Section 34 - Cellar Door.

34.1EmailE-mail accounts for Avalon characters.
34.2Newspaper1Issue 1 of Avalon Times (November 1997).
34.3Newspaper2Issue 2 of Avalon Times (September 1998).
34.4SamaritanThe Good Samaritan - customer and novice support.
34.5SebastianSebastian, keeper of the scrolls and the Void.
34.6MinlamadThe Librarian of Avalon and historian of tongues.
34.7AmethystThe final divine gem: the Amethyst of Ordination.
34.8EmeraldPenultimate divine gem: the Emerald of Life.
34.9SapphireCurrent info on the divine sapphire gem.
34.10DiamondCurrent info on the divine diamond gem.
34.11TopazCurrent info on the divine topaz gem.
34.12CoralCurrent info on the divine coral gem.
34.13RubyRuby of War: the gem of the eternal battlefield.
34.14AmberCurrent info on the divine amber gem.
34.15OnyxCurrent info on the divine onyx gem.
34.16MalachiteCurrent info on the divine malachite gem.
34.17CornelianCurrent info on the divine cornelian gem.
34.18EbonyCurrent info on the divine ebony gem.
34.19PearlCurrent info on the divine pearl gem.
34.20OpalCurrent info on the divine opal gem.
34.21MoonstoneCurrent info on the divine moonstone gem.
34.22GhostsecondSecond Characters - Ghosts from the Get Go.
34.23ChildhoodChildhood Lived and Adulthood Defined.
34.24BygoneBric-a-brac of HELP texts of some historical charm.