Avalon's cast of characters

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Genesis, the god of time
Aldaron, the god of life
Astrea, the first goddess
Telemachus, the god of wisdom
Thanatos, god of Death
Ashvani, goddess of the moon
Tyranis, god of war
Maedhros Allendil, the Hunter
The Diabolus
Rhadamanthys, god of compassion
Cornelius, the all-consuming
Nostradamus, god of darkness
Apollo, god of the Law
Brigantia, goddess of nature
Castigere, the god of justice
Malhavok, god of the storm
Orthwein, the god of fate
Proteus, god of the sea
Hyperion, the god of light
Lazarus, the god of pain
Geolin, Fortune Smiling
Sebastian, keeper of the scrolls
Elmaethor, god of the stars
Andromeda, goddess of dreams
Damocles, the god of chaos
Mephisto, god of the night
Xanthe, the goddess of vengeance
Loki, god of fire
Aethon, the Sun-God
Sylvanus, god of the earth