Section 22 - The Battlefield Guide: Legion Command and Waging War.

22.1CommanderBattlefield Command - Concept, Overview, Explanations.
22.2LegionThe LEGION Command: Complete Syntax and Summary.
22.3TrainingTraining Legions - Development of Special Skills.
22.4DispatchRemote Dispatch: Usage, Commands, Pigeons, Runners.
22.5MarchingMovement between Locations and Point to Point.
22.6ConveyLong Distance Movement - Legion CONVEY Command.
22.7ApproachArrangement of Legion for Actions - the Approach.
22.8FormationLegion "Formation" - Best Deployment Results.
22.9FacingThe Facing Direction - Front and Rear Line Importance.
22.10ManoeuvreManoeuvres: Legion Climbing, Swimming, Transporting.
22.11DeployActivity of Legions: Use of Training Deployments.
22.12EquipEquipping Legions: Arming the Deployment Inventory.
22.13EngageEngage: melee, arrow strike, projectile bombing.
22.14BesiegingBesiege: catapulting bombs and battering ram sieges.
22.15PlunderPlunder to loot locations; Razing to destroy them.
22.16TerrainTerrain: Digging Down and Barricading Up and Around.
22.17TunnelTunnels: Underground Locations and Secret Movement.
22.18TrenchesTrenches: Digging New Locations, Concealment, Ambush.
22.19MaterialsEquipment of War: construction and materials.
22.20SiegetowerSiegetowers: grappled defence and mobile offence.
22.21OilcauldronOil-Cauldrons: deadly attack and boiling defence.
22.22CommandingWarfare 1-Page Reference: Know This to Know Enough.
22.23CoreFull List of Specialist Skills for Trained Legions.