Order of Ashvani

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TitleCityGuildOrder Status
Saroman, Demon Of the AbyssSilverfallsNo GuildThe Embodiment of the Moon
Craftmistress Flameblade, Autumn's embersSilverfallsSentinelsThe Illuminated Devout
Squire Reyner Massoumont The CivilizedMercinaeKnightsLunatic of the Asylum
VeraduxParriusThievesLunatic of the Asylum
Chaotic Capri, Queen BeeSilverfallsRangersThe Coven of Moon Ritualism
Wolfbane's Jasen, The LunaticParriusLycanthropesPhilosopher of Reflection
Sir Deluxius the Red CrusaderMercinaeKnightsLunatic of the Asylum
Darkling Ruthian, The First ApostleMercinaeMysticsPatriarch of the Changing Face
Simply TaziusSpringdaleSentinelsThe Coven of Moon Ritualism
Krafti Kandi, Changing Faces Of LoreParriusArtisansAshvani's Cauldron of Eternal Oa
Dastardly DamiNo CitizenshipSorcerersStudents of Arcane Knowledge
Cylanthia Amakiir, Sleeping DragonParriusNo GuildThe Coven of Moon Ritualism
Shventin, Emerging From The ShadowsMercinaeThievesPatriarch of the Changing Face
Bad Tempre, the RainmakerParriusArtisansAshvani's Cauldron of Eternal Oa
Erotic Eris, Philosophical PhilandererMercinaeAlchemistsStudents of Arcane Knowledge
Calypzo the WatcherNo CitizenshipSeersPhilosopher of Reflection
EstebanMarshtonNo GuildPhilosopher of Reflection
Nevyn, the CleaverParriusWarriorsHarbingers of Lunacy
Chasity, Enigma From HistoryNo CitizenshipNo GuildThe Embodiment of the Moon
KaprikaParriusLycanthropesAshvani's Cauldron of Eternal Oa
Keymaster Yossarian, the Tin ManGaurthangNo GuildHarbingers of Lunacy
Cutthroat Clara, The Lunar HeartParriusThievesThe Embodiment of the Moon
VillParriusCollegeMoon Drifter
Young Moonhaven, of Mystical StarsParriusDivinersPhilosopher of Reflection
DankusParriusNecromancersThe Coven of Moon Ritualism
Angarak, Harbinger Of LunacyIsabellaNo GuildPatriarch of the Changing Face
Gallifray The SeerThakriaSeersHarbingers of Lunacy
Apple-cheeked OrrGaurthangLycanthropesMoon Drifter