Members of the Cavaliers Guild

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Defender Ananta, Vengeance of the EquatorThakriaXanthe
Lady Glowballistic, Blades of VengeanceThakriaXanthe
Catyrial, Silent DeathThakriaThanatos
Jasteron Rex, The Golden SpiderThakriaXanthe
Phillip the FiestyThakriaGenesis
Lord Arthor, Scion of DarknessThakriaNostradamus
Just WeasalThakriaGenesis
Dame Niun Ito, Vengeance Made FleshThakriaXanthe
Steel, of the BloodThakriaOrthwein
Lord Steppenwolfe, Scion of VengeanceThakriaXanthe
Sir Seth, Sithian CavalierThakriaGenesis
Count Trakea, Vengeance's JudgeThakriaXanthe
Father Cimares, Ultionis ImbebeThakriaXanthe
Valkyrie Satsuki Ravenhart, Angel Of VengeanceThakriaXanthe
Theia, ShadowdancerThakriaTyranis
Joachim of ThakriaThakriaXanthe
Malovas, the MadThakriaXanthe
KylanNo CitizenshipNostradamus
Sir Taishi CiThakriaNo Order
Sir Throthgar, The Red EminenceThakriaNo Order
UlathThakriaNo Order
Spencer SavageThakriaNo Order
Kaiden, Ebon Guard In TrainingThakriaNo Order
Sir EquinoxThakriaNo Order
Apprentice Therion, Student of MiraclesThakriaNo Order
Sir Thorin, Cavalier of MidnightThakriaNo Order
Lurkalot, the Dark RedeemerThakriaNo Order
Sir Horizon, Anti-Flashing BladeThakriaNo Order
Quiet Naomi the Conspiracy TheoristThakriaNo Order
LockeThakriaNo Order
Sir Cephelo, the Dark KnightThakriaNo Order
Evil Aerian, the DespicableThakriaNo Order
Sir Rukhrist of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Maiden Aurian of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Fingolfin of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Acheron, Squire of the CavaliersThakriaNo Order
Jack the KnifeThakriaNo Order
Squire TaolinThakriaNo Order
Young squire Drayton, Apprentice CavalierThakriaNo Order
Sir Trident HotspurThakriaNo Order
Sir Saxe, Cavalier of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Sir Eliad of the CavaliersThakriaNo Order
Sir Mardras, the PureThakriaNo Order
Sir TybaltThakriaNo Order
Tomas TromluiThakriaNo Order
Cyteo of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Squire Galford the Youthful ProdigyThakriaNo Order
Tyr, Miracle WorkerThakriaNo Order
Sayonara GohanThakriaNo Order
Black-Rider Morgan, Cavalier of OldeThakriaNo Order
Squire Chrono paramount cavalierThakriaNo Order
Caroth of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Lord Heracles the YoungerThakriaNo Order
Arturo, Serpent of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Pythus, the Crimson BladeThakriaNo Order
Squire TuskThakriaNo Order
Sir Orpheus, Knight of the Black RoseThakriaNo Order
Delax, the Cruisy CavThakriaNo Order
Lady Enyalithul, Morea MahtarThakriaNo Order
Felton Darkfriend of GabbadNo CitizenshipNo Order
Dark Squire Nocturne, Son of the MoonThakriaNo Order
Superbabe of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Lady Kalysta, Princess of DarknessThakriaNo Order
Maiden Shaylyn, Nocturne's AngelThakriaNo Order
Fat-Fedaykin GaarThakriaNo Order
Recruit Arthurius Of The Ebon LegionThakriaNo Order
Sir Treulos, Thakrian CavalierThakriaNo Order
Darkai of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Sir AahzParriusNo Order
Darnabus, The GruffThakriaNo Order
Marengo, the Slightly DementedThakriaNo Order
Cavalier Alghul Kesh, The Old SoulThakriaNo Order
Devilish Pandora Akuno, The RebelThakriaNo Order
Sir Gabhan, of the Thicker AnvilThakriaNo Order
Jaegerbomb of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Felkz of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
SintorThakriaNo Order
Eternal Apprentice Cavalier Ragnor, the Twilight BladesThakriaNo Order
Xilthio of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Sir Sentinal, the SlayerThakriaNo Order
Myrden of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Lord Numenor Tamberlaine, the MongolNo CitizenshipNo Order
Typhus, An Angel's DemiseThakriaNo Order
Maiden GlorianaThakriaNo Order
Sir Sudo, BashThakriaNo Order
Gormund of ThakriaThakriaNo Order