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Building Your Heroic Persona

Free will is Avalon's founding precept; all characters are born equal and free to pursue ambitions and dreams limited solely by the imagination. From the mighty hero to the fearsome tyrant and everything in between —the choice is yours.

Your actions matter: the land's narrative is written by its players and all have the potential to become legends, to leave their mark indelibly on the land and its history —for good or for ill.

How do I begin building my character?

Choosing a name

The first thing to decide will be your character's name. This can be anything you choose though caution is advised since your name will, in most cases, be the first thing other Avalonians hear about you. Take some time before making your choice; consider your ambitions and how your name will sound when the deeds of your fledgling persona become the stuff of legends in years to come!

Choosing a class and guild

Avalon has nine classes to choose from, centred around two dozen guilds. Your professional choice will determine the skills and abilities available to you and so this is one of the most crucial decisions you will make.

Avalon's professions include:

  • The Knight: The traditional physical combatant; reliant on swords and weaponry and endurance
  • The Mage: Archetypal magic user; wielder of elemental enchantment, candescent light-magics and music
  • The Sorcerer: Wielder of dark magics, summoner of demons, master of death and necromantic vampyrism
  • The Thief: The shadow-dweller; acrobatic assassins, nimble burglars, wielder of knives and ropes and deadly poisons
  • The Ranger: Rugged defenders of the wilderness; archery, stealthy tracking, use of flora and fauna of the forests in combat
  • The Seer: Mystical fatalists; purveyors of curses and blessings, long-range manipulation, master of the palantiri, voodoo
  • The Bard: Songsmiths and orators; weavers of musical enchantments, spellbinding dramatics, Voice of command
  • The Loremaster: Artificers; fashioning magical artifacts, weapons, elixirs and rune-lore, defensive and complex combat
  • The Druid: Pacifists and naturalists; empathy with the forests and protectors of Life, resurrections and good-spirits

Each profession has at least one guild dedicated to it, though most have more than one; allowing you to choose an outlook that best fits with your character's role while maintaining your choice of profession. Learn more about each profession and its founding ideals by reading here, or if you wish to read about guilds, this page has all you need to know.

Choosing a city

Most Avalonians choose a city and while it is perfectly possible to survive - and even thrive - as a cityless individual, many find the isolation from the urban folk more difficult than it is rewarding.

  • Mercinae is Avalon's oldest city; the beacon of Light and Justice
  • Thakria is the city of Miracles; the fire-forge of ambition, ruthlessness and unwavering excellence
  • Parrius, city of the Free; guardians of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality
  • Silverfalls, city of the Lion; founded from the ashes of conquered Springdale

Avalon's four cities represent four unique, independent outlooks on the land. Each has its own fully autonomous, player-run government made up of a Prince or Princess, several barons and numerous ministers; all of whom work together to determine city policy and laws, to handle day to day city affairs and to set the goals, aims and ambitions of the city as a whole.

Setting a unique description

Finally, consider your character's appearance. All Avalonians can set a unique description using the command DESCRIBE MYSELF. This can be as detailed as you like, describing as much or as little as you wish to give away. You can view your description by typing EXAMINE MYSELF in Avalon, or view another's by typing EXAMINE followed by their name, e.g. EXAMINE BLODWYN.

Ultimately, it is only your actions, your attitude and your approach to Avalon — in essence, the way you define your personality and role — that make up who your character is.

What defines your character?

Ultimately, it is only your actions, your attitude and your approach to Avalon — in essence, the way you define your personality and role — that make up who your character is.

The 'character avatar' can be described as your character's attributes. These can all be viewed at a glance in Avalon using a handful of commands.

Syntax: STATUS

Lists assorted information about your character's status including:

  • Your citizenship
  • Your divine patron (if any, see here)
  • Your alignment
  • How many lessons you are able to absorb
  • Your standing with other organisations in the land and whether any consider you a friend or an enemy
  • Your general state of well-being, hunger and tiredness
  • The weight of your inventory and how well-clothed you are

Syntax: SCORE

The SCORE command lists more personal information about your character such as:

  • Your name and title
  • Your experience level and progression toward the next
  • Your character's age and birthday
  • Your guild and city affiliation and associated ranks
  • Your position in the Avalon combat rankings
  • Any city aideships or positions held


Lists all defences you have arranged about your person. The potential for these is vast; some are innate, many are obtained via item or equipment and still more are attainable via skill or ability.

Syntax: SKILLS

Displays a list of all the skills you have acquired and their ranks of progression. All Avalonians gain the same array of general skills, and your profession bestows a further four to five additional skills —their limits of progression defined by the specific profession you have chosen. This section of the guide details the development of skills through lessons and teaching.

Syntax: SHEET

Performs the equivalent of SCORE, STATUS, DEFENCES and SKILLS in one go; displaying all relevant data about your character avatar in a single command.

Remember that while these elements make up your overall character 'avatar', it is not these that define who your character really IS. Only you can decide your character's role and it is by your actions, your attitude and your approach to the land that your character is transformed from a series of components into an independent, unique and exciting persona —ready to forge your own path and emblazon yourself on Avalon's long history.

Example of what one can expect to see via the SHEET command:

2002h, 2002m aex --- sheet
Character Sheet for Trekker the Elder Statesman "No Realm Loyalty" [Level: Enflamed].
You are 12% between Enflamed and Splendid.
Your experience ranks 1570th in Avalon, 1554th amongst the fighters.
You are rated 0th for attack-rating, and 179th for combat-ratio.
You have no divine Patron.
Banking: no gold available for withdrawal in any account.
Health: 1020 out of 1210 Mana: 161 out of 1210
You are 586 years old, born on the 1st of Hindyear, 789 aDW. You weigh 231 pounds in human-form.
You have SENIOR standing in the realms.
Your legend tells of no feats of great renown.
You are a Commoner of Thakria (Rank: 426th).
Your tax bill is 0gp. Earnings this month are 0gp.
You belong to the Sorcerers Guild as a Grand-Master.
Your profession is that of a Sorcerer. You have no specialist skill.
You hold the highest guild honour - the title of Guild Elder.
---> Fisticuffs: Crowned Ultimate
---> Swordplay: Renowned [ Respected ]
---> Defence: Crowned Ultimate
Riding: Ultimate
Charming: Grand-Master
Evocation: Ultimate
---> Stealth: Crowned Ultimate
Necromancy: Ultimate
---> Demonology: Crowned Ultimate
Scholarship: Ultimate
Itemlore: Ultimate
Farming: Poor
Labours: Beginner
Perception: Ultimate
Constitution: Ultimate
You have no divine patron.
You are a citizen of Thakria, and a member of the Cult of the Long Night.
You are not bleeding at all, breathing perfectly well, satiated, refreshed, and feeling wide awake.
Your physical well-being is exceptionally fit and healthy.
Your inventory, held, worn and wielded consists of nothing.
You are unclothed. The weather is relatively warm.
Your alignment is Diabolical.
Your natural movement is 3 yards per second.
You can learn 250 lessons before reaching saturation point.
You are blessed with ten safe encounters with Death.
You have not bestowed guild favour or disfavour today.
You are blessed with divine protection from attack.
You have not gained any blood-lust.
You are wearing no armour.
You are NOT YET accustomed to being awake in the land.
You wear the inviolate but oh-so-fragile Alkar of Rebirth.
You have enhanced the power of your adrenalin.
Most entourage and CCC entrances and departure messages are suppressed.
You are particularly resistant to magical attack.
You are using fight-text brief mode.