Orderless Avalonians

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TitleCityGuildOrder Status
Khan Mutianyu Wall-makerParriusNo GuildNo Order
Ioiade, Once Was BoonieThakriaSeersNo Order
Ranger MarblesNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Helios, the StarchildThakriaSeersNo Order
Sir Trewe of the plainsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
ElektraMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Trablon, Elixir and Rune MasterArchangelNo GuildNo Order
Gniblik of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
IvanNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Duke Grendel, of AgincourtThakriaThievesNo Order
Kiall, Lord of ShadowsThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Midnight Dorita, the Enchanting TemptressParriusEnchantersNo Order
Artisan Bumba of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Thyrisis of the Black WatchNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
TouchstoneNo CitizenshipAlchemistsNo Order
Seer Lhachril, Soul ShakerThakriaSeersNo Order
BlaggardNo CitizenshipThievesNo Order
Nova of SilverfallsSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Squire ConanMercinaeWarriorsNo Order
Ranger WillimNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Eshkadeth the AwakenedParriusEnchantersNo Order
TydeusNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Sarik the lone LegerdemainerMercinaeMagesNo Order
The ToecutterThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Aredhel, Dark Lady of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Druid MnemuggMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Earendil Kandar and cheeseMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Brucos, Alchemist of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
VanderghastMercinaeMagesNo Order
Enchanter Greywolf The NewGreeny's EdgeNo GuildNo Order
Young Lukas of MercinaeMercinaeAssassinsNo Order
Astiroth de Sade, the Taker of SoulsGoblin TownNo GuildNo Order
Trekker the Elder StatesmanThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Lord Helkarakse of the frozen wastesThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Troubadour Orald, Altruist Of The Old ForestMercinaeBardsNo Order
GumballMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Felkz of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Isomage, the AncientKristanistiWizardsNo Order
Scarlet Eyes Atreides, Ladies ManParriusAstrologersNo Order
The HeruThakriaSeersNo Order
Loremaster Tasslehoff, the KenderThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Ranger Inolus, Shadow Rover of MacedoniaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Hermetic of ParriusParriusCollegeNo Order
LeinrThakriaThievesNo Order
Junior Wizard Patrando of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeMagesNo Order
Trefoil, The ArtisanGreeny's EdgeArtisansNo Order
Komora of SilverfallsSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Riyu of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Prudence, Handmaiden of DeathThakriaBanditsNo Order
The Torture RackThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Elena of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
MisBred Caelred Bobby with a BeatSpringdaleBardsNo Order
Sir Korik, Parrian WarriorMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Elof the alchemistMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Calladan, Guardian of the EastParriusEnchantersNo Order
Lordareello of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sir Myth Allendil, Ad LucemMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Mystical Lamot, Voodoo InitiateMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
RhavindaEleutheraSentinelsNo Order
Meredoth, Stalker of InnocentsThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Jaceren of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
OltravarMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Valdemor of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Jaysen Brandybuck, EsqThakriaSeersNo Order
Kelemvor, Mage of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Lady Fauroniala, The Ice MaidenSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Laurelhach - The Sorcerer of AgesThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Elric, denizen of TartarusThakriaBanditsNo Order
Sir GalahadMercinaeMagesNo Order
Alchemist Jale Panner of GemstonesMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Sir Eliad of the CavaliersThakriaCavaliersNo Order
CricketMercinaeMysticsNo Order
DakeyrasThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Psycho, Walker of the TwilightThakriaMagesNo Order
Alhazred of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loremaster Tarok, the ReliableThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Taz, the Silent OneThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loremaster Skruff of the Acme Elixir CompanyThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Ship's KatParriusNo GuildNo Order
Cub Alnerd of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Druidess Meryt, BittersweetMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Sir OrdenMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Ulraunt The QuickThakriaBanditsNo Order
Kobyashi the enigmaticMercinaeMagesNo Order
Mercious of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
LizandithNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Random, the young EnchanterMercinaeEnchantersNo Order
Young Damasuss of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Chaos, the Eye of EternityMercinaeMysticsNo Order
MordakThakriaSorcerersNo Order
YarrowThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Darkstrike of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
JustariusMercinaeMagesNo Order
Lord Numenor Tamberlaine, the MongolNo CitizenshipCavaliersNo Order
Shady Faustus StrangefishNo CitizenshipBanditsNo Order
Alberath, Light WeaverMercinaeMagesNo Order
JurgenThakriaBanditsNo Order
Zytrothemyne the MysteriousMercinaeRangersNo Order
Blind EcgtheowParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sin, the CondemnedNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Drakul, The Black BishopThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Little AlbrechtMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Enshrouded Razyk, Seeker of KnowledgeThakriaSeersNo Order
Tolemac the Templar PriestThakriaSeersNo Order
Artorias of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Zanza TorinaidenNo CitizenshipBrigandsNo Order
Young Ansem of SpringdaleSpringdaleWarriorsNo Order
Sorcerer Culverin of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Belit, Queen of lost causesThakriaLoremastersNo Order
NallMercinaeMagesNo Order
XeridinThakriaBanditsNo Order
Brother Silk, Spider of the EastParriusThievesNo Order
Sog, The BlackThakriaWarlocksNo Order
JaernThakriaSeersNo Order
Xilthio of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sir KalinorNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Loremaster Davros BloodaxeThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mysterious Mage LynnaMercinaeMagesNo Order
Young Haigar of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Ikari, BrigandParriusNo GuildNo Order
Angmar the GrimThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Hermione, abiding by the LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
SlanderThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Venomous Jarkel Warlock of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Evillinne Delia the ExpectantThakriaSeersNo Order
NivlockThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Lorelord RaghallachThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Fair Lady Firian, Mistress of MoondustParriusAnimistsNo Order
Young Craftmaster Malkier FairbairnSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Lady ArbackEleusisKnightsNo Order
Elliot of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Winteriscoming of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Squire Elfshadow Drunken Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Tiele Of The Sas RealmParriusAstrologersNo Order
Marak Ranx, The PathfinderThakriaBanditsNo Order
Nebuchadnezzar The Nautonnier KnightMercinaeKnightsNo Order
White WolfeMercinaeRangersNo Order
DenebMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Frankenstein The Darkness LurkingThakriaBanditsNo Order
JadziaParriusNo GuildNo Order
Vanilla Nennieth, the a'la modedParriusAnimistsNo Order
Mage Cassanova the UpholderMercinaeMagesNo Order
Artisan Patrice IzarilNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Mage Clematis, of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Rincewind Enchanter of the four windsParriusEnchantersNo Order
Marius the MucalMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Steelman, the Dark WarlockThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Lady Naaka De Fabrittis-BlackheartSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
LilandrinNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
LockeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Cooper ManParriusArtisansNo Order
Christopher the great and terrible artisanParriusArtisansNo Order
Jingchan of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Lord Commander Kurdock, the Clueless MacaqueParriusBardsNo Order
Redtiger of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Kelpie of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Young Vincenzia of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Minstrel Gioioso GilforParriusNo GuildNo Order
Trader Bear Marrok, Nekkid in the TreesKristanistiRangersNo Order
Kiredor, Forest-dwelling Blue PantherMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Enchanter Belldandy the DustbunnyMercinaeEnchantersNo Order
Page Durbek, the commonerMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Animistress Morigan Epicurean, The Wise WillowNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
GimlickMercinaeRangersNo Order
Cardodius, The Goblin MinstrelThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Hudson, Ranger of the DawnMercinaeRangersNo Order
Olmar of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Amberdrake, of the Sorcerous PainThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Evil Aerian, the DespicableThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Lord Malachaius MalocchioThakriaSeersNo Order
SharinganParriusBardsNo Order
Redionace of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Mageling Gullaxor Of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Page Shadeslasher, the VindicatorMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Loremaster StrykerunThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Sornbek Of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Frostflare The WayfarerNo CitizenshipEnchantersNo Order
Page Glen, the Leprechaun of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Keith of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Mystic Maeglor of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Forbidden Slytherus Sol's ShadowThakriaSirensNo Order
Alchemist Pheasant Plucker The PleasantMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Zechsu of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Lord Urquoth, The EnlightenedMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Fingolfin of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Droog of ThakriaThakriaInstituteNo Order
Chiante, Mistress of your DreamsSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Brother Dworkin, Watcher of the TidesParriusMysticsNo Order
Morgan Alenya, Vicious FelineNo CitizenshipWarlocksNo Order
Lore-riffic SierraThakriaLoremastersNo Order
EtanThakriaBanditsNo Order
OgedaiMercinaeBanditsNo Order
XporNo CitizenshipAstrologersNo Order
Leliana, Stone Of The ForestNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Sir Kaiser WardancerMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Gianarth, of ParriusMercinaeEnchantersNo Order
SarakThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Gaizka ZadorninMercinaeBardsNo Order
Radagar DarkEyeThakriaSeersNo Order
DraazonThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir ArathornMercinaeKnightsNo Order
AylaMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Garrett of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Frumos of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Silo the Loose CannonGreeny's EdgePaladinsNo Order
Cuchulain, the Hound of UlsterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Seeker Maduin, of the Dark LightThakriaSeersNo Order
Haylien of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Apprentice Mystic RivenMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Uncle Mutt, the Prodigal ArtisanNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Agachak the ConfusedThakriaThievesNo Order
Vintersorg, the SageKristanistiSentinelsNo Order
RyanHeavensNo GuildNo Order
Kanean of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
LoreCommissar Zippy Plenipotentiary of GaurthangThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Lady Paks, the Brightest StarMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Ranger BerenMercinaeRangersNo Order
JharrikNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Free Spirit DiviaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Alchemist Astrid, Patiently AshoreMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Initiate KylenIsabellaSentinelsNo Order
Liliane, Lorestudent of ParriusParriusLoremastersNo Order
EtriganMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Allanon Artisan, IlluminatiEleutheraAlchemistsNo Order
Lord NalekMercinaeEnchantersNo Order
NiccolinoMercinaeAcademyNo Order
The Blazing Spear Ziel Santelis, Piercing LightParriusEnchantersNo Order
Apprentice Tzabaoth, Naqom YenaqemThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Ishmael of the Single EntendreGaurthangNo GuildNo Order
Averax, the commonerThakriaSirensNo Order
Seer GhreenThakriaSeersNo Order
Seibabtaei, Order of the Black DragonThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Winterfire, Lunar AscendantParriusAstrologersNo Order
Apprentice Brigadoon, Apprentice of the NightNo CitizenshipEnchantersNo Order
Vayne The RenegadeParriusWarriorsNo Order
Lorebreaker ElysiumParriusArtisansNo Order
Sorcerer AkkuinThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Melquiades of SpringdaleSpringdaleAnimistsNo Order
Downunder DarythGreeny's EdgeTemplarsNo Order
LydiaGantAlchemistsNo Order
Old Tavon, Knight in Shiny ArmourMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Squire TaolinThakriaCavaliersNo Order
KanekiParriusAssassinsNo Order
Rising Rasdorn Gladio FabricoMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Jaxi of MercinaeParriusSeersNo Order
Tripitarka, the Wailing BansheeThakriaSeersNo Order
Kailess EldrethMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Isildur, Spellsinger of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Vollenheim of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Harsha The Long Lost BearMercinaeRangersNo Order
Gwar, the Uruk MarshallNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Devious, the Poison MasterThakriaBanditsNo Order
Evandar the AvengerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Sibylline of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Mage ThorongillMercinaeMagesNo Order
Seporoth of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Theseus of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Artisan Eadrea of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Chojurra of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Warrior Krill the Ancient MarinerParriusWarriorsNo Order
Apprentice Alchie Andaluna of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Creal, Six-Gun BanditGaurthangBanditsNo Order
Sir Saxe, Cavalier of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sirgearheart of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Bojangles of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Gregorious of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Schizophrenic Cernunos, One Man OrchestraParriusBardsNo Order
Garet JaxParriusEnchantersNo Order
Animist Belgareth, the ForgottenParriusAnimistsNo Order
Druid Hunter Tulamir, of the undying songMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Druidess Annabelle Little SisterNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Thief GraedesGaurthangThievesNo Order
Tomas TromluiThakriaCavaliersNo Order
AegorParriusNo GuildNo Order
Alchemist Craios, RuneboundMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mage CasanovaNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Squire FeneathMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Golin HendrixMercinaeBardsNo Order
Black-Rider Morgan, Cavalier of OldeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Malajusted Mona LisaMercinaeMysticsNo Order
ShadowenSpringdaleBardsNo Order
Ranger Cub Tuckerlyn AmberglowMercinaeRangersNo Order
Shalquoir of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Nusuki, Shadow of the NorthCullodenProphetsNo Order
Zedar, Seeker of WisdomMercinaeMagesNo Order
