Citizens of Springdale

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Sweet Sexy Wildorchid, Flameblade's WifeAnimistsRhadamanthys
Giliad Silverhand, Priest of JusticeMagesCastigere
Nighthawk, the Silver WizardMagesAndromeda
Calidon Aryante, Voix de DiscordeBardsWraith
Aslan of the IlluminatiMagesAndromeda
Wolfsong, rune-maidenSentinelsWraith
Conjurer ExeterMagesProteus
Vestan the Silver BardNo GuildAndromeda
Initiate Wizard Thraknor of SpringdaleMagesWraith
Elsbeth, Queen of ShadowsBanditsAndromeda
Drizzit, Rogue of GreenwoodRangersWraith
Centurion, the X-File of SpringdaleBanditsAndromeda
Ratava the LumberjackNo GuildMaedhros
Carn of SpringdaleAlchemistsAndromeda
JarekNo GuildWraith
Sir Jared, Barrister of SpringdalePaladinsCastigere
Druid Calvador, Animist of LifeAnimistsBrigantia
Kazaroth, of the WolvesNo GuildAndromeda
Stranger Purple Flower, Purple FlowerSentinelsWraith
Craftmaster Barface the RunesmanSentinelsMaedhros
Boris Bodkin of SpringdaleSentinelsWraith
Foxus, Master of LoreLoremastersAndromeda
Radiant Raina AuroraNo GuildRhadamanthys
Xajax, Scourer of WraithNo GuildWraith
Il-Fedaykin Qrick, The SolitaireMagesRhadamanthys
Moonshadow, Light of MidnightAlchemistsAndromeda
Catlania, Omnem Movere LapidemProphetsWraith
Crafty William of OccamSentinelsProteus
Animist Rodion, Silver-Tongued TutorAnimistsBrigantia
Sir Narkalla, Heart of the TigerNo GuildWraith
Insane ZaneBanditsNo Order
Senseless Danilo Than, the Village IdiotTemplarsNo Order
Masai of SpringdaleSentinelsNo Order
Peaceful Tryad, Perpetually PerplexedAnimistsNo Order
JabJab JebamanPaladinsNo Order
Young Craftmaster Malkier FairbairnSentinelsNo Order
Fleeting DeckerProphetsNo Order
NoireyphProphetsNo Order
Lady Fauroniala, The Ice MaidenTemplarsNo Order
Vanion, The TravellerTemplarsNo Order
Bucky, friend of all NovicesSentinelsNo Order
Brother Weeds, Itinerant FoolBardsNo Order
Rhyming Juilin Singin', Dancin' and Schoolin'BardsNo Order
Doraemon, Dream WeaverNo GuildNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Raidon, the ConjurerMagesNo Order
MisBred Caelred Bobby with a BeatBardsNo Order
Wizard Cartesius of SpringdaleMagesNo Order
Raphaim, Raging BullProphetsNo Order
Gwydion of SpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Wizard Rikki tikki taviWizardsNo Order
Smokin' Rope ButtonsThievesNo Order
Brother FesterMagesNo Order
Wandering SaevandarMagesNo Order
Dark Horse TyrionSentinelsNo Order
BeastMaster Crafty of Deep FoilageRangersNo Order
Simply TaziusSentinelsNo Order
Makaio, The RaptureBanditsNo Order
Cub Tassador, NemesisRangersNo Order
RadimSentinelsNo Order
the ghost of Crafty Thom, Seeker of KnowledgeSentinelsNo Order
Koto of SpringdaleTemplarsNo Order
Denzeldash De le ErinyesNo GuildNo Order
Wizard DarcMagesNo Order
Chiante, Mistress of your DreamsProphetsNo Order
Glinimer, Finding Comfort in ShadowMagesNo Order
Squire Daggoth, the Blunt BladeTemplarsNo Order
Mistress KiandraNo GuildNo Order
Melquiades of SpringdaleAnimistsNo Order
Young Ansem of SpringdaleWarriorsNo Order
Pelagic Wizard Eliot SilverlightWizardsNo Order
Calliope, the LadyRangersNo Order
ShadowenBardsNo Order
Acvar, The UnseenAstrologersNo Order
Sir Claudius, the Mad FoolNo GuildNo Order
Gliadin, the MaskProphetsNo Order
Sapling Zyltan, RootedAnimistsNo Order
Saphir, of the StonesProphetsNo Order
Beker KozarArtisansNo Order
Lord ViktarAlchemistsNo Order
CrimsonThievesNo Order
Karnivorous Kristus, Konnoisseur of KarrionRangersNo Order
Rangeress Cub Keala of SpringdaleRangersNo Order
Cunning Kakashi, Cackling Over His CacheThievesNo Order
Initiate Wizard Nai of SpringdaleMagesNo Order
Uwoiame, One Woman PosseThievesNo Order
Lore-Guardian Kuma of the Twilight HourSentinelsNo Order
Yan, Under HeavenProphetsNo Order
Krull of SpringdaleMagesNo Order
Apprentice Prophet Rosecrux of SpringdaleProphetsNo Order
Zadar, Vindicator of JusticeTemplarsNo Order
Wizard DarkmorphMagesNo Order
Anchel The Mini Bushman of SpringdaleRangersNo Order