Section 16 - Skills: by Profession and by Important Commands.

16.1UltimateThe highest skill level: crowned ultimate.
16.2ProcureProcuring lessons speedily as you grow older.
16.3AlchemistryThe Class Skills of the Loremaster Profession.
16.4DruidryThe Animist Class Skills.
16.5BardismClass Skills of the Bard Profession.
16.6KnightThe Knight Class Skills.
16.7MagerySkills of the Mage Class.
16.8RangingThe Skills of the Ranger Class.
16.9AstrologySkills of the Seer Class.
16.10SorceryThe Dark Skills of the Sorcerer Class.
16.11ThiefismSkills of the Thief Class.
16.12SpecialisationSpecialisations across all Avalon's professions.
16.13OpalescenceThe Opalescent Specialisation of Loremastery.
16.14SkymasteryMaster of the skies; Loremaster specialisation.
16.15OrnithologyOrnithology, specialisation for Druid professionals.
16.16FalconryFalconry, bird empathy for the Ranger profession.
16.17AnimismAttainment of Animism; druidical specialisation.
16.18CrusadesThe knight profession's great quests: the Crusades.
16.19OracleSeer specialisation: the Oracle of the Ethereal Wind.
16.20SylvanThe pinnacle of ranger skills - the Sylvan Lore.
16.21ElementalismElementalism, the crowning skill of the Mage Class.
16.22AnimistryThe sphere of the Animist and the Druid class.