Konk, Just KonkMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
MordrethGantNo GuildNo Order
Arkady, wielder of stavesThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Mage Sinto, LightbringerMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sinister Kavigals, The Seeker of SoulsThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Squire LavardarMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Arturo, Serpent of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Evildemonic of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loremaster SilverwolfThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Dragonslayer Fleetfoot, Little Liche-ChokerParriusThievesNo Order
Pythus, the Crimson BladeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Gatts of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Brother GanymedeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Devedia of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Rilius Luckworthy, the Angry BardMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
LogomachiaGreeny's EdgeNo GuildNo Order
Bifrous Karaxe Met, the SoullessNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Kung Fu Siegfried of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Diabolical MabThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Artisan KhellendrosParriusNo GuildNo Order
Initiate Wizard Nai of SpringdaleSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Young Kindra of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Ophelia DarkseerNo CitizenshipSeersNo Order
A sort of EuphorianMercinaeThievesNo Order
Maker Kadjadja Somewhat Addle-PatedSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Vikotnick, Master of the ObviousMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Dreeman Fye, Oh So SlyNo CitizenshipThievesNo Order
AbakuThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Brave Bathus, Searching for WisdomNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
DenderormMercinaeMagesNo Order
Loremistress Evangeline the Ever WistfulThakriaLoremastersNo Order
JerbilThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Sir Orpheus, Knight of the Black RoseThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Warrior TanglongParriusWarriorsNo Order
Starstruck OrielleParriusArtisansNo Order
Talisien, Star ProtectorMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Loremaster EldrickThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Khardrak of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Luney Laar looks like FabioParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sauron, the Demon MasterThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Darnabus, The GruffThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Magess Aveline TorinaidenMercinaeMagesNo Order
Macros, Prince of DarknessThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sweet Shyona, DarlingParriusArtisansNo Order
Devilish Pandora Akuno, The RebelThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Quicksilver, Assassin of the NightMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Young Jeanwulf of SilverfallsSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Sorcerer Wil the EntropicThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Squire Tibs BaramoreMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Solaria Of The Bitter SeaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Claude, of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Dr DhonuillNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Juan Sanchez LymmiNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Mage Initiate Zed, of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Commorata of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Layla, the EnchantressParriusEnchantersNo Order
Rurouni Inuyasha, Kenshin of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Badvok, the totally stonedThakriaBanditsNo Order
Chronicler Balin le SavageMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Drizlaru of SpringdaleMercinaeMagesNo Order
Jannison Star-GazerParriusAstrologersNo Order
ChopperParriusNo GuildNo Order
Artisan Clarion the Eternal Wanderer of TimeParriusArtisansNo Order
Magess EgweneMercinaeMagesNo Order
Vain Vallanir, the ButcherMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Kailor, the Shadow HunterMercinaeRangersNo Order
Brave Rage of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
DalepotThakriaSeersNo Order
Tas, Peaceful KenderParriusAstrologersNo Order
Deek, Liege of the Golden DragonMercinaeMagesNo Order
NightwingSilverfallsThievesNo Order
Kevin, The Young AstrologerParriusAstrologersNo Order
DerillionThakriaLoremastersNo Order
ShagratThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Taishi CiThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Skythane Arture, Dream WalkerParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sergeant GaladrionMercinaeKnightsNo Order
El Cid en la Batalla de AlmenarMercinaeBardsNo Order
Xylia, the Watchful ThinkerThakriaSeersNo Order
Senor BelvadereParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sir Throthgar, The Red EminenceThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sooty Timgarn of MercinaeNo CitizenshipThievesNo Order
Puppy Melchedez of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Lazy Dunccan, the Sad Old ClownMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Raspill the YoungMercinaeThievesNo Order
SangfroidNo CitizenshipBanditsNo Order
Lalirien of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
UlathThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Light-Mage Littlebear, The SilentMercinaeMagesNo Order
Squire Sethmore, Follower Of LightMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Icarus - He Bathes in the Black SunLabyrinthNo GuildNo Order
ShroneParriusWarriorsNo Order
Phaedrus the wandering philosopherMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Loremaster Deage of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mae, I Wish You WouldSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
BelleMercinaeMagesNo Order
Tommus of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Algaliarept, the commonerThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Carndewin y Vilon, The AncientMercinaeMagesNo Order
OmegaMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
BaneMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Durik, Artisan of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Khan, Slaughterer of InnocentsThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Baldur, the Eternal ScholarThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Vanion, The TravellerSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Syncre of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Squire Oldkilty of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
ImzadiIsabellaNo GuildNo Order
Spencer SavageThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Kaiden, Ebon Guard In TrainingThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Bull of the Long HornNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Adonis of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Amlugnir of SilverfallsSilverfallsMagesNo Order
Slifur of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Page Sluggaboy of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Shareth of SpringdaleKristanistiNo GuildNo Order
Gallardia of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Fizban SurehandMercinaeMagesNo Order
VortkaSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Alkemisten Zephyros Magiska CirkelenMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Diabolical Taistlin, the Hell SpawnThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir EquinoxThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sejanus of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
OzymandiasMercinaeAcademyNo Order
Shriek in the NightNo CitizenshipSorcerersNo Order
Elyon of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Kithsys of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Morcon of the Bewildered EarsMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Ranger AsterixNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Brendel, the Happy ChappyMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Mister Darcy Mercinaen AlchemistMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Sepultura, Spawn of the UnderwurldeThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Arelion, the Crimson RogueMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Kethros the Unholy Thakrian SorcererThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Zerina the IrresistibleThakriaLoremastersNo Order
The SoulcatcherThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Zemba, BrigandNo CitizenshipBrigandsNo Order
Sloth of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Lania of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Primrose of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
DallMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Apprentice Mage Brewlur Of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Adept Luminara, Lusty Leathery LadyParriusWarriorsNo Order
Squire Rasputin, of the WarriorsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Maniac EvanesceMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Sir RandonMercinaeKnightsNo Order
MyronThakriaBanditsNo Order
Jarl, Druid Of The GreenwoodMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Cathorn of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Loremaster Sigmar of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Shady MiyaMercinaeThievesNo Order
Bucky, friend of all NovicesSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Avris of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Taldarus of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Belfadour of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Rebubula, The FacelessNo CitizenshipAssassinsNo Order
Krazy KawasMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
NazgulThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Druid Anaalia, of the ancient woodlandsParriusAnimistsNo Order
Melain, Thakrian HealerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Tira, The Living ShadowThakriaThievesNo Order
ShadowbainSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Sava, The ImpThakriaBanditsNo Order
Shining Astra, Sparkling Star of the EastParriusNo GuildNo Order
Ambassador Thondor, The Enlightened OneNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Kamal the lost HermitThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Loremaster AnicetusThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mandrax The LoverMercinaeMagesNo Order
Desperaux of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
StiehlMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Mystic Gathmor of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Dreadnought LoricParriusNo GuildNo Order
Locken of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Nyanja the Lost BantuNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Singe, the PunkThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Pluckypuck, the commonerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Bendis of SpringdaleIsabellaProphetsNo Order
Sapling Oshii, The Brooding SproutNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Fenris BlackfyreParriusBardsNo Order
Sir Saber, Paladin of the RealmMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Pegasus the amiableMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Templar Alagard, Disciple of PainSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Moebius, Devourer of SoulsThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Guinni Grumpy AnimistNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Mage Aviendha the Beautiful DawnMercinaeMagesNo Order
Goy, the Gathering StormThakriaWarlocksNo Order
ThuridanMercinaeRangersNo Order
Raphaim, Raging BullSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Stealthy RashiParriusThievesNo Order
Lame Kyria the kidSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
SavannahThakriaSeersNo Order
Wizard Rikki tikki taviSpringdaleWizardsNo Order
Cranky Old Man Kethos, Garden KeeperThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Robert of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Shauku Shaka ZuluGaurthangRangersNo Order
Apprentice Sorceress Ardra of ThakriaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Cyeverse of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Junior Wizard Ambis, Restless SpiritGreeny's EdgeMagesNo Order
Kalypso of OgygiaMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Sedulous Lizzys, RuminatingMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Cathbhad of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Adara, the Re-AnimatorParriusAnimistsNo Order
Corleon, the DarkheartedThakriaSorcerersNo Order
WrathParriusAstrologersNo Order
Apprentice Vylar, Shadow DancerThakriaSorcerersNo Order
MachiavelliThakriaSeersNo Order
Fell Magus NataykkMercinaeMagesNo Order
Young Graon of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Apprentice Therion, Student of MiraclesThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sir Thorin, Cavalier of MidnightThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Poison Picker KickerParriusRangersNo Order
KorvinMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Silly Bean KhalinThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Lurkalot, the Dark RedeemerThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Oddjob The WierdThakriaNo GuildNo Order
ThenithuleThakriaSeersNo Order
Aiden the JesterMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Bel Kallad, Black Flame of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Kahn, Cuore di DragoMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Young Lightrion, the AssertiveMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Pheroah, the ExplorerMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Kh'ruk NarhhThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Horizon, Anti-Flashing BladeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Rass Izzy, Herbal SoulThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Rangor, Thakrian CubThakriaRangersNo Order
Artificer Hugh the Octarine TransmuterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Young apprentice Anny of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
BalthasarThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Uair of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Druid Kalevi, The Silver BirchMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Squire Dominic, the ChasteGantNo GuildNo Order
Quiet Naomi the Conspiracy TheoristThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Soothsayer TakaoMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Dagonet, the Golden BardMercinaeBardsNo Order
Loremistress Purdita the Dark TemptressThakriaLoremastersNo Order
BeastMaster Crafty of Deep FoilageSpringdaleRangersNo Order
Wizard Fionn of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Soleus ShadowcrawlerMercinaeBanditsNo Order
RionepyhNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Vania of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sorcerer SylThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Honourbound CorinadienNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
His Eminence, Grand Inquisitor Cenodoxus, Humdinger of MendicancyMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mazadak of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Sir Moradin, Knight Of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
TynianMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Kozy of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Spencspenc of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Aquilina, Bellezza OscuraMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Anarok of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Hamlet the Star ChaserNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Timotei, Voyant de la NuitThakriaSeersNo Order
Fair Jesamine, Shade MaidenNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Wolfz of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Lynora, Alchemist of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Alchemist Ninjawarrior, Hurricane Of The SouthMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Shadow-grifter Knit der ZerstoererSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Man-Boobs Ruathalin, The Camera MengMercinaeBardsNo Order
Gwynwell of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Krystia, Your Best Squirrel FriendMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Warped Slaine, dancin' in the darkThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Dasmensch, The CollectorMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Wizard Fragon of SilverfallsSilverfallsMagesNo Order
Isaac, of the Shifty EyesMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Astiron The Wit EvilleThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Stern YaragnParriusThievesNo Order
Fairest Faelynn, Daemonium De LumineMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Nightfallen of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
