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Mythical Creatures and Demons Featured in Avalon

Welcome to Avalon's guide to mythical creatures.
Below you will find a list of the mythical creatures and demons which feature in Avalon; The Legend Lives, an online fantasy world of beautiful depth and detail. In Avalon, all of these mythical creatures and demons are alive. They either wander freely about the land, becoming a part of great quests or sometimes hinder mortal-kind by their very existence. They sometimes become a loyal members of a player's entourage.

Ifrit, the fire demon

Khazakram, the liche

Arachniradnazzaranad, the Demon Spider

Tagrak, demon of blood

Orision, consumer of souls

One-eyed Cyclops

The Black Sun

Mythical Creature - Ifrit, the fire demon

Avalon's mortal-kind often find their lives enhanced by mythical creatures of many different forms. Having proven their worth, mortals may sometimes also receive mythical creatures as gifts from their chosen god of worship. One such example is Mohrion, who is a Sorcerer from the city of Thakria. Mohrion follows Genesis, the god of time and has proven his worth amongst Genesis's followers. Genesis has gifted him with the mythical creature of Ifrit, the fire demon as a loyal steed. When Mohrion goes to battle his foes, his steed carries him proudly. Below is a description of Ifrit, the fire demon. It is what a mortal of Avalon would see when they examine the demon:

Before you stands Ifrit the great demon of fire. Ifrit is a cross-breed, spawned by the imaginings-made-real of its first master, Mohrion the Sorcerer. Its head is that of a grotesque, flame-haired lion, set with eyes that undulate like lava. Horns protrude from its forehead, sharpened by demonic talons. The demon's body is mannish, covered in a tough tawny fur, its limbs bemuscled and its stance simian and aggressive. Upon Ifrit's chest has been seared the mark of the Hourglass, signifying a facet of the Order of Time, and the demon is the gift of the Creator to one of his most beloved followers.

Mythical Creature - Khazakram, the liche

Flesh hanging from his malevolent face, the liche Khazakram stares into your very soul. Khazakram, so the legends tell, was born long before the Divine War. His speciality is necromancy, and he has died many times only to be reborn each time as a Liche. As such he is not pure undead, nor is he truly alive. The flesh is tight on his evil face, and his hands skeletal. He wears a tattered silken robe, and a crown on his head. You perceive a health of 10570 out of a possible 10570. The liche, Khazakram is holding a pyramid-shaped rune. The liche, Khazakram is not wearing anything. Khazakram is currently loyal to The Kodiak Bear, a Loremaster from Thakria.

Mythical Creature - Veilchen, the golden dragon

leathery face of the dragon displayed before you. Golden from tail to tongue, Veilchen has six elongated, thick limbs between which a long tail meanders along the ground, coiling beneath the thickly muscled body. Its enormous, fanlike wings run from its shoulders to its lower back. Knifelike bony plates project from the back of its head. A bony ridge separates its nostrils. Momentarily, a long slitted tongue sneaks from between rows of jagged teeth, before disappearing from sight. You turn your head, worried that his fearsome master could be near. Veilchen is loyal to the Mercinean Mage, Fistandantilus.

Mythical Creature - Arachniradnazzaranad, the Demon Spider.

Arachniradnazzaranad is an ancient Demon, legend has it the oldest of all. He is incredibly aged and decrepit, a lolling putrescence propped up on swollen distended stumps of legs, a gaping sagging maw crowning the bulbous mass. The entirety of the gigantic foul body pulsates with vile weeping sores which ooze a liquefied morass, a cloud of vapour surrounds this hideous mass accompanied by droves of bloated flies. He exists in the plane of Avalon known as The Underworld and is rarely seen by mortal-kind. Very few who have stood before him, live to tell the tale.

Mythical Creature - Tagrak, demon of blood

A demon of ancient myth, the lord Tagrak is a fearsome spectacle to behold. His blood-red skin is mottled and scaled like that of a dragon, yet from gaping sores issue forth gulches of black smoke and acidic pustulence. Towering above you his torso spreads into eight separate arms, each clawed hand wielded a scythe dripping with blood. Tagrak is one of the many demons who are loyal to no mortal, except those of the Sorcerers guild who often tempt demons to follow their commands through the art of Demonology. Tagrak has killed many a mortal at the command of a Sorcerer. All fear him.

Mythical Demons - Orision, consumer of souls

Orision is surely the most twisted and grotesque of the demons, he is a mythical creature of gargantuan form, draped in folds of rotting flesh. Between his shoulders opens a gaping maw, within grind many razor-sharp incisors bloodied and fetid. His head, like a rolling boulder upon the great bulk of the demon, is all but one great eye. Great arms hang from the twisted shoulders, fearsome spikes arrayed upon them. Orision is another of the demons which players of the Sorcerers profession may summon with the skill of Demonology. He is known to deflect magical spells casts against the Sorcerer and to consume the souls of those who die in this awful demon's presence.

Mythical Creatures - One-eyed Cyclops

Clad in blood-stained woollen garb, the Cyclops stands nearby twenty feet high. His fists are as large as great clubs, his single eye pierces the darkness as it glares hungrily at you. Apparently the Cyclops has taken a liking to human fodder of late. Myth has it that in order to slay this great creature one must bless the Spear of Eleusis in the Pool of Life and hurl it with all your might at him. The slaying of a mythical creature is not something you should take lightly as a player in Avalon however and you should question your motives first. There are consequences to everything.

Mythical Creatures and Demons- The Black Sun

The Black Sun is the mightiest of Demons, borne of a union between The God of Evil and his foul wife, The Temptress, Exaar. The Sun bears a roughly spherical shape, but its unpierceable darkness undulates like malevolent waves of impending disaster. You face the very heart of the hopes of Evil, for the Black Sun waits in her labyrinthine dungeon to be released to challenge the supremacy of the Sun of Light. The Black Sun is perhaps the most horrifying of all Avalon's mythical creatures and demons. Those players who follow Darkness and Evil have often succeeded in completing the most unholy of quests, named only as The Long Night. There is little known about the quest itself, as it is rarely allowed to be completed. The Order of Light, who follow Apollo the god of light work tirelessly to ensure that the Long Night is never allowed to be fulfilled and the Black Sun can never rise to replace its golden counter-part. There are still some mortals alive today however who have witnessed the raising of the Long Night. If you can convince them to tell you of the tale, then you may learn more.

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