28.1CitiesCities of Avalon.
28.2CentreCentral points in the major cities.
28.3AvaloniansThe honourary and historical Avalonian level.
28.4ParadigmsList of individuals atop their profession.
28.5GuildsList of currently open Guilds.
28.6ProtectedList of those currently under Divine Protection.
28.7FighterThe "truefighter" rank of PvP combat competence.
28.8CalendarThe Avalon calendar.
28.9CcclistList of well-known CCCs about the land.
28.10TownList of towns about the continent.
28.11CharmList of charms for artifact imbedding.
28.12PricesCommodity pricing table.
28.13AcademyskillsThe skills of the Academy.
28.14EmoteList of some of the more popular emotions.
28.15HerblistList of herbs and rough effect description.
28.16PoisonlistList of poisons and effect descriptions.
28.17HighpriestsHigh-Priests and Chosen Ones in the land.
28.18MarshallsList of Avalon's Field Marshalls.
28.19GemholderList of Divine Gem Holders and Contenders for God.
28.20LevelList of Avalon experience levels.
28.21OrdainedSummary of the illustrious ordained ones.
28.22OrderingThe ORDER command: full syntax and help.
28.23AllcitiesSummary of all Cities and High Nobility.
28.24PotionsTable of alchemical potions and their effects.
28.25PrincesList of known Princes about the continent.
28.26CharacterInformation and such about your character.
28.27BadgelistList of the apprentice badges and requirements.
28.28SkillrankRankings list of skill proficiency levels.
28.29HerbalismCommands for those skilled in Herbs or Poisons.
28.30HpcomCommands for the High Priest only.
28.31OrderBrief syntax of the order command.
28.32UsingUsing one thing to affect another.
28.33CommandFull commands list and syntaxes.
28.34AccuseAccuse command: cheating and multiplay abuse.
28.35StigmaStigmatised seconds/prior knowledge characters.
28.36SurgeryDivine surgeries and the personal-attention session.
28.37DirectoryDirectory command: syntax and usage.
28.38ChoosingMartial (Combat Superlative) or Magical (Combat Imperative).