Here you may find a roll-call of Avalon's cast of characters; the stars in our text based game narrative spanning twenty five years. Some you may recognise; many are even famous within our text rpg world; most will be unknown - all are a part of the longest continuous online roleplaying history in the rpg world.

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Musician KurdockSilverfallsBardsNo Order
Evil AerianThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Abaku, Seeker of KnowledgeThakriaWarlocksNo Order
Kal ZakathThakriaNo GuildXanthe
Rebubula, The FacelessParriusAssassinsNo Order
Young Kemmler, Sentinel ApprenticeSilverfallsRangersNo Order
BalthasarThakriaSeersNo Order
Curious Mellow, The Hearer Of TalesParriusEnchantersMalhavok
Knight Ninjawarrior The RelentlessMercinaeKnightsNo Order
Necromancer Abaddon, The Liche of ParriusParriusRevenantsNo Order
Black Cat VeraduxThakriaNightbladesGeolin
Pilfering Plaman ShadowlordThakriaNightbladesNo Order
Greenling PaceMercinaeAnimistsNo Order
Windswept AugustMercinaeNightbladesMalhavok
Thirion, the commonerParriusBardsNo Order
Devilish Azarae, The Engaged SirenThakriaSirensNo Order
Sir IlynMercinaeAlchemistsNo Order
Serethipas, Sentinel Of The SkySilverfallsSentinelsThanatos
Apprentice Mage Aralis the LocksmithMercinaeEnchantersNo Order
Apprentice Mage Stray of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Brother YuryMercinaeTemplarsNo Order
Sir Raldon, Champion of LightMercinaeKnightsHyperion
The JackalParriusWarriorsNo Order
The WyldefyreMercinaeRangersMaedhros
Apprentice Mage Eralion of MercinaeMercinaeMagesNo Order
Shadow Thief Satsuki RavenhartThakriaNightbladesXanthe
Goten The NecromancerParriusRevenantsCornelius
Vill, the Flatulent StormNo CitizenshipNo GuildNo Order
Nemophilist Shuddah, Haunter of the WoodsSilverfallsAnimistsNo Order
Poetic Hiemos the ShadowbornNo CitizenshipNightbladesNo Order
Sir Paladius of MercinaeMercinaeKnightsAethon
Count Zio Hurindhel, Von CaesuraParriusSirensElmaethor
Loremaster ElwethThakriaLoremastersXanthe
Shadow Mistress Macaria, Faoin Realta SerpensThakriaWarlocksXanthe