Section 29 - The Avalon Game Environment (Non-Role).

29.1QuizQuizzes in Avalon and associated commands.
29.2RankThe illustrious PvP Combat RANKS league table.
29.3QuizmasterCommands for those running Quizzes.
29.4AbbreviationsAbbreviations of Avalon commands.
29.5MacroUsing the Avalon Internal Macro system.
29.6CccsCCCs - Computer Controlled Characters.
29.7ColourAdding a touch of ansi colour.
29.8WidthSetting the width of your window or screen.
29.9ConnectingConnecting to Avalon via the Internet.
29.10PromptCustomising Avalon's prompt.
29.11DevelopmentFiling bugs, making comments, submitting ideas.
29.12TwentiethThe Avalon 20th Anniversary.