SibylThakriaSeersNo Order
Young Jevil of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sir Cephelo, the Dark KnightThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Kung-Fu Gorbash, Proud to be ParrianParriusEnchantersNo Order
Artisan Trevalen StormewyndsParriusArtisansNo Order
Adonai IrenicusThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Corsair Kenaz, Suitably ByronicParriusWarriorsNo Order
Anastasia, The GoldenMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
MithrandilMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Alchemist Kirk of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
GryphinMercinaeRangersNo Order
Acilinyth of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Valandil, the Obsidian DragonThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Wizard DarcSpringdaleMagesNo Order
CleopatraMercinaeMagesNo Order
Seraphos, Nox Noctis SicariusNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Darminion of the Blue MoonMercinaeRangersNo Order
Melina of the SorcerersThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Waio, the NeophyteThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Mage Meneleus, Keeper of the LightMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice Ranger NefertitiParriusRangersNo Order
Abhaen TuireannThakriaThievesNo Order
AstoriaMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Artisan Yugo GramenuEleutheraArtisansNo Order
Lieutenant Poisunn, Survivor Of The Old WarMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Old Grandfather Groog of the GreenwoodNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Gunner of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Alchemist EreshkigalMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
AjatharMercinaeRangersNo Order
Malak, The DoomsayerThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Omacron SilverWings o'er the SeaNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Elatha TuireannThakriaLoremastersNo Order
VendeliaCullodenMagesNo Order
Llelwyn, Fallen AngelThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Professor RentooParriusEnchantersNo Order
ThorondorNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Torax the Suffusion of YellowNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Niko of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Aranzahas, the IncubusThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sethanor, Hierophant of PainThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Bemeies of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Jernau Morat GurgehParriusBanditsNo Order
Jacinth RoseheartThakriaRangersNo Order
KronokMercinaeMagesNo Order
Abaddon, The Liche of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sir Kes the Flashing BladeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Young ThelahThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Annalyn, the Assassin's ShadowThakriaAssassinsNo Order
NeptuneMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Rkansas, The Vengeful WarlockParriusNo GuildNo Order
Artisanal Aeryx of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Caedmon the HymnodistMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Fatalus the ScroungerOakwood EndSentinelsNo Order
Kirok the disillusionedMercinaeRangersNo Order
Sir Rukhrist of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Imryll of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Allura du LoreKristanistiSentinelsNo Order
Talos, the SeekerParriusRangersNo Order
ZeekThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Page Groxen of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Alkadar, Tisserand de CharmeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Chaotic Capri, Queen BeeSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Young Jhnian of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Oisin of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Ranger Enrih of SpringdaleKristanistiRangersNo Order
Silver NydaezaMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Fernie, the commonerParriusAnimistsNo Order
JarlekParriusBanditsNo Order
Poirot of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Wascarnivore, bear in a straight jacketMercinaeRangersNo Order
Warrior Aquaria, Eastern BladesNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Calliope, the LadySpringdaleRangersNo Order
Shai-Hulud Artecspirit Tanequil, the Muad'dibMercinaeRangersNo Order
Calaban, mage amongst magesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Firemage of ThakriaThakriaMagesNo Order
Dok of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Maverick, Full of Ire Self-LoathingMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Maiden Aurian of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Black and BlueMercinaeThievesNo Order
Kveykva The WandererParriusThievesNo Order
Polgara, The BeardedParriusEnchantersNo Order
Alpha Omega Of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Druid StarkThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Sleepy Cheroot, The Lazy DruidMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Bard DreathMercinaeBardsNo Order
Fallenlord, The BoozeHoundNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Sapling Zyltan, RootedSpringdaleAnimistsNo Order
Choir Director Koth the Rooster BardMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Alonus of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Mysterious Maalkom the All-SeeingSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
The Lord, ShaitanThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Arran OakheartMercinaeRangersNo Order
Nefumheral of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Light-Magess Maple the SubtleMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sebastien, the prophetIsabellaProphetsNo Order
Boadicea the QuietCullodenSentinelsNo Order
Contatore, the commonerParriusArtisansNo Order
Ismene, the Green DruidNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Zynphx of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
ElizaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Acheron, Squire of the CavaliersThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Alchemist Privorda LeaffoxMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Krevad of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Matthew, Al'NezraarParriusAstrologersNo Order
Crowley, the gentleman SorcererThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Arisa of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
the ghost of SpirosThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Greenling IlythiaMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
RithosMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ogremagi of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Iudus of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of SpringdaleGaurthangPaladinsNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Lussukka of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Book Wormer Intellectual DruidessIsabellaAnimistsNo Order
Backwater Jaco, The Seventh CircleThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Atma, Bard of NaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Alchemist JallMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
GawainNo CitizenshipKnightsNo Order
Hermitix the MindSightParriusAstrologersNo Order
MeriadocThakriaBanditsNo Order
Anskiere the Dark SeerThakriaSeersNo Order
PrimusThakriaSirensNo Order
Claudiadreas of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Butch Kassidy, Death's AriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
SladeMercinaeBardsNo Order
ZaraThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Athena, Queen of the DamnedThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loremistress IsadoraThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Student of Lore Ceshra, The Million Questions WomanThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Beker KozarSpringdaleArtisansNo Order
Xavier of the Free ParriansMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Lacrade, the commonerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Gilan of SilverfallsSilverfallsThievesNo Order
Islandur the MouthThakriaBanditsNo Order
Bard GranneMercinaeBardsNo Order
Spirathalar -Mystic-MercinaeMysticsNo Order
Nazgar, SolonThakriaWarlocksNo Order
EyrionThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Yan, Under HeavenSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Insane ZaneSpringdaleBanditsNo Order
Lawrie, Acolyte Of LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Sir Kindred, Parrian WarriorParriusWarriorsNo Order
Senseless Danilo Than, the Village IdiotSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
ZalmoktarMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Jack the KnifeThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Icewyrm Vivifa, Lord of the Black RoseParriusArtisansNo Order
Vanth of MercinaeMercinaeAcademyNo Order
Highly Credible Jaden, The Jagged EdgeThakriaThievesNo Order
Aadek of MercinaeMercinaeWarriorsNo Order
Hellflamin' Jenna, Astrological MonsterParriusAstrologersNo Order
Shadow-Walker MacrobiusSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Ranger Cub Elementalpat of SpringdaleGaurthangRangersNo Order
Young Mage Saravindu of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Young druidess etz chaim Dol, The funny 'lil EntThakriaAnimistsNo Order
KasGreeny's EdgeNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Miru of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeAnimistsNo Order
Caelicola of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Shadowy Durza, the MysticalMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Lady Olivia, the Fair and GentleKristanistiAnimistsNo Order
Ranger Cub Blodhgarm SteadfastMercinaeRangersNo Order
Apprentice Warlock Blakemore of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Cap'n KoenenParriusArtisansNo Order
Enchanter ForathParriusNo GuildNo Order
P'rate Guanyin, On Watch in the Crow's NestParriusArtisansNo Order
Masai of SpringdaleSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Hatrival of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Katherine, Tisserande de CharmeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Artisan Quindor of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Apprentice Mystic Eleiy of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Damned Deltoru, Wielder of the Hellish FlameThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Ferrus of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Elisin TorinaidenMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Oryan, Pick-axe ManiacThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Zanth, the commonerParriusCollegeNo Order
Peaceful Tryad, Perpetually PerplexedSpringdaleAnimistsNo Order
ElfineNo CitizenshipBanditsNo Order
Curious Kursiasaw of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Pilfering Plaman ShadowlordThakriaThievesNo Order
JabJab JebamanSpringdalePaladinsNo Order
Haruspex Pyrious, Eye of the MoonMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Redivivus WintermuteNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Bright-eyed Starkweather Dreamer Of The SouthMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Squire Percival, of the Round TableMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Xyryll of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Valinar of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Fedaykin Gayle, The True EdgeCullodenTemplarsNo Order
Cuthar the HorizonwalkerMercinaeRangersNo Order
SantiagoCullodenBanditsNo Order
Warrior Mafai, Blade of SighsParriusWarriorsNo Order
Seraphine of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Terisa MorganMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Squire Jayden Guardian of the CodeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Johnii the RatEleutheraBanditsNo Order
Harold, The Comfortably NumbThakriaWarriorsNo Order
Loremaster Edwin Aloft in the SkyThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Jukar of ThakriaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Tea Leaf TeahThakriaBanditsNo Order
Vienna of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Wicked of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sorcerer Dalziel, Drinker of BloodThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Bardling Aquila of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Georgie of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Gwen of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Vampyre, Thief of BloodThakriaBanditsNo Order
Sir Jeoff DharmaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Druid Shennung of the Whipping BranchNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Soulshorn Uthras, The Mind MoulderThakriaSeersNo Order
Molagbal of ThakriaThakriaProphetsNo Order
Bumbly Bumble the Bee, the Bohrium BombsiteMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Young squire Drayton, Apprentice CavalierThakriaCavaliersNo Order
BelamberMercinaeRangersNo Order
Zah the LostMercinaeMagesNo Order
Jasen, the Lone WolfThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Griffyn, the Grumpy BearGaurthangRangersNo Order
Alaska the ChillyNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Squire Thorolf of the KnightsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Fleeting DeckerSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Sir Trident HotspurThakriaCavaliersNo Order
The NosferatuThakriaSorcerersNo Order
GriswaldNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Deathtrap SturgeCorionaThievesNo Order
Nadamatose, devilmaycareThakriaNo GuildNo Order
NiobeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Secret Agent Alteyr, Hiding In The LeavesSilverfallsAnimistsNo Order
Abydos, Corsair ExtraordinaireParriusArtisansNo Order
Sigbert die RaubritterThakriaBanditsNo Order
Glixat of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Lanii of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Calius Kala, The UnhingedThakriaSeersNo Order
Prophet Herotear The Enlightened of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeProphetsNo Order
NoireyphSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Zyl of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
BenakanderNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Alchemistress ValariMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Lohrtar Silvermoon, the Voice of DawnMercinaeBardsNo Order
Diz of sweet AdagioMercinaeBardsNo Order
Weldilyn of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Young Killbear of SilverfallsSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Arcane Druid Zevren, Enveloped in DarknessMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Loremaster ArgentThakriaLoremastersNo Order
MythrosSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Silent Evil Tree Golmor, The ForestwalkerMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Page Dagfin of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Darius Ghobadian, the NobleThakriaSeersNo Order
Yoichi of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Halthofas of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Gunther the OtherwiseNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
ZarathustraMercinaeMagesNo Order
Elyssia the HedgehogMercinaeRangersNo Order
Bunyan of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Only Sort-of Murderous Lyrkali of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
HaploParriusPaladinsNo Order
Keeping Pace the semi-timely AnimistMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Mage AlericMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sorceress Persica ZadehThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Xaruthan, Houngan TricksterParriusAstrologersNo Order
Rath, Myrmidon of the TidesParriusWarriorsNo Order
Anaroth, The Three-Legged CatNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Sir Trell, The SoulforgerMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
The SeaBear Ragar, Claws of the SeaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Bogweed AsphodelParriusRangersNo Order
Paramedic Harpae the Spotty TreeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Astrologer Etruscan, Journey KeeperParriusNo GuildNo Order
Lore Pirate Quasar, of The Eastern LandsParriusArtisansNo Order
Sir MongoMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Ganon of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Zuse of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
FilannaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Castor, The JesterMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Growling Inari the White FoxMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Ire the DespisedThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Dashy Dashiel, Padawan Of LoreParriusArtisansNo Order
Xenalan of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Kisyiro of MercinaeMercinaeAcademyNo Order
Practitioner of Moonlore SkravenlowGreeny's EdgeSentinelsNo Order
BengurorfMercinaeRangersNo Order
