Section 33 - Avalon Archive.

33.1JournalThe Journal Archive: Contributions and Commentary.
33.2GodlineGods Who've Walked The Land since 800 aDW.
33.3EighthlifeLife in Avalon: snapshots from 800 to 899 aDW.
33.4SiegekrisThe First Siege of Kristanisti.
33.5NinthlifeLife in Avalon: snapshots from 900 to 950 aDW.
33.6MessiahThe Birth and Death of the Messiah.
33.7TenthlifeSnippets from the first century of the new millennia.
33.8Eleusis1154Battling for Greenwood Supremacy: Thakria v Mercinae.
33.9SiegeparriusThe Siege of Parrius in the year 904 aDW.
33.10AppointlifeThe Appointment of Brigantia, goddess of nature.
33.11AppvengeanceThe Appointment of Xanthe, goddess of vengeance.
33.12AppointseaThe Appointment of Proteus, god of the sea.
33.13Paglost1236The Battle of the Lakeside Promenade.
33.14Invasion1237Parrius Conquers Mercinae - the Viceregency of 1237.
33.15Eleuthral1254Springdalian invasion of Parrius, winter 1254.
33.16Amber2011Divine Amber Gemquest by Aethon in 2011.
33.17Diamond1314The Controversial Diamond Gem Quest of Summer 2012.
33.18Battle1348The Sapphire Gem Quest of 1348 on Battleisle.
33.19AppointmoonAppointment of Ashvani, goddess of the moon.
33.20Sapphire1377First Gem Quest Ordination XII (Sapphire Battlesands).
33.21Echo1380Avalon Echo Issue 2 - June 13th 2015.
33.22Echo1381Avalon Echo Issue 3 - July 3rd 2015.
33.23Echo1382Avalon Echo Issue 4 - July 10th 2015.
33.24Echo1386Avalon Echo Issue 5 - August 31st 2015.
33.25Silence1989Once Was Silence and Then Came October 11th 1989.
33.26AllhallowsThe shapeforms of All Hallows 2015.
33.27OctoberwarSummary of warfare events - end of October 2015.
33.28HuornsThe enraged tree legions of sylvan kinship.
33.29DruidmergeThe Reunification of the Druid Profession- November 2015.
33.30LightreturnApotheosis by Right - Appointment of Hyperion, god of light.