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Equipment & Items

Equipment is one of the most important facets of life in Avalon. Many professions require specialist equipment to utilise their abilities and indeed, you will find life as an Avalonian very difficult without at least a modicum of essential survival tools...

Essential Equipment

The following is a list of inventory items that all Avalonians would consider essential in their adventuring. Many are obtained by the iron-bound chest given to all newly sponsored juniors, some will require a shopping trip or the charity of an elder:

  • Clothing; required to keep yourself warm
  • Pouches; leather pouches used for storage of herbs and poisons
  • Potions; alchemical elixirs that heal, cure and aid
  • Backpack or sack; storage for items you do not wish to hold in your hands
  • Magical artifacts; used to cast many magical spells
  • Pipes; required for the smoking of herbs and poisons
  • Armour and a weapon; essential for self defence and protection
  • Charm and talisman; fashioned by Loremaster professionals, the former increases magical potency, the latter magical defence.

Item Numbers

Each individual object has a unique "item number" which can be used to differentiate one item from another and is found via the INFO command. Type INFO followed by the object to determine its number.

--info pack
You are able to perceive that a large back-pack can also be known as backpack3653.
"None can defend themselves naked"

Object Commands


The INVENTORY command displays all the items in your personal inventory, both held, worn and wielded in an easy to read format. INFO INVENTORY displays your entire inventory in a list, including the number of every item.

Syntax: GET / DROP followed by the item

Picks up or drops the specified item. Requires that you have balance, and healthy hands.

2002h, 2002m aex ---get gold
You pick up a gold coin.
2002h, 2002m aex ---drop gold
You drop a gold coin.
2002h, 2002m aex

Syntax: WIELD < item > [LEFT/RIGHT]

Wielding an item allows it to be used as a weapon in combat. To wield an item requires that your hands are in good condition (i.e. not broken or injured) and that you have full use of balance. It is possible to specify which hand is used for the wielding by appending LEFT or RIGHT to the command; if no hand is specified, the right hand is used by default.

2002h, 2002m aex ---wield sword right
You are now wielding Anglachel, Sabre of the Fallen Star in your right hand.

Syntax: EXAMINE followed by the item

Examining an item displays the item's unique description and whether the item belongs to you.

2002h, 2002m aex ---examine bow
Silk-like strings, woven tighter than metal, aids bending a slender piece of ancient wood into a beautiful arch. When the string is plucked, the bow resists and a vibrant and majestic hum echoes forth that rivals the Elvish songs of sadness. Legendary rumour spreads that any arrows fired from the bow become flaming stars. It belongs to you. The weapon is in reasonably good repair.

Syntax: PROBE followed by the item

Probing is used to discover useful information about a particular object, including its weight, owner, contents (if applicable), value, location of origin, how much time remains before it will decay, and much more. The amount of information displayed is dependent on your proficiency in the itemlore skill.

2002h, 2002m aex ---probe bow
Bragollachel, Bow of the Fallen Star itself weighs 6 pounds, its volume around 20 Avalon cubits.
It has a "prominence" of 1200 versus location illumination +440.
It has a raw commodity value of 700 pieces of gold.
Bragollachel, Bow of the Fallen Star has not been given any SALE VALUE in gold coins.
Bragollachel, Bow of the Fallen Star is distinctly not considered an organic or natural object.
It can be owned when found.
It is a weapon, with Grand-Master striking power.
It has Grand-Master offensive bonus, and Grand-Master defensive bonus power.
A touch of the divine will ensure this item lasts forever.
It is not innately buoyant; risk of sinking in water locations. It has no fish-rune flotation aid.

Syntax: ATTACH < item > TO < another item >

Attaches one item (such as a rune, see the section below on item protection, to another item.

2002h, 2002m aex ---attach rune to pack
You attach an oval-shaped rune to a large back-pack.

Syntax: WEAR or REMOVE < item >

Many items within Avalon can be worn, such as clothing, jewellery or - less obviously - herbal pouches, musical instruments and scabbards. Removing worn items requires that the item not bear a mystic curse (see the section further down about item protections for details) and as such, wearing acts as an additional line of protection for your equipment; worn inventory is not easily given away unless it is first removed.

2002h, 2002m aex ---wear pack
You are now wearing a large back-pack.

Syntax: GIVE < item > TO < player >

Gives over an item to the player specified. This requires both balance and healthy hands, and cannot be carried out while intolerant, or if either yourself or your recipient is of hostile demeanour.

