Members of the Mages Guild

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Akame, the white witchMercinaeMalhavok
Light-Magess Moonbeam De le ErinyesMercinaeRhadamanthys
Mage Gambit, the AgedMercinaeWraith
Mage Ondine, Dazzled by the LightMercinaeHyperion
Wizard MarakathSilverfallsWraith
Funky Wizard FabienIsabellaCastigere
Conjurer ExeterSpringdaleProteus
Wandering WhitefoxMercinaeWraith
Wizard MarikKristanistiCastigere
Light-Mage Jered, FidaiMercinaeCastigere
Initiate Wizard Thraknor of SpringdaleSpringdaleWraith
Wizard Roghan the Ethereal GuardianCullodenAndromeda
Apprentice Mage Keio, New Weaver of LightMercinaeWraith
Nighthawk, the Silver WizardSpringdaleAndromeda
Mage Tipsy TequilaMercinaeProteus
Tennyson, Guardian of the YoungEleutheraAndromeda
Archmage Stray of the Sun, Maelstrom of LightMercinaeMalhavok
Battlemage GeistMercinaeCastigere
Wizard Ghandarin, The SmokerMercinaeHyperion
Giliad Silverhand, Priest of JusticeSpringdaleCastigere
Naughty Selara Tequila, the Sweet LadyMercinaeProteus
Mage GranamirMercinaeWraith
Wizardess SilvenCullodenRhadamanthys
Intrepid Amaraz Do'virr, the IfritMercinaeWraith
Mage Skaden the InvisibleMercinaeWraith
Beautiful FulgloireIsabellaGenesis
Mage Mortain, Stalker of DreamsNo CitizenshipAndromeda
Mage Penguin the WaddlerMercinaeCastigere
Il-Fedaykin Qrick, The SolitaireSpringdaleRhadamanthys
Lanax of the MagesNo CitizenshipWraith
Wizard Lamron, the Fourth SketcherMercinaeGenesis
Pajak, Pilgrim WitnessKristanistiProteus
Sparkling Eilan Umbrogen, Delving MagicMercinaeWraith
Magess Zyoska BraveheartMercinaeAethon
Apprentice Mage Ironstorm FlamesingerMercinaeAethon
Mage Hero UmbrogenMercinaeRhadamanthys
Light-Mage Tobius, the Prankster is backMercinaeGenesis
Magelord TragnarionMercinaeGenesis
Magical Tinuviel, Daughter of the DuskMercinaeCastigere
Magius, Mage of the Shadowed MistMercinaeAndromeda
Mage ShaithMercinaeTelemachus
Lady Siranae, On the Void's EdgeMercinaeCornelius
Magelord FistandantilusMercinaeGenesis
Ezio FluxIsabellaCastigere
Archmage Ketch AramborMercinaeCornelius
Light-Mage KhelbynMercinaeTelemachus
Apprentice Mage Mythrandir the WhitebeardedMercinaeWraith
Wizardess Vicky, Lady of the LakeGreeny's EdgeAndromeda
An mage cath romhainn ScathalainnMercinaeAethon
Tir of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeAndromeda
Maiden Marion, Magi de la SagesseMercinaeTelemachus
Count VortexMercinaeWraith
Sun Jewel Acrius, The Blue MageMercinaeCornelius
Wizard Prabowo of Springdale, The NightcomerEleutheraRhadamanthys
Stormchaser Xyla, the first AvengerMercinaeMalhavok
Wizard Iluvatar, the Lone DerangerMercinaeAndromeda
Junior Wizard Ambis, Restless SpiritGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Fell Magus NataykkMercinaeNo Order
Young apprentice Anny of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
JustariusMercinaeNo Order
Wizard Fionn of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Alberath, Light WeaverMercinaeNo Order
NallMercinaeNo Order
Mysterious Mage LynnaMercinaeNo Order
Wizard Fragon of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
YehudaMercinaeNo Order
Wizard DarcSpringdaleNo Order
CleopatraMercinaeNo Order
Seraphos, Nox Noctis SicariusNo CitizenshipNo Order
Mage Meneleus, Keeper of the LightMercinaeNo Order
VendeliaCullodenNo Order
KronokMercinaeNo Order
Winteriscoming of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Alkadar, Tisserand de CharmeMercinaeNo Order
Calaban, mage amongst magesMercinaeNo Order
Firemage of ThakriaThakriaNo Order
Aslan of the IlluminatiSpringdaleNo Order
Nefumheral of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Magess Maple the SubtleMercinaeNo Order
RithosMercinaeNo Order
Mage Cassanova the UpholderMercinaeNo Order
Mage Clematis, of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Young Mage Saravindu of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Hatrival of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Junior Wizard Patrando of SpringdaleGreeny's EdgeNo Order
