Supporting Avalon

Avalon lives up to its own heavens-high standards. It is one of the most consistent, long-running and ever-evolving of online RPG games. Its uncompromising consistency, heroism, adventure, complexity and quality are its coveted strengths, making for a realm untainted by imbalance and concessions. Help others like yourself learn of this majestic world!

MUDs & Games Ranking Sites

Note: Some of the sites listed on this page require you to be logged in beforehand and therefore will not appear unless you are. This is solely to protect our efforts in compiling such a large list from which Avalon players may show their support.

  • Top Mud Sites : one of the most popular MUD voting sites on the internet
  • Mudverse : popular voting page run by MUD enthusiast players
  • MUD Connector : the MUD Connector voting list; you must register an account with them first, but just a few votes will make all the difference in our ranking
  • MMORPG 100 : a very simple but incredibly popular voting site with Online RPGs, Muds and MMORPGS; a little full of adverts but gives a good spread of the RPG genre
  • Oz Games 200
  • MMORPG Top List
  • Game Sites Top 100
  • Game Sites 100
  • JAG Top List
  • Top MMORPG Sites
  • MPOG 100 : perhaps one of the most widely used online RPG voting sites out there; heavily advertised but contains virtually every sort of Mud, RPG and online role playing game available
  • Online MMOGD : Reasonably well populated ranking game site.
  • Top 100 MMORPG Sites : A basic and sparsely populated ranking site but still well organised.
  • Directory of Games : An established and well used directory which combines both editor rankings and member votes.
  • MMORPG.Extreme : A site for the most part dedicated to graphical games but still has a healthy list none the less.
  • Top MORPG List : A community based games website that caters to both players and game owners.
  • : A very new but up and coming ranking site.
  • GTOP 100