5.1CommunicatingThe importance of communication in Avalon.
5.2SaySaying things to those in your location.
5.3CallingUsing the calling system to communicate.
5.4BbUsing and understanding the Avalon bulletin board.
5.5LetterLetters and the postal system.
5.6MessagesPrivate messages between individuals.
5.7NotesWriting, reading and posting notes.
5.8ScrollsWriting, reading and using scrolls.
5.9ShoutingShouting so that many may hear your words.
5.10SignsWriting on, and fixing signs for all to see.
5.11TellingTelling privately to individuals all over Avalon.
5.12EmotionsExpression the emotions of your character.
5.13ScriptSecuring your writings with runic script.
5.14CommunicationCommunicating with others.
5.15ScoutScouting around the land, scout-maps and their uses.
5.16PosterPosters, the permanent letter/sign crossover.
5.17BbsectionInformation on BB sections and password restrictions.
5.18SayexampleAn example of a conversation.
5.19StoreThe Avalon store of real-world products.
5.20ActingActing Parts - Smooth Talking and Evocative Roleplay.