Horus the RuneflingerMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Perla of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Nalyn the Sorcerer's ApprenticeThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Kvothe of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Cloudy of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Loner Xing, Mercinaen Thief RingleaderMercinaeThievesNo Order
Sir Mardras, the PureThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Triple Black Takari the wouldbe princessThakriaSeersNo Order
Sir TybaltThakriaCavaliersNo Order
EpacyThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Tetsuo Yonaka-NiParriusNecromancersNo Order
Arnolfini, Professor of VivisectionThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Agrethea the Pixie ProphetessIsabellaProphetsNo Order
Gimpy Xerimor, There Ain't Nuttin' HarderMercinaeBardsNo Order
Cyteo of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Mazrim, the Deranged MagekillerThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Speedy MictianMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Alchemical Strongman Ancilla, A Mans ManMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Honest Jake the Eternally ConfusedMercinaeThievesNo Order
Kothral of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
MaudParriusAnimistsNo Order
Greenling Skaldson of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Apprentice Sarella of ThakriaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Firedragon, Hell's FlameThakriaRangersNo Order
ShacoocooMercinaeMagesNo Order
Squire Galford the Youthful ProdigyThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Count Drasnia, the BastardThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Artisan Knudbertil, the Peaceful OneParriusArtisansNo Order
Gabrial, Lady of the forestThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Malthius MacKinleyMercinaeMagesNo Order
Greenling FurlifeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Tyr, Miracle WorkerThakriaCavaliersNo Order
MelkiorMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Baphomet, the Horned OneMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Darkest SharkyThakriaSorcerersNo Order
TelshinParriusThievesNo Order
MaenadGaurthangProphetsNo Order
Brother Weeds, Itinerant FoolSpringdaleBardsNo Order
Loneshark of the WoodsMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Ursa Lorring, Stellar BearGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Sayonara GohanThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Rhyming Juilin Singin', Dancin' and Schoolin'SpringdaleBardsNo Order
Potatoth of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Doraemon, Dream WeaverSpringdaleNo GuildNo Order
AuronNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Raidon, the ConjurerSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Clove, the commonerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Wicket Warrick, Man of PeaceThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Raighar of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Greenling Rylene of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
AndurilNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Skogrunner, the Marble ManParriusMagesNo Order
Old GringleThakriaAlchemistsNo Order
Greenling Emrys of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Taen, Dark WitchThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Intemptesta Prognatus Teutates of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
The Grey MouserMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Lady Gwendolyn, Suffix-Free Since 1273ParriusArtisansNo Order
Karosse, Green on the TreeGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Keao of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Elrac of the athletic feetThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sneaky Gyrard, The heartlessParriusAssassinsNo Order
Jomotunde the PaleThakriaSeersNo Order
Pamwe, Apprentice IncognitoParriusThievesNo Order
Anchel The Mini Bushman of SpringdaleSpringdaleRangersNo Order
Stunning Xenalia, Lore's MuseMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Ranger Cub Tjongel of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Young Davien, the Grey RangerParriusRangersNo Order
Young Terrico of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Shifty, At The Edge Of The WorldMercinaeMagesNo Order
Warrior Blotto, the Red TideParriusWarriorsNo Order
Medraut Nightshade, Eye of The StormEleutheraProphetsNo Order
Young Moonwing of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Witchcraft, Warlock of OldThakriaWarlocksNo Order
VladivarThakriaSorcerersNo Order
FerosIsabellaBanditsNo Order
Mauxus of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Headhunter MuhamakisNo CitizenshipSorcerersNo Order
Sapling Kaiya, Forest NymphThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Warlock Rudel the Witch DoctorThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Seer Attor of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Herbie goes BananasMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Carbon MonoxideThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Jinx of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Junior Wizard Catcher of SpringdaleGaurthangMagesNo Order
Healer Aledar, Forest DreamerNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Maester Kaeldor Student Of LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Corenth, of ParriusMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Malayn, the Northern WolfThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Boowho, The King of BeggarsMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Alchemist Calypso, Lady of LoreMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
El Maximo, Searing the FleshThakriaSeersNo Order
Rogkali, The PlacidNo CitizenshipProphetsNo Order
Warmage Cejay, Eternal EmberMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ogion the AimlessGaurthangNo GuildNo Order
Lancer of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
AlathionSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
ForeignerThakriaSeersNo Order
Booger of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Mageling Garvel Mortifer, The Edge of MemoryMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Grudge of MercinaeNo CitizenshipAlchemistsNo Order
Wizard Sauruman, Dancing in the MoonlightThakriaMagesNo Order
Arwen of ThakriaThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Alchie Mistress Kayelyn Torinaiden Freeing SecretsMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
DiocletianParriusNo GuildNo Order
Bellus Almea Angelus SilentiThakriaSorcerersNo Order
AranMercinaeMagesNo Order
The RatfaceMercinaeThievesNo Order
Akash the Warlock of Many HuesParriusWarlocksNo Order
Keizo of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Avesi Snodgrass, the Over-grown CubParriusRangersNo Order
Squire Pendragon, Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
JupiterEleutheraNo GuildNo Order
Dimmr of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Your DestinyParriusRangersNo Order
Thyrringrath of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Nightblade, the Commodities CollectorParriusArtisansNo Order
Marshall Titania the CruelParriusSirensNo Order
Squire Croaker of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Sorchin, the commonerParriusNo GuildNo Order
Charvaka of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Glyph of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Wizard Simon Magus, Nosferatu MinorumNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Young Chimp Rahvin the Fearless OneThakriaWarlocksNo Order
GraylinSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Wizardess Althea, of SpringdaleEleutheraMagesNo Order
Greenling Kaibis of ThakriaThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Delanor the Ranger CubEleusisRangersNo Order
Guilend Voidwalker, Master Of CursesThakriaSeersNo Order
Runa of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Squire Charlemagne of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Alteth of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
ThothThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Loremistress AlethiaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Light-Mage Tudor of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sir PatroclusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Karsha, Devil in a Black DressThakriaThievesNo Order
Exi, Voodoo ProtegeParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sorcerer Shaltos, The TaintedThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Tantric, Silent NightParriusBardsNo Order
Druidess Amleigh, The Oil Catching MachineParriusAnimistsNo Order
Sharim of SilverfallsSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Delbaeth, the InsaneThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Daryen, the HierophantNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Druidess Ravna Foraois, The ThoughtfulMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Guadian of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
BelgathorParriusRangersNo Order
Daiden, Ranger CubParriusNo GuildNo Order
Warfarin, Orielle's husbandGaurthangSentinelsNo Order
DrusillaNo CitizenshipAstrologersNo Order
Nandi of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Sordeq of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Craftymaster DargenSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Droggy, the WildMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Cynical Cedany, Seeress ExtraordinaireThakriaSeersNo Order
Omio of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Squire Lughar de LeonMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Watchman Arawn De FabritiisIsabellaSentinelsNo Order
Shiguy of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Canis Lupus Leontes ValeriusThakriaLoremastersNo Order
ElderethThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Woodsman Zalicore, Master Of RabbitsParriusRangersNo Order
Tristaine, Learner of LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Zopyra LightbringerParriusEnchantersNo Order
Dionysus, the Master RogueMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Camaris, Veritable VirtuosoMercinaeBardsNo Order
Baldor Kayova, the Nekkid HunterMercinaeRangersNo Order
HanannMercinaeThievesNo Order
Bearded Thjorvard from the Northern SeasSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Page Aguilar of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Neitiar of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Should Aias be allowed?ParriusBanditsNo Order
Anghrist, the commonerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Doweldwynn of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Sir Deluxius the Red CrusaderMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Artisan KarakhParriusArtisansNo Order
Druidess Amihan Ayloff-TorinaidenNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
MournebladeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Elbereth of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Enchanter Talon, Claw of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Whippersnaper Lixander Ta'sa, Master Of LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Archangel Fredegar DragonheartMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Dagathon of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Loremistress MajesticThakriaLoremastersNo Order
TrinityGreeny's EdgeProphetsNo Order
Wizard Cartesius of SpringdaleSpringdaleMagesNo Order
MorpheousMercinaeMagesNo Order
Wanderer CorrionMercinaeRangersNo Order
UzetimaelThakriaSeersNo Order
NestorMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Dwimmer of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
LadeshThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Gwydion of SpringdaleSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
KruomThakriaSorcerersNo Order
KurinMercinaeMysticsNo Order
PolymerMercinaeMysticsNo Order
SheatrilThakriaWarlocksNo Order
TessParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sethra Lavode the SoulStalkerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
SindaEleutheraMagesNo Order
Thirion, the commonerParriusBardsNo Order
NeslepaxThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Balron, the Footpad of FearThakriaBanditsNo Order
Kesrick, The Humble MerchantMercinaeThievesNo Order
Rogue Calim of ThakriaThakriaBanditsNo Order
Loremaster TanisThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Miklos of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Apprentice Aidenna of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Mister Nana the Mystical, Magical MageMercinaeMagesNo Order
Spyder, Prodigal LoremasterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
BrikkarThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Sirandrey of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Talira of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Smokin' Rope ButtonsSpringdaleThievesNo Order
Aradhyl, Mystery to the Male MindParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sev Galvao, the Eastern WandererParriusEnchantersNo Order
Eyeless MydraalMercinaeArtisansNo Order
Squire Chrono paramount cavalierThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Nimikins Waldlied, The Silver LiningMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Ranger Fost Longstrider of the GreenwoodEleutheraRangersNo Order
SolandriThakriaSeersNo Order
ParisThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Doomsong Helzefeld, Harvester of SoulsThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Bannick Intemporaliter MalumThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Brother FesterSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Faucion, Wandering MinstrelParriusNo GuildNo Order
Seyymour of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Ranger Crispus of SpringdaleKristanistiRangersNo Order
Lady Phantomhope of Tarth, BlademistressSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Jorygeorge of SilverfallsSilverfallsMagesNo Order
Seeress AishaThakriaSeersNo Order
Goldberg of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Bragollach of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Speedy CedrychMercinaeRangersNo Order
Lady Danora, with the Golden TouchMercinaeSentinelsNo Order
Wandering SaevandarSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Apprentice Tecume, the NeophyteThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Shadow-Knave Drave The PunkSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Sheetkickr of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Sneaky GaridMercinaeThievesNo Order
Finisher of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
the Poisoned Rose Drago SilvermoonNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Dark Horse TyrionSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
BarcudSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Darlina, The Black NunThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Caroth of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
PhlegathonThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Turtle of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Craftmaster Pittaxx, The DaydreamerEleutheraSentinelsNo Order
Young Mage Pelius of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Dastardly Bard Deonymus Of The Brotherhood of SongMercinaeBardsNo Order
Enchanter Beltaron of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Lolen, Artisan ProdigalParriusArtisansNo Order
Cromagnon Bear's ClawThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Apprentice Mage Erianoris, In Need Of A CompassMercinaeMagesNo Order
Demosthenes, the KnifeThakriaThievesNo Order
Alora of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Finnhudson of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Lord Heracles the YoungerThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Light-Magess Kiara, Weaver of LightMercinaeMagesNo Order
Kanon (the Prodigal Son)ParriusNo GuildNo Order
Infamous Xanthor, Bearer of SoulsParriusAstrologersNo Order
Mage Falor, The Prodigal ReturnsMercinaeMagesNo Order
Malic of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sulin, The Aiel MaidenCullodenBanditsNo Order
Lornak, Dark ElfMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Vauxia of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Lhexa, the commonerParriusArtisansNo Order
Uncle Taliesin, The TravellerParriusAnimistsNo Order
Sapling Sollos, Light In The DarknessThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Alchemystress Shakralay, Quartermaster Of The SouthMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Rohan, Sister of DisasterThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Grace, Songstress of LightMercinaeBardsNo Order
Liara, Blinded By the LightMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Listige Adimane, de Dief en de SpionParriusBanditsNo Order
Artisan IgnisParriusArtisansNo Order
Woodsman Lykus WolfbornMercinaeRangersNo Order
Thaslay the ExuberantMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Drachen, The Silver SerpentMercinaeMagesNo Order
