13.1ArchangelThe mountain village of Archangel.
13.2AriadneAriadne, town on Lake Thrullmere.
13.3BedillamThe deathly forest of Bedillam.
13.4BarholmSmall village of Barholm by the Iona highlands.
13.5CorionaSilent Coriona, at the foot of Sapience.
13.6CullodenCulloden, village of the northwestern steppes.
13.7DundalkDundalk, village of the moon-worshippers.
13.8EastpointThe town of Eastpoint, north of Parrius.
13.9EleusisEleusis, river-town.
13.10EleutheraEleuthera on the Lake.
13.11GaurthangGaurthang, fortress of the vampire.
13.12GabbadGabbad, fortress of the Marshes.
13.13GreenysGreeny's Edge, village of light.
13.14IsabellaIsabella, haven of the thieves.
13.15KenkriaKenkria's Monastery town.
13.16KnightswoodThe town of Knightswood.
13.17KremptonKrempton, on the eastern banks of Thrullmere.
13.18KristanistiKristanisti, east of Silverfalls.
13.19LadakhLadakh, east of the Moonstone Lake.
13.20IonaIona, mountain peak and village.
13.21MarshtonMarshton, on the edge of the Dead Marshes.
13.22MorganasMorgana's Rise on the lowlands of Avalon.
13.23NassauNassau, village of the rampant dragon.
13.24OggOgg, village of the Northwood.
13.25OakwoodOakwood End, at the north of the Greenwood.
13.26PilgrimsPilgrim's Rest, holiest of villages.
13.27SapienceThe volcanic mount of Sapience.
13.28SnowfootSnowfoot, frozen village of the north.