Members of the Warriors Guild

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Warrior Inkqbis, Seeker of RevengeParriusXanthe
Dark Claw Tallon, Nighthawk of the NorthGreeny's EdgeAndromeda
Buccaneer BlueskullParriusDamocles
Viking Zirnath of The RiverwaysParriusGenesis
Frederick Patrick Panamon O'Grady, the Drunken PaladinParriusAndromeda
Tahlveorn, Warrior of ThakriaThakriaXanthe
Thorn of the WarriorsParriusCastigere
Zayd, the RookParriusThanatos
Darth Saboteur Stangg, Magic's WrathParriusCornelius
The PumaParriusCastigere
Sir Bellock the Illustrious WarriorParriusGenesis
Jin, Parrian Jr. State MinisterParriusWraith
Warrior Axbard, The Axe of the EastParriusNo Order
Vayne The RenegadeParriusNo Order
Squire SemajParriusNo Order
Sir Kindred, Parrian WarriorParriusNo Order
Warrior Krill the Ancient MarinerParriusNo Order
Warrior Mafai, Blade of SighsParriusNo Order
Harold, The Comfortably NumbThakriaNo Order
Georgie of ParriusParriusNo Order
Halthofas of ParriusParriusNo Order
Rath, Myrmidon of the TidesParriusNo Order
Warrior Blotto, the Red TideParriusNo Order
Young Septimous of ParriusParriusNo Order
Sir PatroclusParriusNo Order
Warrior TanglongParriusNo Order
Squire ConanMercinaeNo Order
Loyal Leatherneck, The Viking WarriorParriusNo Order
Warrior Payne, the Blood PillagerParriusNo Order
Hanzoramon of ParriusParriusNo Order
AdhemarParriusNo Order
Warrior Skor of ParriusParriusNo Order
Warrior Oromis, the Final BastionParriusNo Order
Erigrath, Young Blade of the EastParriusNo Order
Sir Strahd Shadow WarriorThakriaNo Order
Spector, Dark Watcher of ParriusParriusNo Order
TritonParriusNo Order
Sir BedivereParriusNo Order
ShroneParriusNo Order
Wargod of ParriusParriusNo Order
Rajj, The LunaticParriusNo Order
Warrior Limorien, the Drunken SailorParriusNo Order
Kranor, Blades of the EastParriusNo Order
Ironbreakox, The Just EsquireParriusNo Order
Black CraelNo CitizenshipNo Order
Swooning and Dashing Saemon of ParriusParriusNo Order
KillinanParriusNo Order
Eumaius Lionheart, Parrian CrusaderParriusNo Order
Sir Sabath Blackthorn, WayfinderParriusNo Order
The JackalParriusNo Order
Nalu, The WandererParriusNo Order
Squire Joscelin of ParriusParriusNo Order
ViserysParriusNo Order
CecilParriusNo Order
Nevyn, the CleaverParriusNo Order
Maiden Mystweave, Warrior PrincessParriusNo Order
Corsair Danton, Entropic RomancerParriusNo Order
Polyester, Very Clueless VagabondParriusNo Order
Tegan the TerribleParriusNo Order
Bradik, Breeder Of DucksParriusNo Order
Galamor of ParriusParriusNo Order
Adept Luminara, Lusty Leathery LadyParriusNo Order
Caharin Rahl, The SquireParriusNo Order
Quixote of ParriusParriusNo Order
Warrior Mizari, the Crystal BladeParriusNo Order
Mad Matthias MaxParriusNo Order
Rough Ryder McLovinSilverfallsNo Order
Nemain, the Faithful FallenNo CitizenshipNo Order
Sir Konann, Ancient WarriorParriusNo Order
Young Ansem of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Kareathiaxis of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Relk Parrius' WarriorParriusNo Order
Laramyn, Defender of the CutlassesParriusNo Order
Squire Warrik, of the WarriorsParriusNo Order
Warrior AnicolParriusNo Order
Rhjyeivjir of ParriusParriusNo Order
Rhargus, a Storm of SwordsParriusNo Order
Valiant Letholdus, Warrior of the EastParriusNo Order