Members of the Brigands Guild

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Torvand HelvigThakriaXanthe
Young Danath, Claw of the ForestThakriaXanthe
Arwald the YoungerSilverfallsXanthe
the ghost of Diamond Dog Solxor, Eastern PyrateParriusElmaethor
Duke Sirrus DuarteKristanistiAndromeda
Bounty Hunter Belgadeth, Serpent's EyeThakriaXanthe
Caveman Khashakin, Scalliwag of the EastParriusWraith
Brigand Sabrelon, Warrior of the Grey ForestThakriaWraith
Daeler Thaelyn, The Alabaster ShadowThakriaXanthe
Colonel Dachnavar, Acolyite Of VengeanceThakriaXanthe
Magdalene, the Raven Haired BeautyThakriaAethon
Commandante SonjaThakriaXanthe
Chaotic EnderNo CitizenshipDamocles
Cyndalaste, Little ScrapperThakriaXanthe
Wolfish Kira, Responsible AdultThakriaNo Order
Carbon MonoxideThakriaNo Order
BrikkarThakriaNo Order
Cromagnon Bear's ClawThakriaNo Order
Gabrial, Lady of the forestThakriaNo Order
Skin-walker Nikolai, The Lone She-wolfSilverfallsNo Order
Rhoijan, the Grim ReaperThakriaNo Order
Ravhin of the HoodThakriaNo Order
Svordenson of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Katerina, Raised by WolvesSilverfallsNo Order
Wolf Whelp Rocarolla of ParriusParriusNo Order
Skin-walker Ethris, Child Of WarThakriaNo Order
Tempus of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Dhalek, the Master FletcherParriusNo Order
Brigand Modrii Ravenhart, The Forest ShadowSilverfallsNo Order
Wolf Whelp Vilkas of ParriusParriusNo Order
Luciana, Apprentice BrigandThakriaNo Order
Dog-bear Panurge, the ne'er fergosn manParriusNo Order
Fiery Selen, The BrigandPupMercinaeNo Order
Young Graon of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Bowmistress Leahdin, the Brigand ApprenticeSilverfallsNo Order
Radon of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Zemba, BrigandNo CitizenshipNo Order
Malayn, the Northern WolfThakriaNo Order
Ironcore, the Forests ShadowSilverfallsNo Order
Edeneve, The Brigand PupThakriaNo Order
Salvia, the commonerMercinaeNo Order
Jamner of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Rabid Vesper, Wolf of the NorthSilverfallsNo Order
Brigand Damsel LizsabbetParriusNo Order
Scamp Delph, Raised by WolvesSilverfallsNo Order
Laviath of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Curious Nylea, The Young WolfParriusNo Order
Brigand CoreusSilverfallsNo Order
Moondazed Hayt, The ShadowHuntSilverfallsNo Order
Apprentice Tseptdre, Brigand PupMercinaeNo Order
Elendi CuthalionThakriaNo Order
Brigand Pup Eiliel, the RingfinderThakriaNo Order
Brigand Pup Sylus of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Aeolia of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Maya of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Thecla of ParriusParriusNo Order
John Snow, Son of the NorthThakriaNo Order
Brigand Pup Thamien, the Wolf's ApprenticeThakriaNo Order
Whelp Wellby, The Brigand ScholarThakriaNo Order
Tau Calinn Ravenhart, Alpha's ApprenticeThakriaNo Order
The ToecutterThakriaNo Order