Willo Geier, Of The GreyParriusThievesNo Order
Plasticbag of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Vitesse, The Bookworm BanditThakriaThievesNo Order
Exciting Enchantress Thara of ParriusNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Uruth of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Squire TuskThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Kazimierz, the ThornMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Woodsman Boneset the tick magnetMercinaeRangersNo Order
Squire ObanMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Brehon, Paladin of SpringdaleGaurthangTemplarsNo Order
Naktl, The Twilight EmissaryGreeny's EdgeBanditsNo Order
Reddahlia of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mystical Thumbelina dance, Thumbelina singMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Stargazer SyvaeusThakriaSeersNo Order
Wisp in the WillowsThakriaThievesNo Order
Mage Acaila, the Spell-WeaverMercinaeMagesNo Order
XthakThakriaLoremastersNo Order
KalliopeThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Yui the One PercenterMercinaeBardsNo Order
Squire Marmaduc, the Wing ClipperMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Cinnen of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Kantar, the Silver StarMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Alchie Jackle watching the flowMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Lunette, The Mad HattressThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Kurgen, The Ever SilentThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Delax, the Cruisy CavThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Loremaster Zytor The QuestionerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Maiden Istaru, Lunatic LoremistressParriusNo GuildNo Order
Lady Enyalithul, Morea MahtarThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sir Kindreid, Paladin of SpringdaleGaurthangNo GuildNo Order
Darkling Ruthian, The First ApostleMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Farmer BossParriusAnimistsNo Order
Hoplite of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Faelden of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Godgrandfather AhmadThakriaThievesNo Order
ZogThakriaSeersNo Order
Don Hansgraff, The New Don of AvalonParriusThievesNo Order
Maiden AlyssaMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Treeman of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Storm Lord Jhor, RebornThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Telos, of the Black StoneThakriaSeersNo Order
Alchemist TurocMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Throt, Star FaceParriusAstrologersNo Order
Just HammurabiKristanistiBanditsNo Order
DrifterThakriaSeersNo Order
Loremistress Soraya of the Cavernous CoochThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mistory of ThakriaThakriaInstituteNo Order
Kuura of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Young Diangelo of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loyal Leatherneck, The Viking WarriorParriusWarriorsNo Order
Loreli of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Komarov of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Sapling Tavish, the PhilosopherMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
VoritziNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Brother Rufus, the Wandering CartographerThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Shelob, Black Widow of the WestNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Mortai the Merchant MageMercinaeMagesNo Order
Artisan Ahab Tutor to the InitiatesMercinaeArtisansNo Order
ArthurThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Spooooooky Dern, Oh So GhostyMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Araual, Concordia DiscorsNo CitizenshipBardsNo Order
Greenling Thelfusa, Returned To The LandMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Kotoro of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Simply TaziusSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Lemachiste Chameltise, the AlchemistMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Sajora, Forever Of The DawnSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Hatlor of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Living Dead Girl TrinxSilverfallsNo GuildNo Order
Smudan, the CatalystNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Xerolyne of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Confusing Chaoticus, The EnigmaParriusAstrologersNo Order
Emeril of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Catrina of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Long Forgotten SongSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Spygirl KimbaBarholmProphetsNo Order
Rhoijan, the Grim ReaperThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Lonewolf Keldar The Sullen, Paradise LostGaurthangTemplarsNo Order
Asherah, for the honour of GreyskullParriusRangersNo Order
BorrisMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Sir Curimeo, the BraveMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Felton Darkfriend of GabbadNo CitizenshipCavaliersNo Order
Lady PhelisstieParriusArtisansNo Order
Thotth of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Silent Zedd, Mime in a boxThakriaThievesNo Order
Koyen the MercilessNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Young Masegel of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Light-Magess Sybercon, the SensationalMercinaeMagesNo Order
Scholarly RaulinNo CitizenshipSentinelsNo Order
CaligariNo CitizenshipAstrologersNo Order
Kinjin, the Mystic TideMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Lamothe, the magical maenadThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Ichiko Sakura, Storm of BloodThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Madivan of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Jalice Enchantress of the EastParriusEnchantersNo Order
Santa of the Snowy NorthHighlandsNo GuildNo Order
NeidhartMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Fidai MephisiaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Almarac Of SilverfallsSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Troubadour Itenin, Musical ApprenticeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Sir Lelorax, the RevelatorMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Druidess Lucy, Replanting for AllThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Caramon Majere of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Makaio, The RaptureSpringdaleBanditsNo Order
Squire AradielMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Young Serdin of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Honorsface, Asker of 1000 QuestionsMercinaeMagesNo Order
Alchemical Ailley, Revelation's InspirationMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Saintly FrancisParriusEnchantersNo Order
Stunted Stefan, Loremaster PyrotechnicThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Dark Squire Nocturne, Son of the MoonThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Ankhesenamun, the second comingThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Squire Hennet, the ThoughtfulMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Squire Cutting Edge of the KnightsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Eddis of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
UnSeelie Orphean Valek Ra, the Grey TideMercinaeBardsNo Order
Sir ZirlowMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Bohemian DelilahParriusAstrologersNo Order
Verity in AbsentiaThakriaSeersNo Order
Bardbarian OctafinoNo CitizenshipBardsNo Order
Tig PanningMercinaeMagesNo Order
Cub Tassador, NemesisSpringdaleRangersNo Order
Witch Doctor Neteiru, Wax WielderParriusAstrologersNo Order
Bevarin of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Warrior Payne, the Blood PillagerParriusWarriorsNo Order
Valerius of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Farming Histos, the Highland ScareCrowSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Lilith Akuno, Daughter Of PandemoniumThakriaSirensNo Order
Young FurtimCullodenBanditsNo Order
Crotys of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Ingens has a little stickEleusisLoremastersNo Order
Hard Kandi Dont ChokeThakriaSirensNo Order
Borix of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Kaliha of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Aradhil of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sapling Crystalrose, the Budding AnimistIsabellaAnimistsNo Order
Kyrissiana of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Enchantress Syryna VrinnParriusEnchantersNo Order
MaluxThakriaNo GuildNo Order
RadimSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Alchemist NinianeNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Compassion's Emissary Tarrik, Druid of the CliffsMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
AdhemarParriusWarriorsNo Order
Ravenranger of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Warrior Skor of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Artisan Colossus, of the RunesNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Young Nali of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Aplaya of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Sabbath of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Acolyte Shanoova, Thakrian NoviceThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Basha, Old Man of GaurthangNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Dana of the WarlocksThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Illmyri, The Sleepy SaplingParriusNo GuildNo Order
Koto of SpringdaleSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Keranos of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Ranger Grovin, the EagerMercinaeRangersNo Order
Marsyas of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
YsabellThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Tilt of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Farsah of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Chrakin of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Sly Iktomi, the TricksterThakriaThievesNo Order
Sycrom of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sapling Ozfingwe the MuteThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Denzeldash De le ErinyesSpringdaleNo GuildNo Order
Warrior Oromis, the Final BastionParriusWarriorsNo Order
Paladin Azroth, Protector of SilverfallsParriusTemplarsNo Order
Young Alzael of ThakriaThakriaInstituteNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Scayle of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Ethon for the LightIsabellaMagesNo Order
Marilandira of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Mage AerynnMercinaeMagesNo Order
Conjurer of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Zord, Knight of JusticeNo CitizenshipKnightsNo Order
Foresight, the old soulThakriaSeersNo Order
Hefty Katten of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
SaurethThakriaSeersNo Order
Darkyuan, the commonerParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sir IlynMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Wizard Amygdala of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeWizardsNo Order
Znoxouss of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Keen Kill Keile, Klawlessly YoursMercinaeRangersNo Order
Apprentice Kezzie, Student Of LoreNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Gattaca, Femme FataleMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Dastardly DamiThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Astrologer Elazar of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Spaceboy, Eye of the EastParriusAstrologersNo Order
Flynt, of the Black RobesThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Admiral Sparky, the Loose WireMercinaeMagesNo Order
Glinimer, Finding Comfort in ShadowSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Kyimi of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Harold RamisThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Pool Boy ToracSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Maestro Caliban Of The PlayersGantBardsNo Order
Lady MidoriParriusNo GuildNo Order
Alecto, Respite's CroneNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Sir Suphur The Storm Of SwordsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Loremistress Lirril, clock maker generalThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Squire Daggoth, the Blunt BladeSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Warlock Maldrak, of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Draq, the InimitableMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Mistress KiandraSpringdaleNo GuildNo Order
Woodsman Rhybrin of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Greenling Razzia of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
HelgaNo CitizenshipAssassinsNo Order
Squire Cymric of the White RoseMercinaeKnightsNo Order
SnurtMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Peacekeeper Meihui of ThakriaThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Erigrath, Young Blade of the EastParriusWarriorsNo Order
BlondelThakriaSeersNo Order
Onan, he who Brakes StuffThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sir Strahd Shadow WarriorThakriaWarriorsNo Order
Valentine of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Loremaster RaptoriusThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Meryth, Honey BearessMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Artisan GaebrilThakriaArtisansNo Order
Spector, Dark Watcher of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Kissable Kyra, Deadeye PrincessSilverfallsAnimistsNo Order
Conall of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Renolamont of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Bastion Yittle ManNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Britney, the EnchantressMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Faowyn Loreblade, Destined to ProtectParriusAlchemistsNo Order
Jiareirda of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Ancient Kybus, Dweller of the TreesMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Sorcerer Tzeentch of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
AzuvahParriusNo GuildNo Order
Warlock XercerThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Junior Druid KiteNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Tessa Magess in TrainingMercinaeMagesNo Order
Determined Sally, Forging AheadParriusArtisansNo Order
TenebraeNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Bebog Mystical Legate of The MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Lorefiend Lucifer, Pinky Finger CollectorThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Zeelania, The GrasshopperThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Narla, Bodacious Babe of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Now Yanking Yulienka, A Total StarThakriaThievesNo Order
Lady Of Darkness Katirina Dancer Of FlamesThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Chara of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Tarian, of the WarrenThakriaThievesNo Order
Foxy Persia, the Parrian LoregirlParriusArtisansNo Order
ArhelMercinaeMagesNo Order
Accompanist Yana, Composing Her SongThakriaSirensNo Order
Calico of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Hardin Of The WindParriusAstrologersNo Order
Duda, Bard of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeBardsNo Order
Farseer Vael, Oracle of ProphecyParriusAstrologersNo Order
Artisan Bordon of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Sapling Silyen of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Phoebus, the CaterpillarMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ravhin of the HoodThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Dinx, The InnocentNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Burg Caldrach, Wandering AlchemistMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Vyncent Of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
MalkurParriusSeersNo Order
Master Ethric, Fortes Fortuna VeritasParriusAstrologersNo Order
Astrologer Oiprocs, the Simple MindedParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sir Duroc of ParriusNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Elaiyara of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Woodsman Shaddow Protector Of The ForestsMercinaeRangersNo Order
Adelyn of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Superbabe of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Illiona, Waxing LyricalParriusAstrologersNo Order
Amon Sul the Wuthering EnchanterParriusEnchantersNo Order
Ranger Glyndwr, Geezer of the GreenwoodMercinaeRangersNo Order
Dark Nauthsiiir, of the Skulkarax BloodlineThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Feral Fysher, the FurtiveThakriaThievesNo Order
Ospectus of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
the ghost of Jaina WigginsNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Sphinx of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Wishmaker, BoilingNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
