25.1HistoryAn overview of Avalon's pre-modern era.
25.2FallThe fall of Alessandria.
25.3AzrilitesThe legend of the Azrilites.
25.4BezejethCount Bezejeth and Necromancy.
25.5ColonisationEarly colonisation of Avalon.
25.6DivinewarThe Divine War.
25.7StoneThe founding stone of Mercinae.
25.8AgammenionThakria and the Count Agammenion.
25.9CultistsThe Cult of the Long Night.
25.10DoomThe Doom of Pagea.
25.11FirstbornThe firstborn to Avalon.
25.12FirstmasterThe first Masters of the Guilds.
25.13FirstgodsThe first deities in Avalon.
25.14AmmarieThe story of Ammarie the Possessed.
25.15ThreesonsThe quest of the Three divine Sons.
25.16MarriageThe first marriage between two mortals.
25.17SecondbornThe secondborn mortals to Avalon.
25.18ThakrianmindPre-Eminence of the Thakrian Mind.
25.19Invasion870The invasion of Mercinae.
25.20PastgodsLong-dead Gods of Avalon's past.
25.21RollcallThe Roll Call of Avalonians.
25.22BirthThe birth of Parrius.
25.23SpringtownThe rise of Springdale.
25.24ForestgodThe Ordination of Maedhros.
25.25JusticegodThe Ordination of Castigere.
25.26NightgodThe Ordination of Mephisto.
25.27DarkgodThe Ordination of Nostradamus.
25.28FategodThe Ordination of Orthwein.
25.29DarkeningThe darkening of Nostradamus.
25.30LazarusOrdination of Lazarus.
25.31ChaosgodThe Ordination of Damocles.
25.32DoomgodThe Ordination of Malhavok.
25.33FiregodThe Ordination of Loki, god of fire.
25.34SungodThe Ordination of Aethon, the Sun-God.
25.35StarsgodOrdination of Elmaethor, god of the stars.