Mageling Gullaxor Of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Sornbek Of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Zah the LostMercinaeNo Order
Alaska the ChillyNo CitizenshipNo Order
Keith of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Elena of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Zechsu of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Gunther the OtherwiseNo CitizenshipNo Order
ZarathustraMercinaeNo Order
Mage AlericMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Zuse of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
ShacoocooMercinaeNo Order
Malthius MacKinleyMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Raidon, the ConjurerSpringdaleNo Order
Skogrunner, the Marble ManParriusNo Order
Keao of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Shifty, At The Edge Of The WorldMercinaeNo Order
Junior Wizard Catcher of SpringdaleGaurthangNo Order
Frumos of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Kelemvor, Mage of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Warmage Cejay, Eternal EmberMercinaeNo Order
Booger of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mageling Garvel Mortifer, The Edge of MemoryMercinaeNo Order
Wizard Sauruman, Dancing in the MoonlightThakriaNo Order
AranMercinaeNo Order
Glyph of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Wizardess Althea, of SpringdaleEleutheraNo Order
Sibylline of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Tudor of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mage ThorongillMercinaeNo Order
Guadian of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
MournebladeMercinaeNo Order
Wizard Cartesius of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
MorpheousMercinaeNo Order
Sarik the lone LegerdemainerMercinaeNo Order
Theseus of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
SindaEleutheraNo Order
Apprentice Aidenna of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mister Nana the Mystical, Magical MageMercinaeNo Order
Gregorious of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Brother FesterSpringdaleNo Order
Mage CasanovaNo CitizenshipNo Order
Jorygeorge of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
Goldberg of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Wandering SaevandarSpringdaleNo Order
Young Mage Pelius of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Erianoris, In Need Of A CompassMercinaeNo Order
Light-Magess Kiara, Weaver of LightMercinaeNo Order
Mage Falor, The Prodigal ReturnsMercinaeNo Order
Drachen, The Silver SerpentMercinaeNo Order
Mage Acaila, the Spell-WeaverMercinaeNo Order
Zedar, Seeker of WisdomMercinaeNo Order
Mortai the Merchant MageMercinaeNo Order
Light-Magess Sybercon, the SensationalMercinaeNo Order
Honorsface, Asker of 1000 QuestionsMercinaeNo Order
Tig PanningMercinaeNo Order
Valerius of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Kaliha of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mage Sinto, LightbringerMercinaeNo Order
Ethon for the LightIsabellaNo Order
Mage AerynnMercinaeNo Order
Admiral Sparky, the Loose WireMercinaeNo Order
Glinimer, Finding Comfort in ShadowSpringdaleNo Order
Conall of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Tessa Magess in TrainingMercinaeNo Order
Bebog Mystical Legate of The MagesMercinaeNo Order
ArhelMercinaeNo Order
Phoebus, the CaterpillarMercinaeNo Order
Temporal KosmosMercinaeNo Order
Kung Fu Siegfried of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mage Teylos LightbringerMercinaeNo Order
Patient Lightninghawk, Wizard with a wingKristanistiNo Order
Mage ThomasMercinaeNo Order
Sir GalahadMercinaeNo Order
Galena, Mage of StormsMercinaeNo Order
Initiate Wizard Nai of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
DenderormMercinaeNo Order
Psycho, Walker of the TwilightThakriaNo Order
Mage Ramoth the Invisible HorsemanMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Tzirik of SpringdaleIsabellaNo Order