TritonParriusWarriorsNo Order
Temporal KosmosMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Cray, the WandererMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Nereza of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Fedaykin Osric of SpringdaleKristanistiTemplarsNo Order
Alchemist Bronwyn, the StudiousMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Peachy Phiona, Waif of the WoodsParriusAnimistsNo Order
Little Dark Cloud Aralis the LobsterParriusEnchantersNo Order
Young Artisan Howler, the Wolfish PupMercinaeArtisansNo Order
Herven of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Mage Teylos LightbringerMercinaeMagesNo Order
Grahjhl, Night VisionParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sir BedivereParriusWarriorsNo Order
Saggybottom of ParriusParriusCollegeNo Order
Vaash The DevourerNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Bard Draven of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Reojin of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Elminster BlackheartSilverfallsWizardsNo Order
Seer Aloric of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Sir Billwood BagginsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Artisan Litila, The Gifting SisterNo CitizenshipArtisansNo Order
Greystalker, DreamwalkerMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Carpophorus of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Greedy Gwnyth, The UpholstererParriusThievesNo Order
Cthulhu, the SeerThakriaSeersNo Order
Affidare, Umbra IgnisKristanistiProphetsNo Order
Helena of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Kitn of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Liselle, Black VelvetThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Pelagic Wizard Eliot SilverlightSpringdaleWizardsNo Order
Don Tukar, Godfather of AvalonEastwoodsThievesNo Order
Renderd of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Squire HeculesMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Rascally Rowanhunter, The RogueMercinaeThievesNo Order
Anomander RakeThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Enyo of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Vodun Mistress Favola, Piercing her FoesThakriaSeersNo Order
Patient Lightninghawk, Wizard with a wingKristanistiMagesNo Order
Raximus of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Page Wesleymcneil, Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Acvar, The UnseenSpringdaleAstrologersNo Order
Karah The PersuaderThakriaThievesNo Order
Cormac, Avalon's MaestroCullodenBardsNo Order
Page Xaishung, the Scholarly BladeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
The Kraken, Celtic WarlockThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Reaper Fireblazer, Harvester of DeathParriusNo GuildNo Order
Lady Kalysta, Princess of DarknessThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Hieronymus Zerthimon of the WarlocksThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Valnen, Dancer of DeathThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sir Carl, the Silent KnightMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Ronan of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mage ThomasMercinaeMagesNo Order
Scar, Dark Daughter of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Bardling Carmillos SilvertongueMercinaeBardsNo Order
Neuromancer, Child of the SandsThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Cardinal Solan M'haelThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Valraven the Vermillion SorceressThakriaSorcerersNo Order
The Mighty Rethel, Knight IndefatigableNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Maiden Shaylyn, Nocturne's AngelThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Bilbil of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Contessa Silverarrow Gembearing CraftmistressCullodenSentinelsNo Order
Argathian FairbairnNo CitizenshipWizardsNo Order
Squire Benji Master of HopeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Zoral of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Galena, Mage of StormsMercinaeMagesNo Order
Enchanter RudiMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Innocent Eowyn, the SkulkerThakriaBanditsNo Order
Young Xinovaz of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Anarion, Knife of WhispersParriusBanditsNo Order
Lady Caroline Horrible Nasty ThakrianThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Lady GurthwinMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Samy of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Artisan GanisParriusWarriorsNo Order
Mad Wylan, the Black WarlockThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sorael of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
KazakNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Corel of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Young Alto, the TransfixerThakriaSirensNo Order
Shadowling CiceroThakriaThievesNo Order
Beautiful BlossomMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Sapling Sister Maire, The Stargazing NymphMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Squire Dalmor, Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Seith of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Dark Druidess Astlebe, The MercurialThakriaAnimistsNo Order
MaiyaNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
SuperfurryGreeny's EdgeBanditsNo Order
Mieleta Forever A LionessNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Mierin EronaileThakriaSeersNo Order
Roselin Sweet Flower of LoreIsabellaNo GuildNo Order
RhapsodyOakwood EndSentinelsNo Order
Apprentice Sorcerer AngelusThakriaNo GuildNo Order
stoned Elione high on MariahThakriaSeersNo Order
Rain, the Adorable LunaticParriusEnchantersNo Order
Hemannn of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Ranger Cub Undine, Flasher of FurMercinaeRangersNo Order
Jarok, Sadistic BastardThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Leia, Juliette not JustineParriusEnchantersNo Order
Kubla Rastafar, Raven of the NorthGreeny's EdgeSentinelsNo Order
Warrior Axbard, The Axe of the EastParriusWarriorsNo Order
Sketchy CaldurParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sir AnjiinMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Page Akiriz, Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Loutre of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Married Druidess Caelia, Lady of the ForestNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Syrspen of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Adamantium KarfredoMercinaeBardsNo Order
Mage Ramoth the Invisible HorsemanMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Tzirik of SpringdaleIsabellaMagesNo Order
Squire Neon, of the KnightsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Eleyiti of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Hiniya, Student of EntropyParriusThievesNo Order
Icecube of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Magkasama of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Thea, Child of the NightNo CitizenshipBanditsNo Order
Fat-Fedaykin GaarThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Magess Whitelight Compassionate on DutyMercinaeMagesNo Order
The Blu, Weaver of the StarsParriusAstrologersNo Order
Carnivorous Safovine, the MaulerNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Geyser, Fountain of StarlightParriusAstrologersNo Order
Porthos the Solo FighterSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Sapling Kai MasutakusuMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Vablus of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sir Claudius, the Mad FoolSpringdaleNo GuildNo Order
Squire Loqui, Blades of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Shventin, emerging from the shadowsMercinaeThievesNo Order
Gliadin, the MaskSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Greene Wolf of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Light-Magess Remedi, Glimmer of HopeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Trouble-Maker Angleberious, of the GreenwoodMercinaeRangersNo Order
SyricMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Arrian of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
ScaradaneParriusEnchantersNo Order
Squire Crono Dragon KnightMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Artisan BenthyasParriusArtisansNo Order
Grim, the AlchemistMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mage ErondMercinaeMagesNo Order
Light-Mage Thragos, the IllusionistMercinaeMagesNo Order
Xylina of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Myth of a Seer Toranaga, Jester of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Alchemist Baladur, Filo's MaidenNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Alleluia Huzow, he is RisenThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Ranger Cub Halkion of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Rajj, The LunaticParriusWarriorsNo Order
Warlock Sirwin, the Steady RainThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Philosopher Immolatus Seeker of WisdomParriusEnchantersNo Order
Saphir, of the StonesSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Loremistress SauntraThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Crotugar of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Enll of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Warrior Limorien, the Drunken SailorParriusWarriorsNo Order
Mage ElandirMercinaeMagesNo Order
Kranor, Blades of the EastParriusWarriorsNo Order
Ranger Cub Ragnarok of ThakriaThakriaRangersNo Order
Providence of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Lightfingers, the FacelessThakriaThievesNo Order
Alonn of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Sweet AlexandraParriusArtisansNo Order
Binape Dark Ghost of the WoodsMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ekkeko, the commonerMercinaeBardsNo Order
Starlit LlavendarThakriaSeersNo Order
Agrias Nhym, The Holy KnightNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
VaskaParriusArtisansNo Order
Warlock Xellan of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Brother YuryMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Black CraelNo CitizenshipWarriorsNo Order
Greymyst the AbecedarianEleutheraSentinelsNo Order
Krian of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Loremaster Aeric, Thakrian CartographerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Stalwart Katarina the StrongParriusNo GuildNo Order
Bubblin Crude JethroThakriaThievesNo Order
Scypher of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Druid Tup of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Thelradark of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Ainulindale, Grace of the ValarParriusBardsNo Order
Algeron, Shadow StalkerMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Hjallar of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Squire ZartuuzMercinaeKnightsNo Order
The Sacred Heart Doublev, the Renegade's RangerParriusRangersNo Order
Alchemist Fenrus of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Swooning and Dashing Saemon of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Fireforge, the WandererNo CitizenshipBanditsNo Order
Renegade Rowlana DarlingParriusArtisansNo Order
LirynNo CitizenshipAssassinsNo Order
Grimalkin of MercinaeParriusAssassinsNo Order
AstorexThakriaSeersNo Order
Sir Arc, The White TornadoMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Sir Filo of the Wibling WayMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Devourer of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Palin of the MagesMercinaeMagesNo Order
Enchanting India, Ray of Sunlight, IlluminatiNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
KillinanParriusWarriorsNo Order
Loremaster Phoenixx, Brother Of The FlameMercinaeLoremastersNo Order
Siyavash Tirandaz, Ranger Of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Infrared Nighteyes of SpringdaleEleutheraSentinelsNo Order
AsmodaiMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Magess Leena StarlightMercinaeMagesNo Order
Xalindra of SpringtownNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Keros the BlackThakriaSeersNo Order
Alchemist Annellin SilverstarMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mage ElvenloreMercinaeMagesNo Order
PwentNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Abahabah of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Bardling Thynia of Rash DecisionsMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice AdrastosParriusSeersNo Order
Eumaius Lionheart, Parrian CrusaderParriusWarriorsNo Order
Mobryn of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Artisan Nyet with the Glittering EyesMercinaeArtisansNo Order
Recruit Arthurius Of The Ebon LegionThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Borik Thunderhand, mage of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Anion of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Greenling Bakasura, Ewok of the Ancient ForestsThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Ailiana D'Eloy, UntouchableNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Brother Tristran, Waiting for the TideMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Clyffa of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
AstynaxThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Zyni of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
LoverLos Lanture the Laughing Lyrical LinguistMercinaeBardsNo Order
Apprentice Bard Miyato, the Over-dramaticMercinaeBardsNo Order
BeatriceMercinaeRangersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Tarrim of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Kaleton, Mystic from the MoonMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Arthad of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Light-Mage HolywhitewolfMercinaeMagesNo Order
Wizard Yoell the ResoluteKristanistiWizardsNo Order
Fresh Shiyu Invigorating SilenceMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Swordman Vesirells, blade brotherMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Sir Treulos, Thakrian CavalierThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Questioning Goldenoak, stumped againParriusProphetsNo Order
EdaniThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Woodsman Aralyia of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Keryshawke of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Mystical Elaith, Proud Mystic of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Enchanter Dookukhan Cor FlammacordisParriusEnchantersNo Order
Squire Hercules rock'n with cherubsMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Mystic Gryan the BlueMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
The LavernaParriusAssassinsNo Order
Sapling Purrabella, The Huggle-Snugglin' MonsterEleutheraAnimistsNo Order
Sir Sabath Blackthorn, WayfinderParriusWarriorsNo Order
Hastur of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
WarakurnaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Apprentice Magess Sennalora, Evoker Of LightMercinaeMagesNo Order
Yaroslav, The Seeker of The North StarParriusMysticsNo Order
Rhigani the Black WidowThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Astrologer EphialtesParriusAstrologersNo Order
Oceanus of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Scoot of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Clavain, Wayward GypsySilverfallsApostlesNo Order
The JackalParriusWarriorsNo Order
Crazy Poliaun the Light Hearted MageMercinaeMagesNo Order
Zeke, the Traveling TroubadourMercinaeBardsNo Order
Young Mayhemzero of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
GuarderNo CitizenshipMinstrelsNo Order
Lonestar LuciaCullodenNo GuildNo Order
Tyreal, the commonerParriusRangersNo Order
Zeldorie the Miss GnomerParriusArtisansNo Order
Crackhead Psy The NamelessThakriaBanditsNo Order
Aucassin Rhymes with MocassinParriusBanditsNo Order
Technically Artistic Techne SnodgrassParriusArtisansNo Order
Lord ViktarSpringdaleAlchemistsNo Order
CrimsonSpringdaleThievesNo Order
Heartshaker DistanciMercinaeRangersNo Order
Rangeress JasminGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Idling Birilax of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Alchemist Rood, the InimitableMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Blondie Tavor ClemenceParriusArtisansNo Order
Li'l Alchemist Ceilia of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
CellieParriusEnchantersNo Order
Modus OperandiMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Healer Siana Keilin, Awakened DreamerParriusAnimistsNo Order
Loremistress Tiamet, The Draconic SisterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Danger Grainger of the WizardsGaurthangMagesNo Order
Tempus of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Andraste Du Viers, Mystic-AspirantMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Bold Behemorn, Eastern EnchanterParriusEnchantersNo Order
