Section 7 - Your Avalon Character - Combat and Exploration.

7.1CombatintroIntroduction to the Realm of Combat.
7.2ArtcombatThe Art of Combat.
7.3EquilibriumEquilibrium - used in all mental exertion.
7.4BalanceBalance - used in all physical exertion.
7.5BloodlustLust for blood, a gift from the Gods.
7.6BattleEnsuring readiness for battle.
7.7DefendingDefending against attack.
7.8MeleeCoping with the rigours of a battle .
7.9EscapingTechniques of escaping from a battle.
7.10ProjectilesCombat using projectiles.
7.11WeaponsCommands for weapon-related combat.
7.12CombatCombat initiation commands.
7.13SafetyStaying safe under divine protection.
7.14DuellistRestrictive but useful protection/safety.
7.15LudditeThe luddite choice: a life less complex.
7.16CccfightAn example of a player vs CCC fight.
7.17PlayerfightAn example of a player vs player (PvP) fight.
7.18CompetitorThe competitor status and its benefits.
7.19PinnacleRock Pinnacle and event-watching at the Rock Pools.
7.20GuidingGuiding Others - from Graduation to Prizes and Beyond.
7.21PartiesGrouping Together as a Party: Short-Term Common Goals.
7.22FellowshipFellowships: Permanent Fraternities - Shared History.
7.23AudienceThe Audience - Assembling, Rewarding, Acclaiming.
7.24MicrocosmConcept of Avalon "Meta Games" - a Crucible of Heroes.