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Foreword: A Connoisseur’s World

Since November 1989, Avalon has invited players into its rich, evocative online rpg game-world, tasking them with a singularly uncompromising challenge; to face down the trials of the land and by their own actions, rewrite its very history with themselves at the epicentre of the narrative. It is not the most technologically advanced nor the most populous product, yet in its very text-based nature is a penetrative profundity that, like a waking dream, works its way irresistibly into one's blood; igniting a collision of passions so viscerally intense as to be limited solely by the imaginations of those brave souls who - some twenty six years later - continue to struggle vaingloriously to make their mark in Avalon's record-breaking history....

The best online role playing game on the web.

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Facts and Information on Avalon

The First Online RPG - facts about Avalon, including its unparalleled longevity and originality

Avalon History - the official Timeline of Avalon History spanning almost 600 Avalon years since November 1989

Avalon - The Legend Lives - Avalon's Wikipedia article

The most challenging game of any kind, anywhere


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Returning to Avalon by Chris Stokel-Walker (The Daily Dot) on the timelessness of Avalon as it breaks new ground in its twenty sixth year.

The online RPG Avalon celebrates twenty six years by Bonnie Burgette (The Indie Game Mag), marvelling at Avalon's longevity and uniquely player driven history and landscape.

Avalon is probably the largest and most complex multi-user game ever.


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Many make their own websites about aspects of Avalon, generally focussing on their guild, their city, their divine order or some other unifying aspect of their character’s development. They may wish to have links from their websites back onto our own central site - to aid the quest for fresh faces, to spread the word of the gameworld about which they feel so passionately. Or perhaps you have a website unrelated to Avalon but wish to put links to the land nonetheless - to bring in a different demographic or simply to curry favour with a guildmaster, a baron or a divine patron... whatever the motives, click above for details about linking to Avalon's website.

If you're going to do something you may as well do it properly. Probably the most complex, atmospheric RPG on the Net... you'll find an ever-growing, fascinating world waiting for you. Try it.

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