Izaya of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Apprentice Magess Frieda of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Greenling Lyaeus of ThakriaThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Nalu, The WandererParriusWarriorsNo Order
Apprentice TandaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Darkai of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Ethereal of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Loremaster SihanThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Eralion of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice Mage Alatar the PhilomathMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sir AahzParriusCavaliersNo Order
WrenidaeParriusAstrologersNo Order
Ranger Knute, Guide of the GreenwoodMercinaeRangersNo Order
Mestic of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Herbmistress Eluria, The Whirling DervishNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
La Bonita Trill, Blackwidow BanditMercinaeBanditsNo Order
Artisan Zaxx, Lunar OrbiterParriusArtisansNo Order
Greenling Aeoife of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Draiochta of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Snowy Whitewolf, Heart to TakeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ranger Cub Kinson RavenlockNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Rolen of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Aislynn of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Ranger Illui, of GreenwoodMercinaeRangersNo Order
Four On The Richter Scale, the GangsterThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Khoshek of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Brownnormie of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Yvenne of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
The Prophet of TrothKristanistiProphetsNo Order
Good Grief, the TemplarSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Wonderfull Cymphani of the BardsMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Ceridwen of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeKnightsNo Order
Melodious Taylor, the Charming EuphonyParriusEnchantersNo Order
Cloud of SpringtownEleutheraMagesNo Order
MaleficarMercinaeMagesNo Order
Charming Ave Rap WizardGaurthangMagesNo Order
Astreof of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Squire Joscelin of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
GareonThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Qulor of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Arxus, Master of the StarsMercinaeAstrologersNo Order
Chec of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Jaruler of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Zany Zannah, Zabulous ZiefThakriaThievesNo Order
Ferrero Roche 'rNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Ordieth, The MagistrateParriusSorcerersNo Order
Loremistress Arylin, the MistoldThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Rayvn the Cat BurglarMercinaeThievesNo Order
Paladin Liam of KristanistiKristanistiTemplarsNo Order
AbigailThakriaBanditsNo Order
Shmuel of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Trouble Talchar Ranger of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Padline of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
AdricThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Kyldagh, Loremaster's ApprenticeThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Fenrix, The PranksterMercinaeBardsNo Order
Acxius of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Claralee of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Fernet of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Are You In Love With NottParriusAnimistsNo Order
Christion of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Kilroy of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Light-Mage Bloodo, Rabbit-baneMercinaeMagesNo Order
Philosopher Karak, Seeker of KnowledgeGreeny's EdgeSentinelsNo Order
Apprentice Raazan of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Marengo, the Slightly DementedThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Light-Mage Seleas, the AzureMercinaeMagesNo Order
Plover of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Caring, Compassionate Cathbad, Custos MorumParriusArtisansNo Order
Trystar the RoverMercinaeRangersNo Order
Mage Maelsturm, Eye of the StormwindMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sir BainMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Alchemist Azurbane of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Woodsman Falkon, the WandererParriusRangersNo Order
Oldboy of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Erotic Eris, Philosophical PhilandererParriusThievesNo Order
Victarian of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
ViserysParriusWarriorsNo Order
EdorecParriusNecromancersNo Order
Tesfaye, the OpportunistNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Ale'chemist DrogurMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Ritualist Raistlin, Warlock of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Quanshee, Helper of the NeedyParriusRangersNo Order
Page MihariMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Lazlo the AtypicalThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Elentarie of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Calypzo the WatcherThakriaSeersNo Order
Light-Mage Eavis of the GreenfieldsMercinaeMagesNo Order
Playful Kylie, Purveyor of PoisonsThakriaBanditsNo Order
Dede of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Franklin of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Craftmaster Arrcor de FabritiisGreeny's EdgeSentinelsNo Order
Paloma of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Seeker Jethrak the UncommonThakriaSeersNo Order
Karnivorous Kristus, Konnoisseur of KarrionSpringdaleRangersNo Order
Fjord of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Certus Lightwardblue PleiadesNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Cavalier Alghul Kesh, The Old SoulThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Hahad of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Blue Bear SaryumMercinaeRangersNo Order
BarnabasMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Rattlin' Shad SpellbinderParriusEnchantersNo Order
Kazlight of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Druidess Tokala ForaoisThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Ridgerunner of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Sorcerer Linkuei, the PhilosopherThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Thamior of the Singing BladeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Dashplayz of ThakriaThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Anorexic Xakri, All Skin and BonesMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Woodsman Hinewai of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Sapling Beaunidle, Gentleman of LeisureThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Mopa the RabidThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Hysterio of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Page Shane, Apprentice KnightMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Lady MishilSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Flying High Shander Staramor, the DreamerGaurthangSentinelsNo Order
Meridian, Leafy NymphGreeny's EdgeAnimistsNo Order
Deist of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Stanis of ParriusParriusNo GuildNo Order
Relino of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Shawn of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
MidoParriusNo GuildNo Order
Raelyn of ThakriaThakriaSirensNo Order
Rangeress Cub Keala of SpringdaleSpringdaleRangersNo Order
Ineth of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Huck Silverseed, Clownfish in your AnenomeParriusThievesNo Order
Loremistress Rislyn Foraois, BeautifulThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Danger Girl Ixa the Intoxicatingly Cute CubParriusRangersNo Order
EstebanMarshtonNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Craftmaster AlensinSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Ardin of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Karkaroth, the Razorblade SmileThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Jacen WigginsThakriaSeersNo Order
DroxonParriusThievesNo Order
Krusty Sorlakind The Brittle EnchanterParriusEnchantersNo Order
Galadriel, Tolo dan nan galadNo CitizenshipSentinelsNo Order
Cunning Kakashi, Cackling Over His CacheSpringdaleThievesNo Order
Bright-eyed Kilty, Seer of the VeilMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Seer Dirl, Black HeartThakriaSeersNo Order
Jumah AsadSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Javin of ThakriaThakriaAstrologersNo Order
Zuul Ge-RougeParriusAstrologersNo Order
Wild Karde, Jack of SpadesParriusArtisansNo Order
Ranger Dalgren Northern BearGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Volks of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
GaiusThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Opticwizard of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Stella, Sicarius et BellatorThakriaAssassinsNo Order
IsenMercinaeBardsNo Order
Dhalek, the Master FletcherParriusBrigandsNo Order
Nevyn, the CleaverParriusWarriorsNo Order
Bleakly of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Uathach ni DhibheirgNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Caithris MarsaynnThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Beyonder, the Judge of OrderCullodenNo GuildNo Order
Anorak of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Sapling IdelmaParriusAnimistsNo Order
Loiki of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Longnight Lupita, Twilight VanquisherThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Stealthy IronhandParriusThievesNo Order
Indigenous Idylis, Phoenix FlowerThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Skulkarax, the BeholderMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Open Maw Bowdyn, the HunterNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Thamyris, Preacher ManMercinaeBardsNo Order
Hiraethllwyd of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Taraaine, Animist with AttitudeNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Cap'n Partisan Silversleeves, The PrivateerParriusArtisansNo Order
Presian of ParriusParriusBardsNo Order
Kiurey of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Maiden Mystweave, Warrior PrincessParriusWarriorsNo Order
Forestwalker Iolina, the FairMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Arraquin, Rhythm AdeptParriusLoremastersNo Order
ChironMercinaeThievesNo Order
KastielParriusNo GuildNo Order
Initiate Alchemist Rapunzel Of The Golden DaggerMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Uwoiame, One Woman PosseSpringdaleThievesNo Order
Smartbottom of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Trainee Knight Kole, Of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Shadowgodxx of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Prometheus de Fabritiis, Lord of FiresongSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Sarinka of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Linnaeus, the RighteousNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Corsair Danton, Entropic RomancerParriusWarriorsNo Order
Korchak, Ranger of DangerMercinaeRangersNo Order
MerryweatherParriusAnimistsNo Order
Noghoul of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Polyester, Very Clueless VagabondParriusWarriorsNo Order
Sneaky Eugenides, Thief Of ShadowsParriusThievesNo Order
EudueriaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Gaelin the WhiteMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
PetrichorParriusArtisansNo Order
Silent IthikulNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Anla, Apprentice Of DarknessThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Hevanss of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Mechasatan of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sir Gabhan, of the Thicker AnvilThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Seeress Alejandra, Bride of the ApocalypseThakriaSeersNo Order
Jaegerbomb of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Lore-Guardian Kuma of the Twilight HourSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Tegan the TerribleParriusWarriorsNo Order
Cian, Mord-SithNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Artful Archos the InquisitiveParriusArtisansNo Order
Peren of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Persuasive Petros, the ScroungerSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Sanity of ParriusParriusAssassinsNo Order
Papanurgz of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Dylena Amakiir, Scantily Vined DancerNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Daivid of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Lekhaz of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Irai of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Apprentice Mage Rakul Of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Luciana, Apprentice BrigandThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Carthage of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Dog-bear Panurge, the ne'er fergosn manParriusBrigandsNo Order
Apprentice Bard Lughaidh of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Mystical CireenParriusAstrologersNo Order
Natashamarie of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Page Averadus of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Jubilant Gamut, Bard of a Thousand FacesParriusBardsNo Order
ChasityNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Silver-Tongued Zeyth LeporidaeGreeny's EdgeProphetsNo Order
GaeaNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Cardinal Bodhin the Drunken WizardSilverfallsMagesNo Order
Apprentice Magess Emion of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice In Magic Elson of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Young Yia, Apprentice of DarknessThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Light-Mage Mycke, Shadow SlayerMercinaeMagesNo Order
Krull of SpringdaleSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Graceful Dancer Miwbastet, Dazzling Pirate PrincessNo CitizenshipEnchantersNo Order
Master Romago, Ice King of the WestThakriaWarlocksNo Order
AkashielNo CitizenshipLoremastersNo Order
Azreil of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Vafrous VinreParriusEnchantersNo Order
Baldric of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Namely Shalla, The Charmingly AppellatedThakriaWarlocksNo Order
GhamulThakriaSeersNo Order
Gorgath the ResilientGreeny's EdgeTemplarsNo Order
Warlock Razeignis The Spleen StabberThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sidman of ParriusMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Sapling Rhoenn of SpringdaleGaurthangAnimistsNo Order
Alchemist Jywel of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Page Hurbok le Beau, Dedicated OrcslayerMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Midnight of ThakriaThakriaAssassinsNo Order
Apprentice Mystic Gray of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Keymaster Yossarian, the Tin ManGaurthangNo GuildNo Order
SintorThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Orobas of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Fair Aphaia, Artisan of the SeaParriusArtisansNo Order
Not Engaged Whystler, The Phantom of the OperaSilverfallsLoremastersNo Order
Caharin Rahl, The SquireParriusWarriorsNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Rosecrux of SpringdaleSpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Virgil, Gentleman of MadnessNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Donn QuixoteParriusWarriorsNo Order
Artisan TasaParriusArtisansNo Order
Animist Liriel, the Forest AngelParriusAnimistsNo Order
Rune-Hungry ShalltearParriusAstrologersNo Order
KasumiThakriaThievesNo Order
Moire, Wild SparrowNo CitizenshipRangersNo Order
Vladimir the ImpalerNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Ranger Cailet, Sin BarrerasMercinaeRangersNo Order
Wizardess Ayrlia PleiadesIsabellaMagesNo Order
Ioneblair of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Havy, Apprentice of DarknessThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Ranger Kel, CasanovaMercinaeRangersNo Order
Myrm the DrifterGreeny's EdgeRangersNo Order
Sapling Daesri, Forestal WandererMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Astrologer Kakeidos of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Sylvanos GreengroveMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Voryn of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Cryptic SayingsSilverfallsThievesNo Order
Young Cierus of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Alchemist Azrita of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mage SkyelarkMercinaeMagesNo Order
Ygraine, Seeker of WisdomMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Young Naralis D'MalegantThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Meero Of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
CaduneIsabellaSentinelsNo Order
