21.1WarIntroduction to Warfare in Avalon.
21.2CommissionBadges of Commission: General, Colonel, Foreigners.
21.3SphereSphere of Influence: Territory of a City State.
21.4FinanceMatters Finacial: Expenses of Legions and War.
21.5YoungstersEnlistment: new recruits for the city/guild legions.
21.6EnlistingThe ENLIST command: legion gathering and building.
21.7BeckoningIntroduction Letters and Passes: beckoning enlistment.
21.8MoraleThe Morale and Moral Health of the Military.
21.9GatehouseGatehouses: the Fortified Defence of the Homeland.
21.10ManningManning fortifications, lowering and raising the barrier.
21.11DiplomatDiplomats: Foreign Relations and Honourary Passes.
21.12FlaggingFlying the Flag of Influence, Occupation and Conquest.
21.13ClaimClaiming Locations: Expansion of the Home Frontier.
21.14TributeExacting Regular Tribute from Occupied Territory.
21.15ConsequenceConsequences of Warfare Engagement across Avalon.
21.16OccupationOccupying Territory: foreign expansion and affairs.
21.17InvasionInvasion of Cities: the Fight for the Homeland.
21.18ConquestConquering a City: Criteria and Consequences.
21.19SurrenderSurrender: Armistice and Treaty and Vice Regency.
21.20DestructionDestruction of Cities and the Divine Mandate.
21.21DesignateDesignating Recruits/Enlistables to Allies.
21.22TreatiesCurrent and Recent Treaties of Public Interest.
21.23GauntletRunning the Gauntlet: Experience, Reward and Guerilla War.