Magess Aveline TorinaidenMercinaeNo Order
Magess Whitelight Compassionate on DutyMercinaeNo Order
VanderghastMercinaeNo Order
Greene Wolf of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Light-Magess Remedi, Glimmer of HopeMercinaeNo Order
Mage ErondMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Thragos, the IllusionistMercinaeNo Order
Mage ElandirMercinaeNo Order
Binape Dark Ghost of the WoodsMercinaeNo Order
Mage Initiate Zed, of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Drizlaru of SpringdaleMercinaeNo Order
Grimalkin of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Palin of the MagesMercinaeNo Order
Enchanting India, Ray of Sunlight, IlluminatiNo CitizenshipNo Order
Magess Leena StarlightMercinaeNo Order
Mage ElvenloreMercinaeNo Order
Borik Thunderhand, mage of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Tarrim of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage HolywhitewolfMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Magess Sennalora, Evoker Of LightMercinaeNo Order
Crazy Poliaun the Light Hearted MageMercinaeNo Order
Danger Grainger of the WizardsGaurthangNo Order
Apprentice Magess Frieda of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Eralion of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Alatar the PhilomathMercinaeNo Order
Magess EgweneMercinaeNo Order
Snowy Whitewolf, Heart to TakeMercinaeNo Order
Deek, Liege of the Golden DragonMercinaeNo Order
Cloud of SpringtownEleutheraNo Order
MaleficarMercinaeNo Order
Charming Ave Rap WizardGaurthangNo Order
Light-Mage Bloodo, Rabbit-baneMercinaeNo Order
Kobyashi the enigmaticMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Seleas, the AzureMercinaeNo Order
Mage Maelsturm, Eye of the StormwindMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Eavis of the GreenfieldsMercinaeNo Order
Certus Lightwardblue PleiadesNo CitizenshipNo Order
Xalazar of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Littlebear, The SilentMercinaeNo Order
BelleMercinaeNo Order
Peren of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Rakul Of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Cardinal Bodhin the Drunken WizardSilverfallsNo Order
Apprentice Magess Emion of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice In Magic Elson of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Mycke, Shadow SlayerMercinaeNo Order
Krull of SpringdaleSpringdaleNo Order
Carndewin y Vilon, The AncientMercinaeNo Order
Virgil, Gentleman of MadnessNo CitizenshipNo Order
Bull of the Long HornNo CitizenshipNo Order
Wizardess Ayrlia PleiadesIsabellaNo Order
Mage SkyelarkMercinaeNo Order
Amlugnir of SilverfallsSilverfallsNo Order
Gallardia of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Fizban SurehandMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Wizard Cobodman of SpringdaleNo CitizenshipNo Order
Apprentice Mage Brewlur Of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice wizard Vaxnil of SpringdaleKristanistiNo Order
Apprentice Mage Nymph Yna, The LightweaverMercinaeNo Order
Young Tranquility of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
LizandithNo CitizenshipNo Order
Stibbons, Octarine MageSilverfallsNo Order
Wizard DarkmorphSpringdaleNo Order
Siverd of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Kaley of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Sparkling Aster, Star of AvalonMercinaeNo Order
Mandrax The LoverMercinaeNo Order
Raymi of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Light-Mage Draegothe VoidwalkerMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage KenaiMercinaeNo Order
Magi Nayzak, Defender of the FaithfulMercinaeNo Order
Nightingale of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Apprentice Mage Osoheil of MercinaeMercinaeNo Order
Mage Aviendha the Beautiful DawnMercinaeNo Order
Light-mage Acrylon, the PathfinderMercinaeNo Order
Dwimmer of the MagesMercinaeNo Order