Radon of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Animist Mailen Amakiir, Spirit of the ForestNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Derrick ZeiglerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Mronz the Mining KingMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Zercom, the Kwisatz HaderachSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Suspicious Servius GalbaParriusThievesNo Order
Schneble of ParriusParriusWarriorsNo Order
Uutio, the commonerThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Claw-Mistress Nephthyss, Biting the Boys BottomsSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Eternal Apprentice Cavalier Ragnor, the Twilight BladesThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Neuroo of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Jinjenra, Sorcerer's ApprenticeThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Lady Amarwath de le Erinyes, Forest BelovedParriusAnimistsNo Order
Dieace Aether, the End's BeginningKristanistiProphetsNo Order
Beloved Viresse Meladamhsa, Eternal DefenderSilverfallsNo GuildNo Order
To Kalla MockingbirdMercinaeRangersNo Order
Eponatheron PleiadesThakriaSeersNo Order
Greenling Axhe of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
SalazarThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Mexi MoonchaserThakriaSirensNo Order
Jakkin TiarnachtNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Arturia of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
AyrianNo CitizenshipAstrologersNo Order
Chet, Burglar of the HighlandsSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Torbane of SilverfallsSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Glorianna, the elegant little elmThakriaNo GuildNo Order
RenjiThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Dare the YoungerThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Impish Druidess Rissara Amakiir, Primo Herb PusherNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Young Drikan, the Thakrian GeppettoThakriaSeersNo Order
Loremistress Pyrogen, of the Dark FireThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Oiri of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Lasymun of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Apprentice Warlock Phenos of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sapling Benedict, The Forest ExplorerMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
AhlaraParriusRangersNo Order
Albraza of MercinaeMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Shiny little Pebble Nymaria, Pirate WitchParriusAstrologersNo Order
Wolfish Kira, Responsible AdultThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Yololo of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Auria of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Mister Doctor Professor Sir JynxSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Seductively Sabine de FabritiisSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Zadar, Vindicator of JusticeSpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Asmodia of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Cobodman of SpringdaleNo CitizenshipMagesNo Order
Page Emeraldgun of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Cutthroat ClaraParriusThievesNo Order
Mad Matthias MaxParriusWarriorsNo Order
Frost, Demon Of DominationGaurthangNo GuildNo Order
Loreknight SkippieParriusArtisansNo Order
Anatole Farmond, The whiteParriusRangersNo Order
Demon Malebolgia, Death ProxyThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Cadkin of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Ashen Ember, Mistress of DeathThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Mystic Propus of MercinaeMercinaeMysticsNo Order
ShmexMercinaeKnightsNo Order
CaradogParriusNo GuildNo Order
Animist Emlee, Twiglet ExtraordinaireMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Manical Zoe NightshadeSilverfallsNo GuildNo Order
Lady Arlya CinaedionSilverfallsNo GuildNo Order
BleuSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Apprentice wizard Vaxnil of SpringdaleKristanistiMagesNo Order
Cave Bear Oromir, The Fuzzy Side of the MoonSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Zillen Grey LeafSilverfallsAlchemistsNo Order
Mystic EstaniaMercinaeMysticsNo Order
JorgmundrParriusAssassinsNo Order
Apprentice Mage Nymph Yna, The LightweaverMercinaeMagesNo Order
Wejee of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Young Tranquility of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Phoenixjcc of ParriusParriusAstrologersNo Order
Dethinigar Pugna ObscurumGreeny's EdgeProphetsNo Order
Sir Jahad, Knight of Castle AnthraxMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Edeneve, The Brigand PupThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Khaleesa, Lady of IonaMercinaeBardsNo Order
Dextrolex LoremasterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Young Lesedi of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Saint Stephen the WiseKristanistiSentinelsNo Order
Love the Kellen, Conductor in the WoodsNo CitizenshipAnimistsNo Order
Tatsumasa of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Artisan Barthel, the ApprenticeParriusArtisansNo Order
Greenling Thistle of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
VillNo CitizenshipSeersNo Order
Shiva, StardancerIsabellaProphetsNo Order
Balthazar of SilverfallsSilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
ThorneMercinaeThievesNo Order
Artisan MeropeParriusArtisansNo Order
LycheParriusArtisansNo Order
Artisan Lumina the EtherealMercinaeArtisansNo Order
Rough Ryder McLovinSilverfallsWarriorsNo Order
Iremeta of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Tiny FugueMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Greenling SojinMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Young Moonhaven, of Mystical StarsParriusAstrologersNo Order
BlasiusMercinaeBardsNo Order
Songmaster Cyric, Last of the BardhicansParriusBardsNo Order
Mistress Mailia, La Rosa NegraThakriaThievesNo Order
Stibbons, Octarine MageSilverfallsMagesNo Order
Stom the Breaking WaveNo CitizenshipBardsNo Order
Tyken, Apprenticed SorcererSilverfallsSorcerersNo Order
Loremaster Ilia of SilverfallsSilverfallsLoremastersNo Order
Epru, Dust of SilverfallsSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Lisalie, The SwanMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Sir Sentinal, the SlayerThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Pwoq of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Wizard DarkmorphSpringdaleMagesNo Order
Druid Freeson of the ForestMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Lunatic Iuchar, Walking in ShadowsSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Listle of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Master ValdamosThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Young nomad Cerelum SyrkThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Vulcan of ParriusParriusEnchantersNo Order
Myrden of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Runewulf of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
Mikehavel of ParriusParriusRangersNo Order
TehutiThakriaRangersNo Order
the ghost of Crafty Thom, Seeker of KnowledgeSpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Apprentice Sorceress GwyllionThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Ceyx of ThakriaThakriaSeersNo Order
Nemain, the Faithful FallenNo CitizenshipWarriorsNo Order
Shuddah SorrowsThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Maximum Darkthorrn, Keeper of SecretsMercinaeRangersNo Order
Alchemist AeolusMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Ranger Glendor, Arrow of LightMercinaeRangersNo Order
Myrenateli Illithri, Wildflower TempestParriusRangersNo Order
Babmarut, The Master ProphetSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
TristaMercinaeThievesNo Order
Apprentice Seer Wystan, the Mystical BladeThakriaSeersNo Order
Siverd of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Agatha, Humble of HeartMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Dazzling Dax, Lunatic FringeParriusArtisansNo Order
Crime Time Dweia, the Bumbling BanditThakriaThievesNo Order
Sirgummithy of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Kantara, Thief of the TreesMercinaeBanditsNo Order
IslasParriusNo GuildNo Order
Liberator Sophie, Viva la RevolucionSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Squire Swordguy, the PotatoeguyMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Rabid Vesper, Wolf of the NorthSilverfallsBrigandsNo Order
Traveller Jharak BladespireMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Scamp Delph, Raised by WolvesSilverfallsBrigandsNo Order
RuidanThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Azoth, The VisionaryThakriaSeersNo Order
Bardling Redrum, the AdorableMercinaeBardsNo Order
Alchemist BarabbasMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Alchemist Exalius, the budding RunesmithMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Zorgar of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Sir Konann, Ancient WarriorParriusWarriorsNo Order
Magnificent Galt, the Lion TamerSilverfallsLoremastersNo Order
Siddhartha GautamaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Sapling Saez, The Nocturnal RainbowSilverfallsAnimistsNo Order
Kimbel the VooDoo PirateParriusNecromancersNo Order
Sparkling Aster, Star of AvalonMercinaeMagesNo Order
Apprentice David of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Pandemonium, Apprentice of ShadowsParriusThievesNo Order
Mystic Alore OrcbaneMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Salem of the ShadowsNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Lothujan of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Jenga of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Naiari, the Squirrelly EweSilverfallsAssassinsNo Order
Darkwing of SilverfallsSilverfallsAnimistsNo Order
RyneThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Typhus, An Angel's DemiseThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Innocent Madelyn Rose, Not a Thorn in the NeckParriusAnimistsNo Order
IdonaThakriaThievesNo Order
Serethiel, Healer of The ForestsMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Little Sookie Opalescence Moon PriestessSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Thrathgar, the Red EminenceParriusThievesNo Order
Curator Prav, the Wax MuseumSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
BryceThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Rynn, Still Mad As Can BeOakwood EndAcademyNo Order
Raymi of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Saraneth, Ancient EyeParriusAstrologersNo Order
Snake PliskinParriusKnightsNo Order
Peeping Dephsak, The Evil Thakrian PervertThakriaWarlocksNo Order
ArbosSilverfallsRangersNo Order
Light-Mage Draegothe VoidwalkerMercinaeMagesNo Order
Hairu, Leaf On The BreezeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Taita, the Agriculturalist HippieThakriaThievesNo Order
Grethmog, Born To DieThakriaSorcerersNo Order
StiletteThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Keymaster Yossarian, the Tin ManNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Mage KenaiMercinaeMagesNo Order
MystoganMercinaeMysticsNo Order
KriemhildMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Mister Daedalus, the Eternal LoremasterThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Laramyn, Defender of the CutlassesParriusWarriorsNo Order
Apprentice Artisan FitzgeraldParriusArtisansNo Order
Blossoming Lulu, The Humming BirdMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Alchemist Cyllian, Student of the MinesMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Picklock Arges the Kleptomaniac ThiefThakriaThievesNo Order
Beorn, the TravellerMercinaeRangersNo Order
LailahNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Loremaster Semmaca Potion-Master of the ThakriansThakriaNo GuildNo Order
Warrior AnicolParriusWarriorsNo Order
Gwahir the UmbrasageGabbadLoremastersNo Order
M'lady Adaryn IsodorovnaThakriaSeersNo Order
InconelThakriaAssassinsNo Order
AlyseSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Alchemist Pollux, Beta GeminorumMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Elendi CuthalionThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Kilam Shasta Fo MufferingSapienceNo GuildNo Order
Kinuran, The Master TrackerEleusisRangersNo Order
Ferdinand the Fighting TutorMercinaeNo GuildNo Order
Juno, Golden FlameHighlandsNo GuildNo Order
Maiden GlorianaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Sir Amblard de PayensKnightswoodNo GuildNo Order
ElrickMercinaeRangersNo Order
Sleepy Pypo, Student of the LeafThakriaAnimistsNo Order
High-Priestess Sumarra the WiseEleutheraNo GuildNo Order
Sylaria of the Bitter SeaNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Mystic Fidnorial, the IncorporealMercinaeMysticsNo Order
Alchemist Rominus, Duke Of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Inspired Kalvin the LordSilverfallsSentinelsNo Order
Marcello, The RunemasterParriusArtisansNo Order
Just Phonicle For NowParriusBardsNo Order
Bralnok of ThakriaThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Eligos AgutaParriusThievesNo Order
Questing ArukoParriusAstrologersNo Order
Xullok Ordo Ab ChaoNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Angarak, The TorturerIsabellaNo GuildNo Order
Ruthmadoc, Minstrel of the ValleyMercinaeBardsNo Order
Algernon, Magician of WarParriusNo GuildNo Order
Romulan of ThakriaThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Master Radel, the Spear-MasterMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Gallifray The SeerThakriaSeersNo Order
Stormchaser Deokman, the PranksterParriusAlchemistsNo Order
Siratti, The Black LightThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Light-fingered Lovens of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Magi Nayzak, Defender of the FaithfulMercinaeMagesNo Order
Sir Sudo, BashThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Toriel of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Bushmaster Zanamros King of the HoneySilverfallsBrigandsNo Order
Aeolia of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Intrepid UnverParriusThievesNo Order
Ms Dimples, Playmate of the SatyrMercinaeRangersNo Order
Farseeing Ophare, The OverseerSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
FrederikGreenwoodTemplarsNo Order
Wynflaeth Of ParriusParriusAnimistsNo Order
Scunon Poison-pawMercinaeRangersNo Order
Luctuosa, the Mad MinstrelMercinaeBardsNo Order
Phaith RegallashThakriaLoremastersNo Order
ThasiaMercinaeThievesNo Order
Piotrhabera of ParriusParriusArtisansNo Order
Druidess Kaira ElendrielParriusAnimistsNo Order
Apprentice Enchanter Adrestia LightbringerParriusEnchantersNo Order
Zand MisadventureThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Tirvanel, Apprentice AstrologerParriusAstrologersNo Order
Alchemist Dravis, of MercinaeMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Gormund of ThakriaThakriaCavaliersNo Order
Caralee of SilverfallsSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Khaitlynn of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Nightingale of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Grand Intimidator Nyimane of the LeagueThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Osoheil of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Squire CyprianMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Merbear Akara, the InquisitiveMercinaeRangersNo Order
Laeken of ThakriaThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Lekhan of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Grave-Lord Candur, Sepulchral ProphetParriusNecromancersNo Order
Airavata, the Second FiddleMercinaeBardsNo Order
Gavin, Prometheus of MercinaeMercinaeThievesNo Order
Arkturus of ThakriaThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Druid Lucian of MercinaeMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Dastardly Dalous of Swords and LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
Pale Charlamane the SexecutionerMercinaeAssassinsNo Order
Raythe, Shadow of MisfortuneThakriaSeersNo Order
Valiant Letholdus, Warrior of the EastParriusWarriorsNo Order
Mental Transfixation Psybion, The Waxen DollThakriaSeersNo Order
Sorcerer BaalThakriaSorcerersNo Order
Boki of ThakriaThakriaThievesNo Order
Astrologer Rasui Atiyeh, Star SeekerParriusAstrologersNo Order
Ezren of ParriusParriusThievesNo Order
Light-mage Acrylon, the PathfinderMercinaeMagesNo Order
Alchemist Dayrion RendragMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Jacko, Student of LoreThakriaLoremastersNo Order
MinamirSilverfallsApostlesNo Order
Tau Calinn Ravenhart, Alpha's ApprenticeThakriaBrigandsNo Order
Yln, the commonerNo CitizenshipAstrologersNo Order
Exactly Beltine, the Way We Want ItParriusEnchantersNo Order
Yron MannParriusArtisansNo Order
Sloane, the ButterflySilverfallsTemplarsNo Order
Shinryuu of MercinaeMercinaeRangersNo Order
Squire Spiritwolf, Knight of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Tyson of ThakriaThakriaAnimistsNo Order
Bardling Mali, Musician Of MercinaeMercinaeBardsNo Order
Apple-cheeked OrrGaurthangNo GuildNo Order