Section 14 - Character Class - the Avalon Professions.

14.1CareerProfession List with Guilds Currently Recruiting.
14.2ClassesOverview of all Classes and Profession Paradigms.
14.3ProfessionIndex of Professional Classes Available.
14.4KnightPhysical Combat Front Line - The Knight.
14.5MageLight Magic and Ritual Specialist - The Mage.
14.6LoremasterCreators and Students of Rune/Alchemy - the Loremaster.
14.7SorcererDark Magic, Demonology and Necromancy - the Sorcerer.
14.8BardSongs of Enchantment, Magic in Music - the Bard.
14.9ThiefStealth, Subterfuge, Burglary - the Thief.
14.10SeerMystical Fatalism and Ethereal Mastery - the Seer.
14.11RangerForest Protector and Shape-Changer - the Ranger.
14.12AnimistPacifist, Altruist and Naturalist - the Druid/Animist.
14.13ChoicesThe choice of a character class.
14.14ChangingChanging Profession - the Price of Bad Decisions.