Introduction to Avalon - Online RPG Game

From the first moment you enter Avalon, you embark upon a journey into the imagination. To help you along, a table of contents has been put together for new player convenience. Read through these sections carefully, young padawan. It is a summary of all things a new player needs to know and will immeasurably aid your first steps in Avalon.

  1. Beginner's Handbook
  2. Character Building
  3. Starting Out In Avalon
  4. Skills
  5. Communication
  6. Location and Movement
  7. Items and Manipulating Them
  8. Non-Player and Computer-Controlled Characters
  9. The Deities of Avalon
  10. Guilds
  11. Sponsorship and Subscription
  12. Beyond Avalon

These few introductory pages are not intended as a full introduction to Avalon, only experiencing the land for yourself can fully prepare you for what is in store. Instead, it is hoped they will help those new to the land by supplementing the on-line HELP that is constantly available and by providing a glimpse of the possibilities open to all players.

After reading through these sections, you have now concluded the Avalon Intro section and adventure awaits you in-game! There is no time to waste, click HERE to be taken to our web-based browser!