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Pledge Your Allegiance

Your choice of city, guild and patron will, in most cases, shape the first interactions and relationships you will form with others in the land; like-minded individuals with whom you share common purpose.

Only you can choose your friends, comrades, rivals or hated enemies. All Avalonians are free to pursue their own goals, ambitions and dreams - and equally free to lie, cheat, steal, swindle, kill, maim, manipulate, intimidate and backstab in order to achieve them...

The Cities

Everyone is born into one of four cities, Thakria, Mercinae, Parrius or Silverfalls; each possessing an academy and a school that all newborns must join. After graduation, you are free to continue in your city of birth or seek your fortune in another; the choice is yours and each city centres itself around a different creed or ideology...


Thakria, also known as the City of Miracles, lies in the northwest of the continent. Thakria was founded by the first wielders of the dark arts many centuries ago. It is the beating heart of Avalon; the crucible of ambition, passion and relentless drive from whence came more ordained mortals than any other city. Its emblem is the crescent moon, a banner under which conquering armies have marched for over half a thousand years.


Mercinae is Avalon's oldest city, founded as a seaport in the southern reaches of the continent. Styling itself as the City of Light and Justice, its emblem is that of a swan. Mercinaens are an altruistic breed; protecting the weak from the strong and - above all else - acting as the most devout beacon of Light against the darkness of Thakria.


Parrius is the city of the Free, founded as an alternative to those who did not wish to define themselves so narrowly as "good" or "evil". Its ideals are centred around the triplicate of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity; a community of self-proclaimed pirates, united as brothers and sisters under the banner of Freedom. Its emblem is the crossed cutlasses.


Silverfalls was founded from the ashes of ruined Springdale; on the very rubble of the buried city in the wake of the Thakrian invasion of 1268. Initially built by the will of Andromeda and her resolute followers of the time, it was to be a city for the dreamers of Avalon; individuals unfettered and disinterested in the notions of "good", "evil" or "freedom". Its emblem is now that of the lion.

"Thakria is the crucible of ambition, passion and relentless drive from whence came more ordained mortals than any other city."

The Guilds

Guilds are the name given to organisations that centre themselves around one of Avalon's nine classes. Avalon has around two dozen guilds, each following different outlooks on the land; some evil, some good, many neutral and most associated with one of the four cities.

It is required to join a guild in order to become apprenticed in a profession. To seek apprenticeship, it is advised to consult with the Guildmaster of the guild you wish to join; their name can usually be found on Avalon's list of HELP GUILDS.

Fellow guild members all share the same profession as you, and your guild mates will act as mentors and guides throughout your apprenticeship.

You may check the available guilds for each professional class in Guilds

A conceptual guide to each profession can be found in HELP CLASSES while details on specific guilds can be found here.

"Divinity is corrupt power incarnate."

The Gods

The gods are an undeniable force in the lives of all Avalonians. The rules of Man do not apply to the Gods and from their Olympian thrones, they are known to plot, scheme, manipulate and gamble with the fortunes of mortal kind. They are good and evil, chaotic and neutral, as kind and benevolent as they are cruel and intimidating; ever-battling among themselves for position and influence and even waging war on the Song of Creation itself.

There are around twenty deities in Avalon, each associating with a realm and each the head of a religious order centred around that realm.

Choosing a divine patron is the singular most important decision a mortal can make. Patronage signifies a sacred bond between follower and deity and it is not to be entered into lightly; scarcely do deities appreciate fairweather followers and breaking this bond is certain to invoke the wrath of the divine. Every mortal in Avalon has a different relationship with their patron and it is the case of many Avalonians that this deity-mortal bond is the most personal of any kind in the land...

##Syntax: HELP PATRONS and HELP followed by the name of the deity

Each deity in Avalon is a different, unique personality and only by interaction can your choice be informed. HELP PATRONS contains a list of Avalon's deities and every deity has a unique HELP of their own (e.g. HELP GENESIS), revealing something of their personality and expectations. The Priesthood are the senior members of a divine order and are often a source of guidance and advice on a potential patron.

Where will your allegiance lie? Step through the void into Avalon and make your choice...