2002h, 2002m aex ---give coin to pliskin
You give a gold coin to pliskin.

Syntax: PUT < object > IN < container >

Places the specified object into the specified container, such as a backpack or a sack. Putting objects into containers requires that you have both balance, and healthy hands. Some herbs and poisons may only be adminstered as a solution, and so a container of water is required in order to take advantage of their effects.

2002h, 2002m aex ---put letter in pack
You put a letter into a large back-pack.

Syntax: EAT, DRINK or APPLY followed by the item

As one might expect, the above commands cause you to eat, drink or apply the specified object; typically one would EAT foodstuffs, or herbs, DRINK elixirs and APPLY herbs or poisons.

2002h, 2002m aex ---eat athillias
You ingest an athillias leaf.
2002h, 2002m aex ---drink potion
You drink from a sparkling potion.
2002h, 2002m aex ---apply kelventari
You carefully apply a kelventari berry.

Syntax: FILL < container > WITH < liquid > and POUR [LIQUID/CONTAINER]

Liquids can only be held inside a requisite container. Containers allow the drinking, transportation and pouring of their liquid contents and possibilities are vast: oil, essences, honey, wine and - of course - water. Some herbs and poisons may only be adminstered as a solution, and so a container of water is required in order to take advantage of their effects.

2002h, 2002m aex --- fill bucket with water
You plunge a wooden bucket into the freshwater to fill it up.
2002h, 2002m aex --- containers
You review all containers in your possession.
Cauldron28533    a demon-summoning cauldron       skill specialised
Cauldron122255   a huge cauldron                  empty
Bucket98122      a wooden bucket                  Freshwater (x1/30)
2002h, 2002m aex --- put dargwirith in bucket
You put a dargwirith leaf into a wooden bucket.
2002h, 2002m aex --- drink bucket
You take a short sip of freshwater, slaking your thirst.
This is the last of your Dargwirith infusion.
That was the last of the Dargwirith infusion.
You feel a distinct empathy with the natural kingdom about you.
2002h, 2002m aex --- pour water
You begin to dextrously pour some freshwater from your bucket (bucket98122).
Type CEASE to end your pouring.
2002h, 2002m aex --- 
Your dextrous pouring of the freshwater onto the ground continues.
2002h, 2002m aex --- 
Your dextrous pouring of the freshwater onto the ground continues.
2002h, 2002m aex --- 
Your dextrous pouring of the freshwater onto the ground continues.
2002h, 2002m aex --- 
The last of the freshwater tumbles out onto the ground.

Syntax: FILL PIPE WITH < herb >, LIGHT PIPE < herb > and SMOKE PIPE < herb >

Pipes are used by all Avalonians for the smoking of various curative herbs or poisons. FILLing a pipe requires balance and stuffs the pipe with whatever you have specified, allowing twelve puffs from it. In order to use a pipe, it must first be lit via the LIGHT command, and then smoked by typing SMOKE followed by the pipe, followed by the herb or poison.

2002h, 2002m aex ---fill pipe with megillos
You pack a wooden pipe with a megillos slice.
2002h, 2002m aex ---light pipe megillos
You light a megillos slice in your pipe.
2002h, 2002m aex ---smoke pipe megillos
You suck deeply on the pipe, basking in the aroma of megillos.
Mental restoratives sooth your weary mind.

Additional reading on object commands

There are numerous more advanced commands relating to the manipulation and use of objects in Avalon. The majority of these can be found by perusing HELP OBJECTS and HELP USING.

"Anything that can be obtained can be stolen."

Item Protection

Once you have obtained your equipment, it is vitally important that you learn how to protect it. Avalon is a harsh land and it is inevitable you will encounter thieves in your travels. The most common form of protection is through runes. Runes are fashioned from silver by those of the Loremaster profession; there are various kinds and some are designed specifically to protect inventory from theft:

The grip (oval-shaped) rune prevents an item it is attached to from being dropped easily

The frostbite (snowflake-shaped) rune prevents an item from being picked up by any but the rune's owner

The hook-shaped rune allows you to hook a lost item back to you

The ship (anchor-shaped) rune binds an item to you; preventing you from being forced to give it away

The anvil-shaped rune renders an item far too heavy for any but its owner to lift

Members of the seer profession are able to provide items with a mystic curse. The curse prevents any items from being removed once they are worn; a highly reliable way of keeping clothing or the likes of herb pouches safe from would-be thieves.