around an hour to an hour and a half to make use of its benefits. When learning lessons with darsurion active, each learning session uses up three lessons but gives a benefit equivalent to five. It is therefore common practice in Avalon to ensure that all learning is done under the effects of darsurion to maximise your learning potential.

The furglewort and rellick herbs also act as lesson-enhancers. Where they differ from darsurion, however is they increase lesson speed instead of lesson potency. To gain the benefits of rellick for your learning, you will need to consume one for every learning session you undertake. The furglewort herb can only be used irregularly, though its benefits last an entire Avalon day (around an hour) and increases lesson speed dramatically.


Calls upon your city's divine globe to increase the potency of your lessons. This bestows similar benefits to the darsurion herb and the two can be used simultaneously.

How can I measure my progression?

Within Avalon there are three oracles located in various places in the world. One is hidden, one resides in the Room of the Stars in the ruins of Ilmarael and the third inhabits the tavern along the eastern highway. These oracles are able to discern with precision your progress in a given skill toward its next rank.

Syntax: ASK ORACLE followed by the name of the skill

Asks the oracle about the specified skill. In response, the oracle will tell you how close you are to the next rank in that skill.

2002h, 2002m aex --- ask oracle chivalry
An oracle looks into the altar for a moment, before revealing that you are 33% of the way to the next skill level.